Is 30 Mg Morphine Sul Tab Er Taking 1 Tablet By Mouth Twice A Day, The Same As Oxycontin Tab 40mg Cr Taking 1 Tablet By Mouth Three Times A Day?


The above medicine was recently changed from OxyContin 40mg CR to Morphine Sul Tab 30 MG ER due to Insurance not covering the OxyContin. when I went for a refill after hospital discharge medication ran out! The Morphine Sul Tab is not even coming close to relieving the pain from surgery. Is there a similar medication that is close to OxyContin that will control the pain!!

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Hello, Sandy! How are you? I'm very sorry that you're in pain.

No, they have you on too low of a dose of the Morphine. Oxycontin is one and a half times stronger, so you'd need 60mgs of Morphine for each 40mgs of Oxycontin that you were taking.

The FDA classifies these medications as being narcotic analgesics, so they carry the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation and dry mouth.

Have you spoken to your doctor about the problem?

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I am prescribed time released
Hydromorphine ER Tabs brand name is
Exalgo ER.)
I take a 16 mg. Plus an 8mg. Each day.
I have an 8mg Hydromorphine quick release that I can take 3 Times a day for break through pain.
I strongly feel the ER pain meds. Are far safer than the quick release. Not only that but they are not a Rollercoaster ride on your body. I feel the same amount of pain control 24hrs a day. With quick release you get a high ( that I don't want) and then a crash. I don't get rebound headaches etc.
I hate Oxytocin and all the percent. Vocoder etc. They make me sick at, my stomach, have headaches itch, etc.

All I want is the maximum among of pain elimination with the least amount of side effects.

THIS IS WHAT HAS HELP ME THE most for over three years.

There are plenty of days I do not need the break through 8mgs. I use them for
accident. ( ie. I fell when my dog ran in front of me)

I have several major issues, Parkinson, arthritis, and a very bad back scoliosis.
The pain meds allow me to exercise stretch, stay active.

Without them, and a cording to my brain scans I would be In the fetal position in bed all day or in a wheel chair.

I'm not, I live a very active life. Oh, I don't go mountain climbing or snow skiing but, I do all my iwn shopping, gardening and such.
I'm over 65 and count each day as a bkessing. Hope this helps someone.

Without my pain meds. My life would here been a nightmare starting many years ago.
God bless,

These meds are for just a few people. THE ARE NOT TO Be abused. I dont, my dr. Trust me to follow the rules. I do. My life runs smooth. I'm happy.

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Morphine but at a higher dose. There is a long-act Morphine too.. Ms Contin but in my experience, nothing works for pain as well as Oxycontin...period. My insurance stopped paying for it too so my Dr put me on Methadone and Morphine Instant Relief (MSIR) and it's like a miracle lol. Omg it's helped my pain soooo much better than the Oxycontin and Percocet did. I was very surprised but thankful. I take Soma fit the horrible muscle spasms. Actually, he switched me to Baclofen. I start it tonight. He said it's stronger than the Soma. The Soma worked great for years but recently the spasms were getting worse. Hopefully the Baclofen will do the trick. Good luck.

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Well happy, I'm glad that you are doing OK for now... And just to let you know, most of OUR lives would be rather miserable also without some kind of pain relief! Take care and I wish you continued good luck with your meds....

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