Ir30 How Do You Find A Doctor Who Will Prescribe These Pain Meds

heather brocious Says:

i do not have ins and im in pain all day everyday does anyone know a dr who will take a patient with cash that needs pain meds

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Verwon Says:

Any doctor can take cash and since it is legal tender, they are supposed to accept it. If you can pay for the appointments needed, then it doesn't matter if you do or do not have insurance, though they may ask you to prove that you can pay for them, or to pay in advance, which is their right.

The same is true of getting prescriptions filled, the pharmacy can't refuse yours just because you are paying cash, rather than using insurance.

Learn more pain management details here.

Paying cash, however, does not remove someone from the government oversight radar, all prescriptions for controlled substances would still be tracked.

If you'd like someone to recommend a doctor for you, then please post back with your approximate location.

Are there any other questions or comments?

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Geoboy714 Says:

how much busiprone hcl30mg. tabs is it safe to take at one time a day?

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