Is There A Way To Trace Where My Prescription Was Fillied Mine Stolen

Taylor Says:

I mailed a prescription into Medco and they never recieved it. I mailed it from my home mailbox. I want to know if there is anyway I can trace the RX to find out where (if) it was filled somewhere.

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wtarin1 Says:

That's ONE of the reasons to get a PO BOX! Mailboxs' outside your home is always watch by somebody. Sorry but I have to say it, you are stupid.

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Taylor Says:

Bless your heart. The world, it seems, must not have been very kind to you, so far. I hope that changes.

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Verwon Says:

The only way it could really be traced easily is if it were a prescription for a controlled substance, since all of those are logged into government databases. If that were the case, you could have your doctor make an inquiry, but it could still take awhile to get an answer.

However, if it is not for a controlled substance, then there is really nothing you can do.

The first operative issue is that you don't even know, for sure, that it was actually stolen. It could just as easily have been lost in the mail. Items go missing every day, due to someone misreading the address, or just postal accidents.

Second, if you mailed it from your home mailbox, with just a stamp on the envelope and no tracking implementation, then they don't have any way to discover where it may have ended up, either and unless you were watching the mailbox all day, you can't know if someone actually removed your outgoing mail or if it was picked up by the mailman. If you'd had postal tracking on it, like priority mail or proof of delivery, it would have been logged into their system immediately, if the mailman picked it up.

One question is, how long has it been and have you contacted them, yet?

I glanced at their site and they do say you need to allow 4 to 11 days for them to receive the prescription, once you have mailed it, which is normal for postal mail, then 48 hours for them to process and fill it.

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Tedster1956 Says:

Medco or Express Scripts are the biggest bunch of d***-heads you could ever deal with. Have your doctor fax them your prescription but even then you're not safe.

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