Is Apap Dich Isometh


I just got the no-name Apap Dich Isometh filled at Walmart. They said they just got it in. I haven't picked it up, yet. I actually had a Midrin prescription at another pharmacy valid until May 2012, and Walmart said they thought they could transfer the script without the doctor rewriting it. Worst case, I'll have my doctor rewrite the script. Yea! and good luck! I'll report back in a day or two as to whether it turned out as good as it sounds!

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I promised to report back in a day or two. Success. I was able to get a 60-pill supply of ISOMETH/APAP DICHLORCAP MAC from Walmart. It looks to me like Wal-mart took it upon themselves to call my doctor and have the script rewritten. When I had called about it a couple of days ago, when I said Isometh, the tech knew exactly what I was talking about. I don't know how long it will be in stock...... NDC number is 44183-0440-01.

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It actually isn't necessary for the prescription to be rewritten, in order for them to dispense a generic to you, if you are authorize it and your doctor hadn't written "brand medically necessary", then all they would have to do is transfer the prescription to their pharmacy.

Even if it did have "brand medically necessary" on it, the prescription still wouldn't have to be rewritten, if both you and your doctor authorize a generic to be dispensed.


Is there anything else I can help with?

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Just called my wal-mart and they don"t have it. Where are you located?

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