Is Actavis Lorazepam The Same As Watson?

winjy Says:

Most pharmacies sell watson or actavis lorazepam in my area (LA), but I had serious side effects with no calming effect from watson so I returned to Rite Aid after taking one tablet. I heard that watson was taken over by actavis and they are manufactured at the same factory and same medicine.

I used to take qualitest and that worked great but was discontinued. I also tried Mylan which was ok but they are discontinuing as they said they don't have inventory and don't know when the last batch is released.

Leading pharma does not work for me, causing serious side effects. I visited or called about 30 pharmacies in my area but they only deal with leading pharma, watson and actavis. So I have no option but to try actavis, but if it's the same as watson, I think I can't take it.

In other states like Florida, they carry other manufacturers but do not accept out of state prescriptions. Lorazepam is the only sedative that works for me.

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Kevin Says:

You're right in thinking that Watson and Actavis are the same thing. Back in 2013 the two companies merged and now go by Actavis, so all previous Watson medicine will now be Actavis.

I am very surprised that out of 30 pharmacies you didn't find a single one that carries more than one brand. Typically they have two different brands in the event that someone is allergic to one. If the Actavis/Watson brand is not working for you and is causing severe adverse reactions you can always try talking with your doctor and having him write down that you can not take this specific brand and see if that gets you anywhere with the pharmacies.

Unfortunately pharmacies are not required to cater to individual requests and this becomes a pain for people who are in your situation. The sad but very real scenario is that you fall within the minority of patients who cannot take the most common medication and thus you will have to jump through hoops so to speak. There really is no law or rule stating that they have to give you the medication you want or that works specifically for you and this means that if you are really serious about getting the medication you want you're going to need to be extremely active in getting your doctor and pharmacies to work something out for you.

I'm sorry that this information doesn't help you specifically but it really is the reality of your situation and the sooner you get working the better off you will be. I hope you find a brand that works for you and that all ends well. Have a wonderful day.

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winjy Says:

Re: Kevin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you for your reply. I checked with a pharmacist that actavis tablet shows watson on it and also found the tablet image ( They are the same thing.

I found one pharmacy that carries lorazepam from Major Pharmaceuticals, Inc. so I will give it a try. They used to sell Mylan and qualitest but they were discontinued so changed to watson but recently switched to Major.

Other pharmacies carry Actavis/Watson or leading pharma. I can't take them as they do not work at all and cause severe side effect.

Qualitest was the best for me but discontinued and Mylan was OK but discontinued. I am so upset about it as I am so exhausted with finding another manufacturer's product which works for me and does not cause side effect.

I don't know why generic Ativan (lorazepam) works so differently though their ingredients are almost the same. Some are garbage and made me more ill.

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judy Says:

Re: winjy (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

The side effects could be related to the "binders, fillers, inert chemicals" in the medication, depending on the country the Lorazepam is made in.Some meds manufactured outside the USA do not even have the main ingredient in them. The FDA does not inspect these places. Most generics are made outside the USA.

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Hello, Unfortunately the vast majority of our medications are manufactured in other countries, often with very little oversight as to what is exactly in them.... The all mighty dollar at work again!

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Sam Says:

Hi, I had Actavis Clonazepam one month. It was weak.

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Tylor Says:

They are not discontinuing watson bc my 2mg xanax are mylan and i do believe my white subutex are made by watson plus they still give out watson clonazepam bc i do believe my 2mg white clonazepam where watson its just y would they stop making that brand if so many pills they make are watson bc i know for sure my 2mg xanax round pills are watson. Sorry for bringing my xanax up, i got confused, thought they were watson. They're mylan. i got it confused and thought they were mylan but they're watson bc they say right on the front Watson. plus they have 1mg xanax that are round and blue that say right on the pill watson.

I've been commenting on some people's questions and some of the post don't make sense bc ppl are haven hard time getting the 41 411 white round subutex and they said their pharmacy was discontinuing them. Well Ive been on them 8 years and i used to just get the white subutex. Now i get the orange football shaped ones with half moon on them and my buddy doesn't have insurance so he pays out of pocket for each. They're 6 dollars a pill. I like the white ones better than the orange ones. I'll deal with the orange ones if i have to but u know what? I think the pharmacy that tells u this comes up with reasons on their own so they have a excuse to tell you. BC i live in PA and never have a problem getting all the pills. Every one talks about not being able to get their rx, but i go to a locally owned pharmacy. The only issue I had when getting clonazepam was i asked my Dr if i could be put on name brand of Klonopin... the ones with the k cut out in the middle. i called the company and they even told me they didn't know when they were gonna start making the name brand Clonazepam again bc generic Clonazepam only got like 60% the main chemical in them. Any more the best ones are name brand Clonazepam with the k cut out in the middle bc they're 100% Clonazepam.

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LadyGreenEyes8 Says:

I've taken Sandoz for so long, then my mail order pharmacy sent Leading Pharma (that was terrible) so tried Actavis (pills say Watson). It seems to work well for me, so maybe they changed their formula, but I don't know since this is the first time I am trying Actavis. So far so good for me and hope that too doesn't disappear from the market. I filed a claim with FDA on Leading Pharma Lorazepam. No word from them yet. Sounds like you did some research on it. Sorry that it doesn't work for you. I've been through this already several times. Keep trying. Is leading and Major Pharma different? Let me know how it goes with major Pharma. Sorry I couldn't help.

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Tylor Says:

Re: Sam (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

The reason ur clonazepam was weaker one month than the month before is bc with different brands they're allowed to add 20% more of main active chemicals in them or 20% less of main chemicals to their name brand. That's why they're allowed to claim the name of clonazepam, sometimes they put 20 percent more active chemicals than name brands but they're allowed to do that to take that name.

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Henry Says:

I can't get over how BAD the Major/Leading lorazepam is! It's been a roller coaster trying to find a replacement for the Mylan lorazepam, trying different medications, different lorazepam generics. I got a tiny script of Major/Leading and took it one morning for bad anxiety (mornings are always the worst anxiety for me). It caused some drowsiness like a Benadryl but left me with NO anxiety relief. That anxiety feeling in the chest/diaphragm with the heightened breathing that was always relived quickly with Mylan or Brand Ativan, was untouched by Major.

If someone has the tel# for the FDA complaints line please post it. I am angered and disgusted by this especially because according to the pharmacists it was Major/Leading that were the ones aggressively cutting the price down to increase their market share (they are now the default generic at CVS) and ran Mylan and Sandoz out of the market. Not hard to undercut prices when yours is a piece of garbage that probably cost nothing to make compared to the brand equivalent generics. Now we're all left to suffer because of their disgusting greed! Awful.

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Kay Says:

Re: Henry (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

This information is amazing. I take 2mg lorazepam 2 x day....last month was Sandoz, just picked up this month refill and pill said Watson. I used my pill cutter and it just shattered. Can't believe that I won't be able to take half dose when I want to because of unable to cut. I am in mountain area southern California.. only one pharmacy close. Lorazepam is only med that helps my panic disorder for many years... I am 70 and must drive myself....fog, ice and snow on winding roads... lookout if panic attack comes while driving... I reach for my lorazepam... and it doesn't work! Ever wonder if serious accidents have happened, with no DUI.. JUST meds that didn't work :-(

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Susez Says:

Re: winjy (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

"What happens when a product loses its patent? Losing patent protection on a prescription drug is one certainty in the constantly changing world of pharmaceuticals. Just as surely as a company patents its breakthrough product at the beginning of its development process, that patent will expire approximately 20 years down the road, leaving the door open for generic products to enter the market..."


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SusiE Says:

I’m in Oregon. I tolerated Sandoz pretty well but they stopped making it. I have taken Leading and Major brand and tolerated that. Now there is a shortage of both of those brands. I can’t drive any more so my son had to drive me a long distance where one pharmacy had a supply of Leading. My insurance only allows a 30 day supply so hunting for a pharmacy every month that has anything other than Actavis or Watson causes a huge amount of stress and anxiety. I have even had pharmacists and techs lie to me and put Watson products in a bottle labeled Sandoz. Watson/actavis gives me terrible brain fog. I finally realized that lorazepam is actually losing it’s usefulness. A doctor friend told me that my multiple physical and mental symptoms are actually caused by withdrawal because I have never increased my dose. I’m going to wean off of lorazepam entirely.

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Barbars Says:

Looking for Watson or Actavis brand Lorazepam. What pharmacy carries it?

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Sheila Says:

Re: Barbars (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Walgreens carries Actavis brand here in MS on Gulf Coast. Walmart uses Leading Pharma, which doesn't seem to help me. Today I asked Walmart pharmacist if they could order in another brand as Leading Pharma is no good. She said could order Watson brand and give them 24 hours. So, starting tomorrow will give Watson brand a try. Used to be the major manufacturers brands would go to work within 10-20 minutes, seems those days are long gone, sadly.

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SusiE Says:

Re: Sheila (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

What I have learned about Benzodiazepines and my experience with lorazepam: Doctors are happy to prescribe benzodiazepines because they generally work well and quickly. What they don’t tell you that benzos were never meant to be used for long term. They also do not tell you how hard it is to get off them. They do not tell you that your lorazepam, no matter what brand, will lose it’s effectiveness eventually and you’ll be needing a higher dose. I decided to get off. I have been tapering off for almost a year. It has not been easy. I had to gradually switch to diazepam because it lasts longer in the system and is easier to taper. Diazepam does nothing for me except for controlling withdrawal symptoms somewhat. I recommend reading something called The Ashton Manual, written by Professor Heather Ashton. You can search for it on the internet. It will teach you about benzodiazepines, what they do to you, and how to get off of them gradually and how to cope with withdrawel. I have a doctor friend who is my encourager, my Nurse Practitioner (who is also my primary care provider and my prescriber) and a clinical pharmacist who counsels me every month and she helps me plan my tapers. Without these three people, I would not be able to do this. I’m hoping to be off the diazepam in about four months. It can take months to feel better after the weaning process is done.

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dee dee Says:

I know this is a year after this question. I found that the Watson brand of Lorazepam was great for me. A year or so ago, Watson was bought out by Actavis. I find the Actavis Lorazepam AWFUL, ineffective. MY Question: Does anyone know of a good maker of Lorazepam other than Watson (gone now) or Actavis (terrible)?

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Sheila Says:

Re: dee dee (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

I think our Dr.'s should contact our insurance and insist on using the name brand as clearly the generics are way off the mark for being theraputic. Used to be, back in the day, you always got the Brand Name.
Currently mine are generic from Walgreens, but think next appt with Doc we will discuss.

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dee dee Says:

Thanks -- It's so odd how different people have different reactions to brands. I found Watson to be extremely effective. Looks pretty discouraging out there.

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Briards Says:

Re: dee dee (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

In Northern California I still receive Watson Lorazepam, it is 1mg, stamped Watson on one side and 241 on the other, just to let you know that they still make it.

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deebeee Says:

Re: Briards (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

The so called Lorazepam I've received DOES have Watson on the pill, but it is NOT the same at all. Even the consistency of the pill itself (much harder with newer Actavis Watson) and the efficacy. It does not help my panic, if I take more, it is sedating. Glad this current so-called Watson Lorazepam works for you.

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Jan Says:

Re: deebeee (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

I agree, they are not working.

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Jan Says:

Re: Sheila (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

I’m having the same problem that you’re having with the same pharmacy they aren’t even affecting me whatsoever at all that’s one Ativan 1 mg three times a day

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Jan Says:

Re: Sam (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Me too. Way too weak.

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Jan Says:

This is awfully strange because I’ve been telling my friends my Ativan’s are not working ??? 1 mg three times a day I should be tired does anybody know what’s going on with these pills back from Walgreens pharmacy

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Sid Says:

Re: Kevin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Where can I fill Watson brand Lorazepam?

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Kitty Kat Says:

The generic from Leading Pharma is like eating a piece of candy. Awful.

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Ann Says:

Does Actavis still make lorazepam and can it be ordered by pharmacy? If not what brands of lorazepam have the same inactive ingredients as the Actavis brand? I’m very sensitive to ingredients and am finding that the Actavis brand I’ve been taking is no longer carried by my Walgreens pharmacy. Thank you

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Keke Says:

Re: LadyGreenEyes8 (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

I want to find the actavis for lorazepam. What pharmacy sends it to you please.

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