Is Duleek Dp Generic For Deplin

Lorraine Says:

Have been prescribed Deplin and my pharmacy is substituting Duleek DP. My Dr. says there is no generic for Deplin and wants my Rx filled as written next time. I am also experiencing weight gain which I feel could be associated with the Duleek DP I am taking.

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SCPharmacist Says:

Answer is yes and no. Delplin does have a generic equivalent but it's not AB rated by the FDA. This means while it has same chemical makeup, it differs in bioavailability (may not be absorbed in the brain identically). I admit Delphin is quite expensive as compared to alternative ("generics").
Most patients who take Delplin also are taking an anti-depression medication in conjuction to Deplin with increases effectiveness via brain folate.
It has been my observation that weight gain is a common side effect of many antidepression medications, especially the atypical class such as Abilify.
Some patients have been able to over-come this weight gain effect by taking metformin which will reduce blood sugar levels caused by therapy.
As always please consult with your physician before stopping or altering the medications you are taking.
Hope this helps.
Rick @

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Verwon Says:

It is not a generic, but it is another name brand for the same supplement, L_methyfolate, or Levomefolic Acid, an active form of Folic Acid.

It is used as a nutritional supplement and to help some medications work better, there are also some other medical uses for it.

So, while there isn't a generic available, there are others on the market that contain the same ingredient and can be substituted for it.


Are there any other questions?

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Susan W Says:

Hi, I work for Deplin. There is no generic for Deplin. Pamlab LLC has licensed the rights to promote prescription strength Metafolin in the US (found in Deplin). Metafolin, or L-methylfolate, is the active form of folate that can cross the blood-brain barrier and immediately be used to synthesize new neurotransmitters.
For best results, you should follow your doctor's instructions, and take medication as it is prescribed. You should consult with your doctor if you have any questions regarding your prescription.

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Jim Says:

When does the patent expire?

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Ellen Says:

Please let it be known that I believe this post and a variety of others are a misinformation campaign by Deplin's mfr. PAMLAB, is sueing Doleek for copyright infringement. Deplin and Doleek are the same drug. They are all over the internet, posting blogs from would be users, scaring people away from Doleek. There is nothing wrong with the generic equivalent, These are
Scare tactics from brand mfr with an economic motive.

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rikki Says:

yes, do you need a prescription for L_methylfolate and /or Levomefolic acid? are they actually less expensive than deplin and are they an equivalent?

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Lilarose1914 Says:

There are some products, such as on Amazon, that contain what Deplin does, but they are not necessarily the same strength. For one I saw on Amazon you have to take 15 pills since they are 1000 mcg and one strength of Deplin that I use is 15mg. One mg equals 1000 mcg.

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Jenz Says:

You can take lmethylfolate or levomethofolic acid at deplins strength. I do, my mom and son do also. The connection we use it for is MTHFR. That may be where it started being used for depression, I'm not sure. MTHFR is a genetic defect type. You can research it on the Internet. My son has one type. My mom and I have another. Both types affect the hormone levels in the brain (histamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine) and can cause homocysteine to build up (bad) and not be converted to its alter ego good substance whose name I forgot. All of this, because the mutation prevents the folate we eat from crossing the blood brain barrier or crossing it in sufficient quantity to do its work. My mom is on Medicare and simply cannot afford Deplin. And with multiple people in the house, it's pretty spends for me too. So, we did research to find an alternative and talked to our neurologist and psychiatrists. The biggest change was in my son who had depression, anxiety, ptsd, and characteristics of autism. Within a few months he became less withdrawn, his tantrums and outburst stopped, his impulse control got better, and his depression and anxiety started to improve. My depression isn't that bad, but in my family it tends to get worse with age, so it's more preventative for me. My mom, it's hard to tell. Her depression is very severe. But it has been better since January. She started in December. But her meds changed too. My son has been on it for 2 years now. Brand name first year, lmethofolate second year

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Sarah Says:

Is Deplin still on its patent? If yes, what year does the patent end?

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Sarah Says:

I had no problems with anything and no weight gain with generic L-Methylfolate - which is the name of the actual compound and what Kaiser called my medication. . . Until it was not available any more suddenly in December 2015. And it worked as well as the proprietary Deplin I had been taking before. . . . at half the price it was still expensive, but at least less so. Now, Kaiser only carries Deplin. I have not taken "Duleek DP" with that name on the bottle. It is a simple (or not so simple?) chemical compound, so I do not see why generic isn't more readily available. ?!? The cost of Deplin is oppressive to people already with a condition they are dealing with, such as myself.

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Kathleen Says:

For the cheapest price on Deplin I use Brand Direct Health. A 90 day supply costs me only $178.00. They have pmt plans.
Ph. #866-331-6440. I've been taking Deplin 7.5 mg twice a day since January 2008. It has completely controlled my suicidal depression with no side effects what so ever. The only other drug I take for it is .05 mg Xanax at night to help me sleep.

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George Says:

Re: Susan W (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

MethylPRO has the same active ingredient as Deplin but doesn’t contain all the other additives that Deplin has…which for some people with sensitivities could pose an issue. It’s available on Amazon in the standard two doses of 7.5mg and 15mg (there’s other strengths available as well).

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