Is There A Generic For Brand Name Oxycontin Extended Release?


The cost is way too high. I though generic oxycontin was coming back. Does anyone have an update?

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Hi, Marty!

No, there isn't a generic and under the current regulations there won't be one any time soon.

Since it is such a highly abused medication that has an extremely high rate of addiction, theft and diversion, the generics were removed from the market to help keep better control of the supply. If there is only one manufacturer, then it is much easier to know exactly how much has been manufactured, where it's being stored, where it's being shipped and etc.

If you need a cheaper medication for pain control that is still time released, you may want to ask your doctor about trying MS Contin, it is a time released formulation of Morphine and there are generics of it available.

Since it is also a narcotic, it is another that has the potential to be habit forming and it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, constipation, dry mouth and drowsiness.

Learn more MS Contin details here.

Are there any other questions or concerns?

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I have a problem with morphine, for some reason it cause my oxygen stats to go way down. I have COPD and emphysema. I have breathing problems. Oxycontin ER is the only pills that seem to not affect my breathing. Wierd But true. When I had back surgery last year. I was in intensive care for 9 days. They couldn't get my pain undercontrol and my breathing was so bad I nearly died. I'm scared of morphine now. I take high doses of oxycontin and I take oxycodone immediate release for break thru pain. I went off all of it for 3 months,so the doctor to get my dosage lower. I thought I would die from the pain. I didn't have many withdrawal symptoms. Just pain. Been on oxycontin for about 15 years. No problem except the cost. I'm not even going to go there on how much I pay. It is robbery! How generic comes back before I have to sell everything I own. It is sooooo wrong People who need it have to be punished because of drug addicts! Really not FAIR! But no one cares. P.S. Sorry for spelling errors. Getting old can't remember a darn thing. I am in my 60's Alot of things seem to break down,not only my memory...I wish the best for everyone.Mzmarty

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Actually a generic oxycontin will be coming out soon.
Actavis won the battle with Purdue wanting to retain it’s monopoly on extended release oxycodone. The generic may come out as soon as January 1st, 2014.

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Actually a generic will be coming out ~ possibly as soon as January 1st.
Actavis won the battle with Perdue (who wanted to retain their monopoly on oxycontin)

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@Marty1 I'm so sorry to read what you went through. I'm sad to say that I'm in the same exact boat. My prescription insurance policy recently changed and I'm now being held responsible for 60% of the cost of the drug. That's a whopping $900 a month! It's sickening! My husband and I can no longer afford to pay our mortgage payments. Unfortunately, I cannot stop taking the drug either because my ridiculously high pain levels are now effecting my adrenaline and cortisol levels, as well as my heart and blood pressure. I was also subsequently diagnosed with cardiac adrenal pain syndrome. Not to sound like a drama queen or anything but I could die without the drug and suffer from a heart attack or stroke. Cardiac Adrenal Pain Syndrome is really that serious. According to news reports, the FDA removed all generic forms of the drug because of petitions and complaints. These petitions are complaints were all written by the families of drug addicts, families whose relatives began to knowingly and illegally abuse this drug. I have empathy for these families but don't understand why they don't realize that their relatives are just going to switch to and abuse another drug, like H. Addicts will always find a way to use and abuse. If the news reports and studies are accurate, these addicts already found a way to abuse the new, abuse-deterrent formula of Oxycontin! The other 75% just switched to MSContin, oxycodone, morphine, and H. I, myself, had a family member who was addicted to H, Oxycontin, Alcohol, and Benzodiazepines. That's why I empathize with these families. I also empathize with the addicts. No one would want to be in their shoes. Most of them began to use to numb themselves after they experienced an extremely painful and traumatic event in their lives.

Even though some of them knew exactly what they were doing when they first began to use and abuse, others didn't. I was painfully effected by the actions of a family member, who had a terribly drug and alcohol addiction, as well. But I also know that addicts will always find a way to use and abuse. I also know: when there's a great demand for something, there will always be a supply. If the doctors are pharmacies aren't supplying these drugs, the drug dealers will. This is especially disconcerting but the responsibility lies within the addict, not the doctor's who are responsibly prescribing these drugs (the key word here being "responsibly") and the FDA and DEA. Why are we continuously being punished because of the illegal actions of drug addicts who refuse to get any help? Maybe those of us, who suffer daily from agonizing and debilitating pain, are not making our voices and complaints heard loud enough by the FDA and DEA? That needs to change. The war on drugs essentially became a war on pain patients, some of which are cancer and hospice patients! This is reprehensible, unethical, and unjust and must also change! I recently signed a petition at regarding this matter and I sincerely hope that it'll make a difference. I found this petition after I joined a support and advocacy group for pain patients. Here's the address to that support and advocacy group: . The petition can be found at the following address if anyone wishes to sign it: I also hate to be the bearer of bad news but I recently contacted the pharmaceutical, Actavis, to ask them when their projected launch date was and they didn't even begin to manufacture the drug yet! When is the FDA going to stop Purdue Pharma from monopolizing the market for this drug??? I think it's ridiculous that they received an entirely new patent for the abuse-deterrent version of Oxycontin. Their patent has lasted longer than than most drug patents ever have. Purdue Pharma also doesn't offer any prescription assistance to the individuals who are under-insured, only the uninsured. In order for patients to be eligible for the program, they must: be a resident of the United States, not have any prescription drug coverage, and earn an annual income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. Most of us blue collar and middle-classed families do not qualify for this assistance but that doesn't mean that we can afford a drug that cost thousands of dollars a month!

That also doesn't mean that we should just be left to suffer without any pain control either. I, myself, am allergic to all morphine-based drugs and have a tremendous amount of difficulty breathing on them. If I took a single dose of morphine, my throat would begin to close up and I'd break out in hives all over my body. Oxycontin is the only drug that I can tolerate and is the only drug that reduces my stage two hypertension, which is secondary to or caused by my intractable pain. My beta blockers help to reduce my heart-rate but the Oxycontin prevents my heart from becoming tachycardic as well. It also prevents me from suffering from arrhythmias. At this point, I'm not sure what to do but I plan on contacting the FDA and my congressmen and women regarding this matter because we need an adequate amount of pain control in this country for the pain patients who desperately need it just to function on a minimal level and survive. I doubt my voice alone will make a difference but I think a petition with thousands of signatures might. That being said, I encourage every pain patient to sign the aforementioned petition (above). Best of luck to you, Marty1 and to everyone else, who's in a similar situation. I really hope that Actavis will begin to manufacture and release a generic version of the drug in the near future.

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Thank you so much for your comment and the information. I will sign the petition and hopefully there be more. I am so sorry about your pain problems . Mine are alot like yours. My meds. last week came to $1200.00 for only 2 medications. Next week I will pay again a high cost not to suffer.It is so unfair. You will be in my prayers. God Bless And Thank you again.

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I just recently picked up my prescription for OxyContin 80 mg and I am with everyone else in regards to the cost. It was over$1000.00 and that does not cover the other numerous medications I have to take and pay for. I am going to be eligible for Medicare effective October 1st. Does anyone know if Medicare offers a prescription break on Oxicontin? I would appreciate any input any of you may have or could direct me to some resources yo egg more information? Thanks for your help! From one suffer to another! Take good care!

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Based upon my own experience, I can tell you that Medicare does NOT give you any price break whatsoever! Whatever you "pay" at the pharmacy goes against your "out of pocket" expense and, when you've reached that threshhold you'll have to pay for it on your own. I didn't understand this before but now I've realized why it's so important to shop for the best price possible so it will take you longer to reach the dreaded Medicare DONUT HOLE where you'll remain (and have to virtually pay the entire amount on you're own) until you're in your plan's catastrophic coverage level. At that point, depending on your Medicare Advantage plan, they'll start covering a good portion of the drug's expenses. In the past, I've hit the DH after only 2-3 months and, last year, never got our of it so price shopping is imperative if you want more time before you go into it and less time while in it. Hope this helps.

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well, it's now July, 2015, so since your post was in 2013 & then you mentioned Jan. 2014-- just where is your info coming from???

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Purdue has cornered the market on the manufacturing and marketing of any Oxycotin ER drugs (through some very manipulative and caggy methods, if you ask me) so, unfortunately you're stuck with having to deal with their outrageous prices at least for (from what I've gathered) at least another ten years. I, too, cannot pay that kind of money for simple pain relief until I remembered an alternative that one of my pain management doctors from 2003 have me. I'm back on it now and it actually works far better than the Oxy ER and its called Fentanyl. That come in patches you apply to your skin and it gently but consistently infuses your body with medication for three days at which time you replace it with a new patch on a different place. Work with your doctor to determine what dose is right for you based on your pain level, your current meds and dosages until you find the right one. I'm almost certain you will be happy with its ability to manage your pain and you'll never misses the other one (not to mention its cost! And, even though I'm in the dreaded Medicare donut hole, where my ins. Co. wouldn't cover any of the Oxy ER cost, they are covering the Fentanyl patches and I only have to pay seven bucks for a months supply of patches. Good luck and let me know how it goes! Blessings and be well, Michele

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You are absolutely correct! I, too, got the donut hole after months (mainly due to the Oxycotin ER) but I'm now thankfully on the Fentanyl patch which I feel is MUCH more effective and my Medicare Advantage insurance covers it. My only out of pocket expense is about seven bucks and I can certainly live with that, especially since it actually gives me much more effective and consistent pain relief! Good luck, Christine

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Try the Fentanyl patch! You'll find that it gives effective and consistent pain relief and you're insurance most likely will cover it. See my other post.

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There is a generic brand of oxycontin available since Jan 2015. Depending on your insurance it may be cheaper to buy the name brand. Check with your pharmacy.

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I beg to cordially disagree with you and, with all due respect, there is NO SUCH generic OXYCONTIN as Purdue has in fact cornered that market for AT LEAST the next decade due to their manipulation of the FDA's rules and regulations! I would be MORE than happy if I was proven wrong (so I could actually afford to go back on it), but as far as any and all of the research I've done on this subject matter (and it's a LOT), I've yet to find ANY drug manufacturer who's been able to offer a comparable "OXYCONTIN" generic whatsoever. Further..... Let's be absolutely SURE that we're talking about the same 'animal' because, YES, there ARE generic OXYCODONE drugs available from any number of pharmaceutical companies at this moment. HOWEVER, there are NO other companies who are making, much less selling ANY form of OXYCONTIN! Please remember that there is a VERY distinct difference between the two and, again, I'd be MORE than pleased if anyone knows differently! Be well, everyone! Christine ;)

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There is a generic Oxycontin made by PAR PHARM and it is Oxycodone HCL ER. I had to switch to it last month because my insurance, Medicare supplement Blue Shield, made Oxycontin non-formulary, and my co-pay would have been $50. I had the strange side effect of sleeplessness on the generic, for about a week, which really worried me, but then my body adjusted and I was able to sleep on it. I thought the pain relief was comparable to the non-generic (and co-pay was only $4!).
This month my pharmacy said they had to order it, but ordered the non-generic, and by the time it came in they said they had used up their allotted monthly allowance of the generic medication (and did not even apologize for their error). So I called around to the five other pharmacies in my (small) town and two said the same as my pharmacy, two said the generic wasn't even in their catalog, and the other one said they couldn't get the med until the end of the month. Of course I knew it probably wasn't wise to med shop by phone but I was in a lot of pain and having horrible tension headaches, and I am one of the unlucky people who can't drive on any kind of medication ( and I'm tired of asking my daughter for help all the time).
To make a long story longer (sorry) I had to pay the $50 for the non-generic med, regular Oxycontin. I am going to try to make these last so I can get my next script in the first of the month in Oct., before they run out of their monthly allotment of the generic.
( Dunno if it makes a difference, but I live in Calif - maybe the generic hasn't come out in all the state's?)

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I take 3 10mg of oxy a day for back pain( three years) I am wondering if I would be better off with a time release pill. I am 63 and very active. My concerns are getting addicted to the drug.

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What should abuse have to do with it. How about punish abusers and let people who actually need it for pain buy at a reasonable cost. That's crazy.

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Well said! We have lost our insurance coverage and pay cash, not to mention GA workers comp wont pay for the pain meds because of all the druggies and new protocol out there. I'm trying to get the best cash price and the pharmacy sizes me up when i show them the script. I usually walk out without my pills and feel like a dirty junkie doing the walk of shame to my car. I wouldn't even take a tylenol if i didn't need it. I pray daily this changes. I would sell my soul to be ok and not require any of these meds!

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I have a family member who was prescribed oxycontin -er (20 mgs.) and of course the cost is beyond reasonable. Anyhow we called a few pharmacies and asked the price. He has no insurance that covers meds. Except he can get them through the VA.(VA said they did not have oxycontin but he could get morphine through them). Anyhow Walmart was near 100.00 cheaper so we went with them. We just noticed that the bottle says it is oxycodone er 20mg and is generic for the oxycontin. We were told there is NO generic for oxycontin and now are concerned we did not get what we were suppose to and we still paid nearly 500.00 for a generic, wanted info before he starts them tomorrow, thank you for any help.

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I have posted this reply before but here is my story and opinion: I am a chronic pain patient with serious concerns about the way pain is being treated in the US. The FDA means well I'm sure but I am not an addict, I dont abuse my medications and have never had an incident of almost dying. I feel greatly for those who have lost family members and friends to these drugs, but even in the study it recognizes that most of these patients were abusing the medications or combining them with other drugs and alcohol. I do not feel like those of us who really suffer on a daily basis with debilitating pain should be punished for the actions of addicts and/or people who decided to mix the meds with other substances. The government is going to have to start making the difference between us and them clear to physicians and the country as a whole. Everyone seems to be panicking as if drug addiction is a new disease. An addict will find a way to use, but those of us with true pain issues don't want to use an route of getting our medications through any means but our physicians. They have stopped listening to us. My own pain clinic who I have been a part of for over 2 years is now beginning to look at me suspiciously for no other reason than the new FDA report. Thankfully I found a wonderful Nurse Practitioner within my pain clinic that sees me for who I am and doesn't question my pain or my need for these medications just to live a normal life. That is all I desire. Not to feel high, not to feel a buzz or feel good, just normal. I do not wish to be bed ridden at 36 years old, and without these medications that is where I would be. I would be glad to be off all medication as most of us would if there were cures for our ailments. I have chronic pancreatitis with no known cause so there is no course of treatment but pancreatic enzymes and pain medication. Find a cure and I will be glad to give up these drugs that give your minds so much trouble. I am tired of hearing about the opiate epidemic. I will admit there are more doctors out there prescribing in an unsafe way and many drug dealers pushing the stuff out, but do not place real pain patients into these categories. Stop punishing us for the bad behavior of others. This is not kindergarten where you punish the whole class for the behavior of one kid. This is about people's lives and whether or not they can live them as most people do. Without daily mind crushing pain. Thanks.

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Re: Lar (# 21) Expand Referenced Message

I get oxicodone 10mg 5 xday for breakthrough . my neurologist gives me Oxicontin 20mg 3xday. They don't work. Should I ask her for ER oxicodone? Isn't that same drug I am already taking except for ER? Sue

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Re: Sue (# 24) Expand Referenced Message

No am not addicted to Oxycontin. They just don't help and the fillers r dangerous. I need to no of a substitute ER is around cause don't no what to ask for. Sue

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Yeah oxycodone ER. My medicare part D won’t pay for it-only the brand name-but the pharmacy filled it for me one time because they thought “substitutions permitted” meant they should do that even if my insurance doesn’t cover it.

Rite aid had them.

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Re: Ruth (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

I have medicare, my part D is Caremark/CVS and oddly they cover brand name oxycontin but not generic oxycodone ER.
I pay less than $8 for 56 on Medicare at Rite Aid, CVS, or Wallgreens.

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Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I have been on oxycodone 10/325 5xday for years for pain relief so I could work. This year my neurologist put me on Oxicontin 20mg 3xday. I went to fill it At my pharmacy few weeks ago and he said he was waiting on a delivery for generic. He gave me brand instead. I have 2 questions. Is there a generic and was does op stand for? I heard there was no generic and I know its time release but I also heard the fillers r dangerous. Please tell me if u no the answers. Thanks Sue

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Re: Leigh (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Marty1 (

Sue. I am on TR Oxicontin 3xday 20mg and don't understand how u can get addicted. I am on oxicodone which helps and can understand how u can get addicted to that
Please explain.thanks Sue

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I know here in Tennessee there is no generic for Oxycontin. Because the company went back and changed the drug to make it more abuse deterent there is supposedly no generic available for this new type of Oxycontin. They may still be able to get the older version generic but I'm not sure they are supposed to be selling it. The brand company got a new patent on their new formulation so generic companies aren't allowed to make it yet. At least that is what I have found and been told by the pharmacy.

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Walgreens just offered my 80mg generics i refussed. Thinking they were crap but now i think i will try them. So someone is making generic oxycontin 80's

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There is now a generic drug for Oxycontin ER and it is Oxycodone ER. I know for a fact.

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