Itching After Clindamycin 300 Mg 3xs A Day For 10 Days

very itchy Says:

I was on this for 10 days, 3xs a day for an eye infection. Have been finished for almost 1 week and was just curious how long it takes to fully leave your system? The morning after I finished I woke up itchy everywhere and still am with no visible hives or anything. Just itchy. How long will this last???? I'm going crazy.

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scrathy Says:

Did anything help you? I am going through the same thing right now. I was on this for 10 days for after a root canal. The itching didn't start until after finishing the medication.

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Verwon Says:

Itching can be a side effect of most antibiotics, according to the NIH and should go away a week, or so, after finishing your course of treatment with it. If it doesn't improve, or you develop hives and swelling, you should seek medical attention.

Has there been any change for either of you?

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very itchy Says:

yes just allergy pills and cold showers after the 10th day just stopped as fast as started

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Msbee Says:

7day prescription 300mg Clindomycin 1 every 8 hours. My question is, once completed, how long before side effects go away.? I am nauseous, horrible taste in my mouth, decrease appetite, and have vomited at least once per day. I completed regimen 2 days ago but still feel icky

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