Is White Xanax With Imprint Canal A Good Brand

lee Says:

I have a white bar shaped pill, that says canal on one side and has 3 splits on the other side and the number 2. Is it a good brand to get as a refill?

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Batman Says:

How long does xanax take to be metabolized by your body?

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David Says:


The only legitimate 2mg Xanax bars I'm finding are white with the letters X|A|N|A|X on one side and a large number "2" on the other. I have to yet to come across any pill whatsoever with the marking "canal" as you described it. So unless anyone can verify it through personal experience, I would probably write this one off as being fake. Just out of curiosity though, where abouts did you get this pill from?

@batman (post #1),

As far as the elimination half-life goes, from what I've read, it can remain in your bloodstream for roughly 6-27hrs (give or take a few hours depending on each individual).

You can learn more about this drug on the page for Xanax Details

Are there any other questions or comments?

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Nicki Says:

Most likely, I personally don't trust the xanax brand or the one that only has the two on it,even from pharmacy. I have been prescribed xanax for 15 years and never had an issue till a few months ago, so I stick with my prescribed ones. I'd say that is one of the top pills counterfeited these days.

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Nolagurll Says:

I too have been on xanax over 15yrs... The ones that have GG on them have always been fine. There is a new "bar" being prescribed that is actually instant release... it's almost minty tasting and is made for sublingual use (under tounge ) tho it did nothing for me.... I know there is TONS of fake ones going around on the street level or via ordering.... I don't think pharmacies would carry fake pills...

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Vitalwc3 Says:

I got these Xanax 2mg everything looks legit, the measure 15mm say x|ana|x and a 2 on the back that measures right. But if you flip all of them over and have the the 2 facing the same way and flip them all back over some Xanax are facing in opposite directions. Are they real? Or is this just normal with Pfizer making them..I called and they wouldn't answer. Please help.

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