Is Soma A Narcotic Muscle Relaxer?

dana Says:

My doctor has told me that that soma is a narcotic and she does not want to prescribe it to me any more. I suffer from chronic back pain as well as muscle spasms. I have tried other muscle relaxers as well as anti inflamatories and none of then do not work. Soma is the only one I have found to work for me without making me sleepy. Any information you can give me i would really appreciate.

Thank you,


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Verwon Says:
Top Answer

No, it is not a narcotic, nor is it related to opioid pain relievers. Soma contains the active ingredient Carisoprodol. It has, however, been known to be habit forming and to be abused, by some people.

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She Says:

Soma - Do they come up on a U/A? Since you say it's not a narcotic what do they come up as?

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Easemypain Says:

I have ankylosing spondylitis. Other than the Enbrel and other such meds, what is the best thing for pain relied? I have muscle pain that burns sometimes. Sometimes just achy, sometimes tender to touch. Also, pain in bones, usually sharp, crushing pain. At other times, I feel like my tailbone will crack apart rather than bend. Please give me some advise! Most recently, I had an epidural injection of steroids.

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Abigal Says:

I am taking soma and it is a narcotic and my doctor wanted to take me off it as well. but it is the only one that works for me. I think u may need to just let your doctor no that you wont abuse them and only take them when need be. In my case i take them to go to bed so i can sleep peacefully, and not wake up with my back and neck throbbing. hope this helps for you sweetie

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Male39 Says:

Go to another doctor. Explain to them your medical condition and that you are a grown responsible adult, that you have tried other muscle relaxers and the somas work the best for you.

I actually had a doctor prescribe me these when i told him something along those lines.

It is BEYOND mind boggling to me that xanax, klonopins, remeron, tramadol are all easier to get or be prescribed that soma it seems like and you can DIE!!!!!! withdrawing from the previous mentioned drugs.

let me tell you something, doctors are no smarter than you or I. they went to college a couple years longer, but now with the internet and information being exchanged so freely, you are just as knowledgable or moreso than your doctor is about the side effects of drugs.

just remember, if your iq is 100, you can take college classes for 1000 years and your iq will go nowhere.

there are lots of people who drive trucks, work at convenient stores, and mop up piss in public bathrooms that are way more intelligent than most doctors will ever be.


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chuck Says:

My doctor has no problem writing for somas. The problem is the pharmacist filling them. I don't understand how when you have legitimate reasons,& script,how a pharmacy can deny the meds,because they call it"drug seeking behavior".

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Sang Says:

Actually, your doctor probably knows that it's called a convenience store, not a convenient store. I think i'll stick with my doctor for medical advice.

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Eddy Says:

Wow Chuck, what Pharmacy do you go to? My Town Pharmacy caters to drug seekers, just a fact of life. Back to you, what did you do to make the pharmacy suspect you are an abuser? I'd tape it and then file a Legal complaint, but there must be more to this story?

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Eddy Says:

Soma is not a Narcotic. Soma Compound is mixed with a Narcotic!

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bikerbonnie Says:

ME TOO!!! NOthing and I mean NO thing has EVER relieved my back pain/muscle spasms like Soma does and I myself being a disabled American Veteran who was 1st prescribed Soma 33 years ago can not find a Dr. ANYWHERE that will continue keeping me on it!!! Really sucks, it's not their GD back that's hurting!! Soma can be found over the internet via the "Canadian" pharmacies. Costs out of pocket but better than NOTHING! eh?

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Bill the cat Says:

Try exercising to relieve your damn back pain. Go to "Back Care Boot Camp" on the internet. Soma is a junk drug

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Angel Says:

When somas shows up in the ua what it is classified as?

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DeeDee Says:

The only muscle relaxer that worked for me was Soma. I had to change to a different PCP who would not prescribe Soma. He did prescribe Tizanidine 4mg. generic for Zanaflex. It worked almost the same as the Soma did. The difference for me was the Soma made me sleepy but the Tizanidine did not. Give it a try, I hope it works for you as it did for me

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tonya Says:

Soma is habit forming. thats enough to stay AWAY from them for me. I've been on a benzo for years that thankfully so far my weaning off process is working. but please those of you who have been lucky enough to bypass the habit forming drugs keep it up. taking them might help but in the longrun they will ruin you!

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amsters Says:

Tramadol is not a strong drug and very hard to get addicted to.I have taken them plenty and my dog is prescribed them from the vet.He has taken 4 a day for at least 4 years.

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BL Says:

Some states have moved Soma to a Schedule II. Soma is a Muscle Relaxer. Other Schedule II meds are Morphine, Oxycontin, Zohydro, etc. When a med is reclassified as a Schedule II is it because it is has shown to be highly addictive.

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carole Says:

Hello Dana: my name is Carole and the same is true for me. I suffer from Fibromyalgia, ptsd, anxiety, and like you I have chronic back pain with massive muscle spasms..... terrible back pain. Life was fine until the other day I went to the doctor and for no reason he took my Soma away along with my life. I was only taking 3 tablets a day but it worked! Now, here I sit suffering like a dog and completely imobile crying because no one seems to cares. I care about you and know how you're suffering. I'm so sorry......I get it.

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EDDY Says:

@ Amsters

Do you think your Dog is addicted?

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Shrike808 Says:

Bill the cat ,
Wow, that's just ignorance on a mind-boggling scale.

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Barb Says:

Have all you mentioned plus upper spine and lower spine, narrowing of the sheath that runs thru the spine fibromyalgia the pain in my muscles feel unbearable 69 yr old, ruptured discs, already had 2x cervical fusion not done lower lost husband due to fire and needed to know if pain clinic should be option or maybe neurological situation. Sure don't want to be cut on I look like a patched worknquilt
Did I fail to mention all the scars they leave Had like 20 in life so far

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