Irregular Periods Tablet

Geraldine Says:

I have experienced this twice since last year when I encountered 3 months of irregular menstruation. The doctor says that a kind of pills would bring back my regular menstruation but I don't know what kind? Would you please give me an answer?

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supriya Says:

I am a 22 year old girl and my last period was on the 13th of May. Pls suggest a good tablet to regulate my periods.

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Verwon Says:

Proper treatment depends on what's causing your menstrual cycle to be irregular and this answer refers to both of you.

Learn more menstruation details here.

What you need to do is see your respective doctors, so they can do an exam and testing, then they can recommend the proper treatment, if one is necessary.

Are there any other questions?

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vaishali Says:

I'm just 18. I have had period irregularity for the last 3 months and sometimes I also consume unwanted-72 tablets. What should I do?...plz help.

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Reema Says:

I have irregular periods since 3 months it as not gone me I have Cyst problem so please guide me what tablets to be taken to get regular periods My age 30 years

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hozaifa Says:

i have irregular period ...last i have on 7th june and thn it did't start till now

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Stargirl2013 Says:

Ask your FP or OB/GYN about Cyklokapron. I was given that by my gyno because of irregular/painful periods. They have helped me a lot. Good luck !!!

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henna Says:

i had period after 2 months and there is no sign of pragancy and it up to 11 days thay are not going to stopped. last month i got spotting for 2 days only please answer me what can i do.

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jobina Says:

i m not getting periods at this month.. which tablet i had??

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Baby Saroja Says:

I am 25 years old and married having 2 children, i am facing irregular periods, and migraine headache, we have puja next week in home, so please tell me how to induce periods immediately.

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Priya Says:

i am 28yrs old. married. i have PCOD and irregular periods since 4 years back. i took treatment. one month before i took scan, the result is normal. TFT also normal. but still i have irregular periods. i want to became pregnant plz guide me follow up treatmants.

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Pinky Says:

I have had irregular menses for about 3 months. I was prescribed oral contraceptives and now my menstrual cycle is irregular. Is there anything I can do to normalize my cycle?

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vishal Says:

hi i m vishal .my wife name is neetu nd she is facing irregular period problem when she was 16 years old . now she is 25years old .her periods come 6-7 days early with high bleeding every month . plz give me suggestion hurry

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Shirly batahoy Says:

i have experienced many times since last year i encounter 4 months of irregular menstruation. What kind of pills that i take to get my periods regular.

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Cari Says:

Hi I'm 22 and I have had the same problem my doctor put me on birth control and my period came for a month and then she gave me Cyklokapron to stop it this year I had the same problem again and we went thru the same procedure so I decided to go to a gynae turns out I have dozens of cyst growing on my womb so you should get a proper scan done at a gynae not a gp

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rohe Says:

i dont have perioda 3 months so plz tel me which tablet i eat for regular period

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Ria Says:

Hi m glad to advice u my friend u can take acupressure as a one month treatment Will help to get normal for whole life

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Ria Says:

Hi m glad to advice u my friend u can take acupressure as a one month treatment Will help to get normal for whole life.

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rose Says:

Hi. I am 20 years old and my period cycle has been disrupted for 2 years. Is something wrong? If so, which med should I take?

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lizzy Says:

During the last 8 months my periods have been scanty and flow for only 2 days instead of the normal 4 days that it use to flow. Please advise what type of medication I can take to make it flow like normal, because I'm trying to conceive but it's not clicking.

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Afsana Says:

Hi. I'm 19 and I'm gaining excess weight day by day... My periods are irregular too... What should I do to regulate my period and how can I lose this weight?

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Tinuke Says:

What can I take to restore my menses? I'm not pregnant, yet have no menses.

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Unknown Says:

Hi. I was having irregular periods so I went to the doctor to do a womb scrub. Afterward, the doctor prescribed oral contraceptives for me to regulate my periods. So how long will it take for me to get my normal periods?

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Anita Says:

I've been suffering from irregular periods for 5-6 years due to a reason that I don't yet know. I don't have any baby and if I take medicine then my period starts, but otherwise not. I'm 39 years old. Any advice?

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Emily Says:

Which drug can I use to make my period come? I was administered a shot on two occasions and I used to get my periods though they were not regular and at times they were also past due, but now I did not have my period for january, february and this march, 2018. I already stopped having the shots for a year and a half as I want a child.

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mouna Says:

I am 33 and married, but my period is always three to four months delayed. I am really disturbed by this because normally my doctor has to prescribe me tablets before my period will come... What should I do about my period? Thank you.

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Gaanabeng Says:

I'm 32 years lady; i dont have a child, i have a problem with my mensturation; it's stopped, in not getting period total ; now it already 1 year. I have tested pregnancy it negative. Scanner does nt show any problem. Please help me which medif one will help me

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Madhu Says:

I am 31 years old. I have two sons and am planning for a 3rd child but 2 years ago I had a miscarriage by 4 months. Again, i was pregnant in july of this year but still miscarried by 1 and a half months. I have now changed doctors and my periods are irregular. It comes every 40 days. So the doctor has prescribed me Novelon tablets, ovares tablets, all-9 tablets, depura 5 ml, folic acid tablets and Normaz tablets as well. I need to know if by having Novelon will my periods get regular? I've been taking these tablets since last month and I got my periods within 28 days (i.e on the 18th of Nov) but the flow was only like 10 drops a day for 5 days. Is it normal? I have asked my doctor and she replied, "it is ok & normal and i can try conceive this month", but i have not agreed for this month and also requested her to wait at least for 2 more cycles, so she now advised me to continue with the Novelon... Kindly advise me, as I'm not understanding what to do next?

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Madiba Says:

It's the 3rd month now that I haven't gotten my period. This is the second time it happened. But when I do a pregnancy test the results are negative. Will Flagyl pills help me?

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Damini Says:

I'm 20 years old suffering from irregular menstruation, whereas I don't get my periods until I take tablets. I'm worried a lot, please help me out. What should I do?

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Bis Says:

My periods last for 2 days only. Please help me determine which tablet can help regulate my menstrual flow. I'm 29 and my wedding is in december. Please reply fast.

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