Irregular Periods And How To Get Pregnant

Rachelle Says:

i need to find out how to in crease my chances of getting pregnant

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abhishek Says:

my wife taken novelone from 2 years but last three months she is suffering from irregular period plz sugest she cotinue novelon or not she is 30 years old

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Cats68 Says:

Dear Rachele, I had endometriosis and had a hard time getting pregnant. I went through all kinds of tests and medication. The last thing I did was go out and buy an ovulation predictor. It's where the pregnancy tests r at the pharmacy. And, believe it or not, it worked! It lets u know when u r ovulating. U c , you may not b ovulating every month, regularly. So, u have 2 catch it right when u r. Just read the directions, well. GOOD LUCK!

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nelly Says:

Hi my name is Nelly I need help I don't see my period since last year till now what type of pill I should take.

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Titilayo Says:

Hello pls I stop my 3month injection for preventing pregnancy last year November and I only take the injection for 5 times in each month,and since last year November that I stop this injection,i haven't see my period since then,please what can I use to get my period back to normal please.

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