Iron Infusion Side Effects Such As Hair Loss

Thelma R Says:

I took five iron infusion to try to build up my blood count, but in the process my hair came out all over my head. My doctor said he looked up side effects and didn't see that one. Told him I would bring him a copy that it is so. Help. I know it comes back but does it need help?

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Verwon Says:

It actually isn't a listed side effect of supplementing your iron, it is usually caused by your being low in iron, so it was more than likely caused by the deficiency that required you to undergo the infusions.


Rectifying the problem, since you've had the infusions, should help it to correct itself.

There are some medications and supplements that may help, but they also carry the risk of side effects, so you may be better off to just let it grow back on its own.

Are there any other questions?

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Thelma R Says:

I felled to mention that my iron wasn't that low and after the first infusion it was better. The doctor gave thses infusions because my blood count was low. And said that even though my count didn't come up that much wiwith the first infusion the other four wouldn't hurt. I just wish that I'd know about the hair loss first.

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Linda Says:

I also had an iron infusion back in July and now my hair is falling out. My levels are ok and I only had 1 infusion. Will my hair grow back and why did it wait so long after the infusion to do this? It didn't totally fall out but it's very thin now.

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Thelma Reagins Says:

I wasn't necessarily low in iron. As stated my blood count was low. The iron treatment wasn't really necessary, but was told it wouldn't hurt, but to me it did. NO hair.

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Laura Says:

I had hair loss due to another condition, but I have anemia too. Get some Biotin ( a b vitamin) and take it twice a day- it will clear up your skin, grow your nails and get your hair back

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Lu Says:

My hair is falling off also after 8 iron infusion. I wonder when it will stop? Don't want to lose my hair !!!

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Kristen Says:

I also have infusions of iron and the hair loss is much worse after the infusion than before the infusion. I've been told that when your body has any sort of major treatment or goes into a "shock" like receiving huge doses of something, your hair is the first to react. It takes me about 6 months to start to see regrowth. You may first notice it around any cowlicks that you have. 5000 mg daily of Biotin will boost regrowth. Split the dose to half in the morning and half at night so your body will absorb all of it. Hair loss is depressing, but the benefit of treatment outweighs the loss.

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anndouglas Says:

In addition to hair loss AFTER two iron infusions my hair has fallen out and it seems tht the texture is thinner. Never a problem prior to the iron infusions for low iron stores.

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no hair Says:

I had an iron infusion 2 years ago and my hair started coming out like crazy after the infusion. My head itched and felt bruised immediately after infusion, same day hair falling out every where, rashes and heart palpation. My hair is growing back different texture, curly instead of straight, and frizzy instead of Shiney and lighter in color with some greys. I wish I never agreed to the infusion, 2 years later and my hair still hasn't completely grown back. If any of you have figured out how to fix this please let me know, I am so depressed about this.

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Fallen beauty Says:

I also have undergone iron fusions and I just took my 6th one and my hair is falling out as well. I feel better now that I know that others have experienced the same side effects. I just wanted to thank you all for sharing your experiences it really helped me.

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Elizabeth Says:

I just had 2 iron infusions 2 months ago and my hair is falling out like crazy. It wasn't happening b4 the infusion, so I know that's it. I go in tomorrow for lab report. Going to see what he says.

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Sharon Says:

My daughter experienced a Sanofi can't about of hair lost from having several iron infusions.Y out said the right thing to the doctor. Because doctors do not know everything.We had a primary care doctor says the same thing he don't know.AND THEY SHOULD KNOW.THAT IS BASIC INFORMATION. FROM SHARON

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Liz Says:

Same thing happened to me. My Dr told me to take zinc. Only been talking it for a couple of weeks, but can tell it's definitely slowed it down.

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Angelica Says:

I am also having this problem. I had 6 infusions over the sumet to help with my anemia. Prior to the infusions I had very little hair loss, just the typical little bit of shedding, but now 1 month after the infusions, my hair is falling out by the clumps, I'm so depressed. Can you please share with us the dosage of zinc your doctor recommended you take?

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Angelica Says:

I am also having this problem. I had 6 infusions over the summer to help with my anemia. Prior to the infusions I had very little hair loss, just the typical little bit of shedding, but now 1 month after the infusions, my hair is falling out by the clumps, I'm so depressed. Can you please share with us the dosage of zinc your doctor recommended you take?

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Shadow Says:

I have had two iron infusions and have noticed that I'm losing handfuls of hair. I was not losing hair prior to this.

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Sherry Says:

I have extremely low iron saturation and I have had 6 iron infusions over the corse of 5 months.My daughter, whom is a cosmotology instructor, ask me one day, what was going on with my hair! I had noticed that it seemed thinner and stringy. I thought I would check the Internet out. Now I am seeing all of these posts! I am concluding that this could be my problem also. My last 3 were back to back (1a week for 3 wks) that's when I first noticed it.

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Jeep Says:

Damit! I'm a black girl and my hair is gone! I can't believe it. My iron treatment has been weekly for two months now once a month. I had braids and my hair just left my head like I was freaking out. Well, back to the drawing board. At least I know!

I just bought vitamins, minoxidil, etc.

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Sad with Less Hair Says:

I've just had 2 back to back infusions (1 week apart) about 2 months ago and I've noticed my hair falling out like crazy. I had the Ferric carboxymaltose (FCM). What did you guys have? My hair stylist told me to get my blood work done because the shedding when washing my hair is excessive and abnormal. I've checked everything else including the thyroid and all of my levels are good now. It started around the time of the infusions so it makes sense that it was those, not the actual anemia. I've been anemic before with no hair loss and had other iron infusions, but this was my first time with this medicine.

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Angie Says:

I had Venofer. My dermatologist recommend I take ELON R3 EXTRA STRENGTH vitamins. They are AMAZING! After being on it for 3 hair just about completely stopped falling out and my hair started growing back...where I had massive thinning from the hair loss now has been covered with new hair won't be disappointed if you start taking them.

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Nita Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

If you dye your hair will it cause hair loss?

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Margaret Says:

3 years ago I had 4 units of blood transfused and lost at least 1/4 to 1/3 of my hair and it also became wavy. The Dr. promised it would grow back but it never has. I know the people that have chemo, their hair won't grow back and they can collect on a legal suit. I would like compensation too. It may not seem like a big deal but my hair used to be thick and heavy. The Dr. brushed it off and said it would grow back but it hasn't. They even act like they never noticed how much I lost. I sat across from her and grabbed my hair and came away with a handful. Is there anything I can do about it? This was my second time for transfusions. If I need it a third time will I lose the rest?

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Tricky Says:

Re: Labina (# 28) Expand Referenced Message

Yes- give it time. Probably about a month after the last infusion. At least for me it did.

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Labina Says:

Re: Thelma R (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I am having hair loss too as I had four infusions...did it get better for you and in how much time?

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A special moment Says:

Re: Linda (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I am so glad I found this thread. I was severely anemic twice in an year. Twice I've had 4 iron infusions monthly. Months after the infusions my hair fell out all over my head. My hair was almost waist length. This past April I had to get it cut to shoulder length, because all of the hair I loss. I knew my hair loss was from the infusions.

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Labina Says:

Re: Shadow (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, did your hair loss get sorted out? Now I am experiencing the same thing.

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Shelby Says:

I e been receiving Iron Infusions and my hair is falling out by the handful. It's very thin, the roots are a little thicker but my texture has changed. No longer curly it's quite kinky wire- like and gray

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Tricky Says:

My hair seems to be improving I think it will come as a shock to the hair follicle because the iron is a metal that's my best guess is I am not a medical professional but it has been since May 16 that was my last infusion and it is now June 27 and my hair Is finally getting back to normal

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Jeep Says:

Well, it's been a while since my last post. I've been using that Rogaine biotin, and zinc everyday religously. My hair is growing back quite well. Even my eyebrows have thickened. Only thing is I started growing fine facial hair due to the Rogaine. But, it comes and goes. I don't care I need my hair back. My iron is low again but I'm looking for a different avenue to treat it.

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Joni Says:

I have six infusions of iron and my hair is falling out. Is that anything I can do to help restart the process of growth?

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