Iron Tablets Weight Gain
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Maree Says:

I have been taking these tablets for approximately one month and the effect on my energy levels has been amazing . However a side effetct for me has been weight gain! My diet hasnt changed and I have been exercising more as now have the energy to do so. The weight gain isn't a result of more muscle as its noticeable around the tummy and backside and Im not prone to weight gain normally . On reading some forums I have noticed many others have reported this as a side effect? I'm not sure whether to stop taking them or if its just a temporary effect - appreciate any comments that may help

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komal shah Says:

I wanna gain weight before my marriage within 1 month without side effct

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Maree! How are you doing?

It could just be that your healthier, so your body may be absorbing and using more of the food that you're taking it.

A deficiency in one thing often causes a deficiency in others, because it can affect how we absorb stuff.

What types of foods do you usually eat?

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