Is My Alprazolam 2mg Not As Good As Other Xanax 2mg?

Christie Says:

I've been told my Alprazolam 2mg aren't as good as other Xanax.. Someone told me they are the weakest 2mg xanax out there. Is this bs? He said the better one has XANAX on one side and what I have is s***. And the green and yellow ones are the better ones (I have a white rectangular one with a v on one side and 2090 on the other side just so it's clear). Is this true or is he just being an A**hole? If someone could please help me out I really would appreciate it.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Christie! How are you?

It is a common misconception that the name brand is always better than a generic. That is not the case.

The tablets you have are manufactured by Qualitest Pharmaceuticals and they list them as containing 2mgs of Alprazolam. It has had to meet the same efficacy and quality tests as all other medications on the market as required by the FDA.

They do caution that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Amber Says:

Sorry...everyone out there the generic is not your best quality drug no matter who manufactures them! The FDA does not monitor the inert ingredients in the generics. Stop listening to people who are clueless about what they post.

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Susan Piwonka Says:

Actually there are some that although the FDA enforces that the same amount be put into all brands. I have not had any trouble with mine and I do prefer the yellows because they dissolve quickly if I am having a major problem. That's when I place it under my tongue. I will say that I do not trust a couple brand of white ones, but so far CVS has been the only one supplying these. I know that there very hard an shinny an have no imprint on the back, but I'm pretty sure that it has gg349 and it may have the correct amount, but my doctor told me that the manor in which it's compounded can change the way it affects you. I no Qualitiest is the cheaper one of many, yet I prefer most all prescriptions made by them. Good luck and have a great day.

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Cat Says:

Farmapram 2mg, white bars no imprint. Dispensed in an IFA Celtics packaging box with a brown sealed bottle inside. Can anyone tell me anything about these? These were purchased at ABC Farmacia in Nuevo Progresso. I have bad anxiety and bought 2mg, to split into quarters to last as long as possible.

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Jim Says:

I live in Australia so some of the brand names may not be familiar. They are all alprazolam. The Australian government has been clamping down on the prescribing of alprazolam moving it up to S8 with other drugs of addiction such as morphine, oxycodone, Fentanyl, amphetamines and barbiturates.

Xanax has now been taken off the market in Australia and only two generics of it are available now, Alprax and Kalma.

My wife takes 4mg of alprazolam a day and has done so for 30 years as panic attacks are a problem. Along with bipolar and depression.

When it was available she used Xanax but that was taken off the market so she changed to Alprax with no problems over the space of a year. This is now in very short supply due to manufacturing problems and she has had to resort to Kalma.

After about a month on Kalma she had a panic attack which was unusual. Also in the last couple of days she has become very irritable and angry.

I seem to remember about 15 years ago Kalma was tried but the Dr went back to Xanax after some problems. I wish I could remember what they were and the Dr has now retired so can't refer to him.

My question is: are Kalma and Alprax EXACTLY the same? They are both alprazolam 1mg.

The reason I ask is that a few years ago my wife had a major problem when substituting Lamidus for Lamictal, both lamotrigine and supposedly exactly the same. The Lamidus appeared to be greatly under strength.

I'm wondering if anyone can cast some light on this Alprax / Kalma anomaly.

Thanks, Jim

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Jim Says:

Just an update on my previous post about the differences between Kalma and Alprax (Australian brand names).

Having been able to get the Alprax brand of alprazolam again about a week ago I can report that, in my wife's case, there is definitely a difference.

Her mental state is much improved with less anxiety and an improvement in her agitation.

I've have no idea why these two generics behave differently. Perhaps it's the efficacy due to varying amounts of the active ingredient alprazolam. There must be a band of allowable strengths within each size. Or it could be that the method of manufacture is different. Perhaps it only affects certain people; who knows.

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EDDY Says:

No doubt Jim there must be a difference. Since you can see the writing on the wall with all Aprazolam in danger of being discontinued, perhaps your wife should cut down if possible. Here in out Country the medicine is available anywhere but its the Doctors who are now saying no

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Jim Says:

Re: EDDY (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Thanks for your reply, Eddy. Yes, both doctors and two government departments are making alprazolam's supply more and more difficult here. It is now only available to treat panic attacks after getting approval from the two departments.

My wife is seeing a new specialist who seems keen to gradually wean her off alprazolam so that's good. The specialist she had been seeing for some 35 years finally retired at age 78! He was of the "old school" where Xanax was prescribed more readily. I hope he gets a good long retirement after 50 years of helping people as their psychiatrist. Jim

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Jake Says:

Do you get the same potency and effect from a xanax 2mg bar compared to taking 2 alprazolam 1mg tablets?

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EDDY Says:

Re: Jake (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Oh sure Jake but the key to Xanax is to take as little as possible, otherwise when you stop it can very hard

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Trix Says:

Re: Cat (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I cross into the same town and purchase them all the time and I've never had any issues with them. I find they are just as good as the prescription version I would buy state side.

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Jim Says:

If the tablets are marked Xanax then they are the original brand with a registered name. Everything else is a generic. These generics should have the same potency but there is always a band of tolerance eg. +/- 10%. Plus they could be made by a different process. No-one can print "Xanax" on a tablet unless they are the licensee of that name. I live in Australia where the dispensing system means you get the tablets in a manufacturer's box, bottle etc. It tells you what company made it and where it was made so it's easy to get the same thing every time. I think the system in the US is different by the way people are referring to tablet colours etc to distinguish between brands. Xanax is no longer available here but Alprax is and it is dispensed in a (different), sealed box with tablets in a blister pack It seems to be a very good substitute for Xanax unlike the other generic whose brand name starts with a K.

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Jim Says:

I should have added that alprazolam is the chemical name of the active ingredient. Xanax, Alprax etc are the brand names ie. manufacturer. Note that the chemical name starts with a lower case letter and the manufacturers brand tablet that contains the active ingredient starts with an upper case letter.

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Goozer Says:

Re: Cat (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Those are some if not the best generic I have tried. I wish there were available here. I once read someone tested them and they had seconal or barbutal in them a barbituate. Mayne this may he why they are such a great generic. They are strong shinny and made well. Farmpharma states it is only 2mg of Alprazolam though. If ever available to find I would get them over any generic out there.

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