Is There A Generic Drug The Same As Detrol La?

Donna SImons Says:

I am looking for a cheaper drug that my insurance company will cover that is a generic. Similar and that will do the same thing as Detrol LA>

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Verwon Says:

Well, there is no current generic for the Detrol LA, from the approval time line, that probably won't become available until after September 2012.

The only alternative medication that I can find that is available as a generic would be Ditropan XL, which contains the active ingredient Oxybutynin.

You can learn more about it here:


Are there any other questions?

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Donna SImons Says:

Thanks so much you have been a big help.

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Mary Says:

I was just wondering if your insurance was ok with Ditropan XL? I have used both Detrol and Vesicare and am also looking for a generic that will be cheaper with my insurance.

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Jill Says:

Unfortunately, generic oxybutinyn is not as effective as Detrol LA, neither is Enablex.

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missmsry Says:

I agree, I went back to he more expensive Detrol LA because the others didn't work for me.

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MCC Says:

My doctor put me on Detrol LA upon failure of oxybutynin, but now my new insurance needs proof that two meds have failed - one oxybutynin, and the other I can't remember. I'd prefer not to get to this point of failure, but they will not cover the Detrol LA without failure and I will not be able to pay for it out of pocket. Maybe the second med will work...

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RK Says:

I just did my mail-order refill of Detrol LA, and my CVS/Caremark pharmacy automatically changed it to the new Generic, "Tolterodine 4MG ER Cap". I've often not liked generics (sometimes the inactive ingredients matter) - so in doing some more searching, I found that the Detrol people finally had to let go of their patent, Mylan began selling in Jan 2014, so my Rx has been automatically changed. We shall see if the efficacy is as good...

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Bernadette Says:

Is Sandoz 4mg Inconex XL the same as Detrol LA 4mg?

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