Is A Blue Pill With 278 And A Logo 10mg Diazepam? (Top voted first)


Are blue 10mg diazepam marked above the score line with an A and below 278 smiley like logo on back real?

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johnjay Says:

Hey how you doing... sorry to hear of your current dilemma Shelley. As someone who had struggled with serious benzodiazepenes and opiate addiction over 20 years now I thought I'd reply in the hope that you get this...

One thing to remember is half lives of any given meds. That's the time it takes for the body to process away half of the med you took. You may know this already so apologize if im preaching to the converted lol.

With diazepam its 24 hours I do believe. That's why they use diaz for more things than the others like lorazepam, nitrazepam, temazepam etc. All have short half lives and so work faster going in and work faster to get out also. So in theory you should be ok for 24 hours after your last dose, providing you have been taking regular same amounts.

Now comes the bit they don't put in the leaflets or gets discussed much by the service user body's. As we both know sadly only too well the body doesn't know how to read leaflets or understand half lives. It's only when you are doing a rapid reduction that they come into play. And then it's when your down to low dosage is when it really matters.

On your codeine for instance you may of found as you were cutting down it was ok until you got low. Kapake of course are one of the many paracetamol codeine mix tablets on the market for moderate pain upwards. Codeine is very quick to come out the system so that's a help in a big way. Hence why you need to take 4 times a day, start wearing off after 2-3 hours when tolerant.

I've just recieved a batch of 56 crescent 10mgs from my usual vendor. Blue as normal with the score line, crescent smile on other side. A 278 on front. Red writing blister pack also. Good hour of research and seems they are definitely the right thing. Made by crescent pharma here in good old blighty. I believe from my own sad to say vast experience that they are legit. Can't garauntee that's the case but mine seem to be right on everything so far.

Now if you go to using your doctor only supply at this moment you may find after a day or two that you feel strange. By this point the extra you've been taking will of started to go from your system. I suspect you will be probly ok with this as it's still a decent dose. I myself have fluctuated from 50mg+ a day to 20mg a day and had no problems. Don't go from regular 50 to 20 of course but it's all about how regular you are with dosing.

I would say that as long as you have some to fall back on and enough that you could go from 20mg down to the 12mg over a period of say 3 weeks. 3mg a week at around 20 should be fine in my experience. Try the 12mg and keep it religious in your timing of doses and strength etc so your body knows where you are. If after say day 3 you should know whether your under medicated or not. If you feel you need more, take it back to 18 say for another 4 days and see how you feel again then.

Either way you will still be going the right way towards cutting down and drug free?? Try not to put pressure on yourself by thinking you should be on this amount or that amount. Just make sure you feel ok. It's true no pain no gain, however if you get a bit of luck and take plenty of vitamins and drink lots of water you might not notice much at all. Best of luck and I hope this long drawn out reply was helpful in any way.

Let me know if I can be any more assistance. Take care.

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gary mpore Says:

Yea the wee smile isnt a meant to be held sidways an look at it and its a CRESENT.A goo reall uk made diazepam.there great

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Xanthus Says:

Sound like diazepam produced by Crescent pharma. I just got some yellow 5mg ones with a crescent armed on one side a A 273 embossed on the other side, separated by a score.

I wonder, are yours blue and the 10mg version.

These diazepam are totally legit and have the stated dose contained within each I'm almost positive.

I have found these more reliable to my body's processing of this them than even genuine Teva or Actavis brand diaz.

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Shelley Says:

I've been taking Valium for about the last 2 years combined with pure codeine, although I'm off the codeine now & have been for some time, I still take Kapake as rec by the doc along with anti deps. I was attending a group for my addiction at its worst I was taking over 120mg of 10mil Blues & don't even know how many codeine. I didn't like the groups as I suffer with anxiety & if I'm honest, say in a room with other addicts, it didn't do me any good as I would meet more dealers there. I'm now down to 27mg. I get 12mg of the chemist each day & have to go & buy the rest to make it up to 27. I thought the red crescent ones were fake because they just go like paste. So I have been taking a few more thinking they weren't working, but after not being able to sleep last night I read about these and they seem to be real? All the right markings, I feel I've let myself down & I was going to start this week just on the 12 mg from the doc!! Would anyone recommend this or am I taking a high dose to cut down that fast? I have great family support. I'm just sick of waking up wondering who I am, what day is it. It's like I have to reprogram my brain everyday. Any advice will be very welcome.

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Rat bag Says:

Hi Jon thanks for your time to reply to me, I tried to stick to the 12mg but it's getting complicated because I'm not sleeping normal hours so can be awake till 5 am then sleep till 8 or the last 2 days I've had to take it back up to 30 more then the 27 I just seem to forget what I'm supposed to be doing , I've also been taking zopiclone and have done for years so they don't really help unless I just take it wrap myself in a blacket and nod off , somedays I can't sit still ! Today & yday have been bad only Been taking the 12 mg , I've been sick a couple of times today and feel so ill , I'm sweating & have a fan on me , I just can't do it its sad to say I miss the higher dose I know it will be an ok day but this is very difficult the tab man has even been worried about me saying I'm taking to much again my day changes cos I want to change , is it to soon to be feeling cold turkey ? I feel so ill like my troat is full of sick x

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Johnjay Says:

Hey there. Shell/ratbag. Hope i haven't got confused there.

Sorry to hear that you've been really quite ill. Going back up on your dose sounds like the only way at mo. It's not a failure more like a breather for the next try. Sometimes detox's just seem to go your way and other times sadly they dont :-(. Sometimes its just because the body is actually unwell or rundown, could be for many reasons that you wont know of. That's why sometimes you can cut down and hardly feel a thing and other times its real bad.

I've just had my crescent 10mgs for two days now. They do go to paste but taste right that's for sure. I'm not sure if there was something else in the ma holder ones or not as they seemed stronger in the sedative phase than these. However they did make me feel odd at times which these i dont think do.

I'm in a bit of a strange one myself at mo, how i found your post while looking for crescent blues. Been off work for a week due to stress, anxiety and depression. Was clean for 4 years until my ex flat mate tried to stab me. Long story short got back into old ways and addicted to painkillers again. Picked up the valium again too about a year ago. All was going ok apart from the weight loss. Got promoted to management at work and was stable on my meds. Then one stupid thing and i lose my job. Well management position anyway. That was a month ago. Since then things have gone downhill. I live a long way from family on my own and this past few weeks i feel just strange and i dont know why. Dr put me on citalopram and gave me a week off. Supposed to go back tomorrow but dont want to go out the house. Are you on any other meds may i ask? Sometimes they can have effect on other stuff.

So how many days were you taking the xtra crescents for? Was it long? And do you take many zopiclone? They leave a horrible taste dont they! Never liked that bit since i first had them at 16 for a motorbike accident. They put you to sleep but i'm not a fan to be honest.

I'm glad you got family around you, that's a big help and god bless them. As i'm still not 100% that these valium we've been getting are genuine, though i think they are, lets start with that....

First we need to get stable in the hope that whatever we are taking is at least the same every time. Go back to say 25 and try that for a few days. As you've found you may need to go to 30 for a day or two to get it back in your body. At least we know your 12 are def real so lets aim to that slowly. Could take a while, could be quite fast. Who knows. I was very ill for 4 days once stabilizing on a massive dose of painkillers and 50mg of valium. The drs couldn't believe it but my body certainly did. Was ok after 5 days but boy was i feeling it. Horses for courses i suppose.

Don't like the sound of you feeling sick though, are you eating? What about fluids and vitamins? They do help, trust me on that one. Do you read at all? This is all probably stuff you already well know but its a very good sedative.

Hope you feel better today. John :-)

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kenny Says:

Crescent genuine UK brand valium is the best in the business in my opinion. I'm prescribed them and will never change.

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Rat bag Says:

Yes they are real after trading up on them & yes they are 10mg blue, just that they go like paste & the doctors ones are crunchy x

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Rat bag Says:

Thanks for your reply, I'm struggleing atm. Still taking them, but I seem to take more still! Got down to 22 mg, think I'm taking 60 plus again. It's sad & a lonely road. I can't see any end to it. I've asked them to put me in residential care, but because they think I'm doing good they won't & if I tell the doc I've gone back up on them they will stop the 12mg they give me?

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johnjay Says:

Hey you ok..... I'm so sorry I had not picked up your message. Having a bit of phone trouble at mo lol.

That doesn't sound so good?? You on 60 a day or there abouts again still. That's a bit heavy. How do you feel on 30 or so.
You're right doll it's a horrible circle to be in.

Is it your doc that writes the 12? What about the local drug project? Are they any good where you are? I've had that same worry; do we stay and risk losing what we do get or do we throw ourselves to their mercy? It's a hard to know... I'm sure residential is the way to go.

Do you know anyone in your area on diazepam from the drug agency at all?

Let me know how your doing... hope you're ok and keep fighting.

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jay Says:

Hi all you Benzo guys im in London,England i currently get 28 5mg a week 4 a day but where i live there is a lot of chemists but only 3 makes well i reckon 2 i believe actavis and teva are real then i got these crescent ones which I've never tried or heard of they were awful and how do i get a refund i got empty box here from 26/08/16 luckily i bought some at the time off a mate blue teva so what sort of refund do you get as its a chain called pharma care and this crescent company are in Hampshire no phone number just about to Google them ,so yes guys try avoid these coming from a guy who has been on and off diazepam for 20 yrs just go to different chemists or talk to your doctor but yes crescent is dodgy

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Rat bag Says:

Hi yes I'm under a drug clinic , it's not helpful they say I don't help myself cos I won't go to the group sessions I have been a few but don't find them hepful to me personally , an hour here & there isn't going to help me so they started me on meditation last week all I could think of had my dealer text cos my phone was in mom silent ? I'm in Cornwall atm visiting family & had to bring 3 boxes with me ( 10mg) but it's a joke I'm a joke they revole around my life & I think the damage is done with my memory , anyway I still here still playing the inocent ?

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Janie Says:

Shelley I am with you all the way, I am desperate to come off, but please do it slowly. I tried too quickly and ended up in a worse position with a bigger habit. Cut down 1mg per week and you will be fine. Write me back anytime for support.

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Janie Says:

Johnjay, my experience seems so much like yours, any support or encouragement you've great thanks Jane

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johnjay Says:

Hey how you doing.... It's not easy is it :-(. Some days just feels like your going mental. Mine have crept up a bit too. Only a couple a day though so its minor, so hard coming down though. Don't remember it being this hard last time. That's a few years now though lol.

How was Cornwall? Was it alright in the end? Did you find you took more or less while you were there?

{edited for privacy}

Hope you're ok though and keep going :-)

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johnjay Says:

Hey Janie. Are you ok too? Horrible this mess weve gotten ourselvesinto. But there is a road out, im sure youve trudged it before. Bumpy and long but great at the end. Anything i can do just ask. I put my email on a post to Shelley earlier but if not let me know. Take care ok

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Quagmire Says:

Re: Shelley (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Cut down 2ml a day, when you get down to nothing give it 3 days then take 5ml. Repeat this 2 or 3 more times sand you should be fine

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Important Answer A278 Says:

Blue round A | 278 on the one side and a crescent on the other

Are those still being made by crescent pharma?
And are they diazepam or something else now?

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Rat bag Says:

Well they have all the right markings. I'm under metal health care for these, so they had swabbed my mouth, but I'm also prescribed these, so I don't know how they will know unless something turns up that shouldn't be in them. I'll keep you updated.

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