Is Meloxicam Gluten Free

Gayle Says:

I have been taking meloxicam for 1 1/2 weeks and I am experiencing celiac symptoms. I would like to know if meloxicam is gluten free

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Verwon Says:

Meloxicam is actually a generic medication, the name brand for it would be Mobic and, since it is a generic, it is manufactured by several different companies. Thus, I can't tell you anything about the inactive ingredients without more information from you, such as the markings on the tablet, or the name of the manufacturer.

Can you please post back with this information?


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Cathy Says:

I would like to know if gluten is in my meloxicam. It's an oblong light yellow pill with a 15 stamped on it. I'm expericening floating, constipation, and stomach pains.

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punkybrewster Says:

Is taking muscle relaxers 500mg and meloxicams 7.5mg and buspirone 10mgs okay to take all in the morning at once?

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Andrea Says:

Cathy did you find out more about taking Moxicam 15 and experiencing tummy pains and bloating? I'm a celiac sufferer too and my doc prescribed Moxicam 15 but it seemed to trigger my celiac symptoms. I've stopped taking them and have been suffering badly with my sore joints (fingers, wrists and ankles). Maybe a natural remedy for the joint pain?

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Vicmcl Says:

From the manufacturer's website
Each capsule contains either 7.5 mg or 15 mg of the active ingredient meloxicam.
In addition, each capsule also contains the following inactive ingredients:
lactose monohydrate
maize starch
sodium citrate
magnesium stearate
This medicine is gluten-free, sucrose-free, tartrazine-free and free of other azo dyes.

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sherri Says:

I am a celiac suffer as well and I am experiencing the same issues. It is the only thing that I am taking or eating that could be what the problem is.

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Jessica Says:

Zygenics meloxicam 15 mg is gluten free just got off the phone with manufacturer

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Madeleine Says:

The medication is called ACT-MELOXICAM
It is pale yellow, round markings are ML/15 (>)

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Madeleine Says:

The medication is called ACT-MELOXICAM 15mg.
It is pale yellow, round markings are ML/15 (>)
Does it contain gluten

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Maria Says:

Is meloxicam 7.5mg tablets by somex pharma gluten free

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deem Says:

hi, i just start taking meloxicam 15 with the markings Cipla on one side and 159 on the other and having stomach issues as well and feels like my celiac is being affected. is this brand gluten free? Thanks!

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Sparky Says:

I had the same reaction, I'm Gluten and Dairy free, My drug manufacturer is ZYDUS Pharmaceuticals..

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Laurie Says:

You are describing the capsule and the tablet may have a different composition. I am having a bad reaction to the tablet as well. I would like to know if the tablet has gluten.

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Bev Says:

Maize starch is corn starch. I am sensitive to corn, wheat,gluten,yeast, and tapioca. Maybe you have more sensitivities?

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Christie Says:

I too am celiac and dairy intolarent I see Mobic has lactose guess I won't be taking it!

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Sharon Says:

Hi! My name is Sharon and my knee gives out and my leg pulls up and I experience excruciating pain. My worse attack was about one hour after eating pizza. Looks like I am gluten sensitive! A friend of mine explained that your digestive system slows down when laying down. I was laying down when it happened and usually am when it happens. I can walk with Walker. I have arthritis and can't do other leg exercises because my knee will pull up and give out. Any suggestions? I am trying to stay away from gluten but I think it is even inside some of my generic meds which can't be checked out as far as I know.

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CRSB09 Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I'm experiencing the same issue. My manufacturer is listed on my label as: UNICHEM PHARMA

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CRSB09 Says:

Re: CRSB09 (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

I have done research, but I can't seem to get an actual answer on what Unichem uses as their plant derived ingredients in MAGNESIUM STEARATE. Could this possibly be what's triggering my symptoms?

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Janice Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Meloxican 15 mg tablet ZC 26 written on the round yellow pill. Need to know if it is gluten free. Thanking you now.

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Kim G Says:

Re: Vicmcl (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Which brands of Meloxicam are gluten free in 2020? Formulations change. The answer you provided regarding ingredients and GF status didn't say which manufacturer you were siting, and I need a meloxicam that is free of gluten. I'm getting desperate. Have spent 4 days doing internet research and calling pharmacies and pharma manufacturers.

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