Itching From Gabapentin Withdrawal

Help4me Says:

Only side effect I'm having is crazy itching from head to toe. On gabapentin 300mg 2xs a day for 4 months due to nerve pain for carpal tunnel both hands. GABA did not help pain but helped me sleep. Had surgery last month, wanted to stop since sleeping better. But now I read here that some folks ARE having itching too! What can I take to help?

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Verwon Says:

Some antihistamines may help, if you're allowed to take them, or a hydrocortisone cream.

But really, it's just going to take time for this withdrawal effect to wear off and go away on its own. You may also experience depression, anxiety and diarrhea.

If you stopped abruptly, without tapering it, you should be aware that there can be a risk of seizures, so if you experience one seek immediate medical attention.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Jay Woo Says:

Dehydration ? ..... do you drink adequate amount of water throughout the day ? I know I take Gaba and Itch like crazy at night , matter of fact it began when I began drinking Ginger Ale again . Back to H2o for me .

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judybelle Says:

I am 88 yrs female I was put on Gabapentin for nerve pain in my legs about 3 yrs ago 300 mg at night.....I decided to try and get off but saw the withdrawal problems are I opened capsul and gradually remove a little at a time over a period of 30 take any for two nights...but the itching all over my body is what to do

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Jay Woo Says:

Weaned myself off that stuff THANK GOD ! ...... how it ever got approval is beyond me , it's a Mood Stabilizer , putting the individual " out on cloud nine " , can only assume the horrendous itching is due to the inability of neurons / nerves to communicate along with one's BRAIN , I wouldn't put an Animal on it . Eucerin skin calming creme with a Drop of Geranium Oil did the trick , Holistic Med's much better than that stuff , harmless too . Gaba wreaks havoc with your CNS , steer clear of it . search " mood stabilizers side effects " you'll see .

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Paulette Says:

Hello I tried coming off gaberpentin on 400mg three times a day, due to spine surgery been on it for 8 months, wanted to stop as it causes periodontal desiese fed up of going to the dentist, was given periostat to combat this, does any one know will it work whilst still on gaberpentin, I tried to stop but after two days really lethargic, stomach cramps, trigeminal neuralgia came back too, and itched especially arms and face, can any one help

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Kate Says:

Thanks for advice. I wont take it again. Ive been itching but didnt make the connection. Now I have.

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Joe Says:

EUCERIN Skin Calming Creme if you still have a lingering itch , works great .

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Jennjenn Says:

Yes, Gabapentin makes me itch also. I want to share this information with everyone. It is a consistent, knawing itch between my fingers and I start itching within 7 days of taking Gabapentin.It is also the most uncomfortable itch I have ever had, even worse than stretchmarks! I have tried to take it a couple over times of the years when I had neuropathy but every time the itching drove me batty.

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Cindy Says:

I have been on gabapentin for over a year now
Approximately 1200 mg a day
The last week I
Am going crazy with my arms itching
Is this a side effect from gabapentin?
Thank you

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