Is It Ok To Take Vicodin With Suboxone?

amanzie Says:

Hi. I am having a procedure done and am being prescribed vicodin. I am currently on suboxone. I WILL NOT take the vicodin unless I am in excruciating pain. Would suboxone help with the pain? And if I do have to take the vicodin how long should I wait to take it after taking suboxone? THANKS!

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Verwon Says:

Vicodin will not do anything taken with the Suboxone.

Suboxone contains an opiate neutralizer to help prevent you from getting high and taking other drugs while under treatment.

Vicodin is also nowhere near as strong as the Suboxone, so it will be liking taking TicTacs for your pain in comparison.

Suboxone is a narcotic, so it will help with the pain and you should be fine with just that.

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matt Says:

Suboxone does not help relieve any pain what so ever. I am on suboxone, but if you have to take vicodin you can't take it unless you haven't been on suboxone for 24 hrs. The misconseption that you can't take pain pills with suboxone because it blocks them is partially true. If you take suboxone in the morning and and OC at night you still get the effect from the opiate.

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spiraling69 Says:

I wonder hat happend to you since I m replying late... Didn't you tell your doctor, the one doing the procedue, what meds you are on, were on, and will be on? This is a no-brainer and I don't understand why a Doc would write you a script for Vics knowing you are on a Sub program. The Subs will cancel out other opiates in your system so you will feel nothing. Its better to let your Doc know exactly what you are up to, you never knowhow the mixing of meds will have on your system. Good luck!

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unpr3dictabl Says:

i've been on suboxone for 2 yrs. suppose to take 24mg a day, but only take 8-12. it's been 24 hrs. if i take vicodin will it help me ??? cuz i'm n pain (arthritis) n want to come off the subs. is it ok to take them???

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deff302 Says:

this is not really might feel some effect of the oxy but not like you would if you were not on suboxone. oxy is a strong opiate. If you were taking vicodin or percocet you would need to take so many you might od on tylenol before you overcome the buprenorphine and feel the effects of the other drug. Everyone is different though so for some it might be 24 hrs and others it takes up to a week to feel the effects of other opiates after taking suboxone regularly. I am not a doctor, just someone whos been on subs for a while to stay off vicodin. I have experimented with both vic and percs while on subs and i can say that for me its a waste of pills.. I have waited as long as 3 days after stopping subs then took norco ( it was a substantial amout of pills at one time) and all it did was keep me from withdrawing off the suboxone but i still felt nothing and all the tylenol made me sick.... bottom line to your addiction dr. he/she will tell you how to wean off the subs so you can take pain meds for surgery. Don't try to figure it out yourself. YOU CAN OD ON PILLS EVEN IF YOU DON'T GET HIGH FROM THEM. Is it worth it??

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deff302 Says:

I have been on subs for about a year and from my experience you will not feel any "effects" from the vicodin for several days althought you might get some pain relief from it. Im not sure why or how, thats just how it worked for me.

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angels023 Says:

I have taken 4-6 mg of subs for 3 days but realize my other pain treatment for my back disease is not yet built up and so I need get back on the norco for awhile...Will I need to wait more than 24 hrs to feel the effects since I haven't been on the subs for that long?

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mrandej8 Says:

I tapered off of Suboxone and was done for 6 days (no subs what so ever). However, to ease the wd's i took Kratom and Tramadol. On day 8 I took a 4mg suboxone, day 9 i took 4mg suboxone and then didnt take any on day 10. Half way through day 10 took 10 mgs of oxycontin and felt it.

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mrandej8 Says:

I should add that i was recreationally taking suboxone (the worst idea in the world btw). Just wanted to post some REAL INFORMATION NOT MEANT TO SCARE, INTIMIDATE OR LIE TO PEOPLE WHO ARE DESPERATELY LOOKING FOR ANSWERS.... case in point, this didnt happen the last time i tried, but today it did.

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dd Says:

I took suboxone for years its a money scam they don't tell u that ur 1,,mil of sub equals 1000 mil of morphine so u build tolerance without getting hi. So u wont feel opiates long after you stop subs I've been off subs for 6months I still can't feel opiates plus sub withdrawal is way worse than opiate

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beaniebaby Says:

i have somewhat same concerns,,,i am on subs,,,,i now have a med issue that is going to need a painful procedure,,will the meds work that they put me on to do the out patient surgery or will i feel everything they are doing to me cause of subs?

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Chad83 Says:

Im new to discussion on my opiate problem. I have been on both sides of the track with Suboxone and PK's For over 5 years now. I will say the withdrawals of SSuboxone are a lot worse than PK's. Has anyone heard of some surgery they have out that will restart and repair your brain receptors?

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Giants Says:

I've been on suboxone 8mg/2mg for exactly one month. Ive been taking 2films a day. My last dose of 1 8mg/2mg was 24hrs ago. I'm starting to feel wd...if I take norco will I feel anything?

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jeremy Says:

Most likely not. Until you are about 70-80% through the wds and on the way back up, all you will feel is normal. Sub clings on pretty tight.

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amy j Says:

Here is the reason to waste pain killers if u took a sub that day! Wait atleast 24 hrs cause they have no affect if u don't! If u are on subs for a month, it will be several days before u feel any different. If u are taking subs to get off of pain pills u only need 3 8mg strips to
get u through pain pill withdrawals. Take 4mg and several hrs later if u start craving pills take 4 more mg's. The sub will be in your system for a couple days so you wont have the sweats and legs cramping problem. If u have to take subs longer then a week to withdrawal off of pain pills then u need to go to a class!! Opiate withdrawals last 6 days max!! After that, it is mental...period!!!

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mary newsome Says:

I am on suboxin and need to take viicodin for pains in my legs can i take it?

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Ray ray Says:

I have been off pain pills for months and currently relapsed. TODAY at 10am I took about 3mg of a suboxone strip. It is now 7:30pm and I just had a 30mg roxi(Percocet). I don't feel the full effect from it but I AM DEFINITELY HIGH from the roxi. So it all depends on the individual and the time spent on sub treatment. So there's my experience.

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Nichole Says:

I have been on 20mg of suboxone for 1 1/2 years now & have not taken but 8mg in the past week. I have been in the hospital for 6 days now & had to have surgery two days ago. I have been on 1-2mg of dilaudid intravenous at first and now by mouth & also 1-2 5mg lortab- alternating every 4-6hrs. Anyway, I've really been wondering why I haven't at the least been feeling the effects of the dilaudid, since I really don't have any sub in my system? Any answers are appreciated!

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buttrfly79 Says:

Hi I've been on suboxone for 5 yrs. I want to get off of em soooo bad. I'm tired of having to take the sub films to feel "normal". I take 16 mg a day. I've tried weaning myself off but that didn't work obviously. If anyone out there can help me I would greatly appreciate it. Any advice would be better than none. Thanks again in advance. Have a great day:)

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mamtha Says:

Hi ive been a user of opiates still the age of 15 I was methodone first for few years came from 90mls to nuffin over 6months and and felt nothing im now on subs have been for a year was on 8mg bt slowly weened all way down to 2mg it took a little ova 2months but you will have good abd bad days but u will gt there just keep tryin dont rush it do 1ml every 2wks you will feel nothing at the end some times its mind over matter goodluck :)

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