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I am 25 years old.I had taken an ipill a month back 24 hours after I and my boyfriend made out. He did not ejaculate inside me, but for safety sake I took the pill. This is the first time I am using any sort of a pregnancy pill. I got my regular periods after than on my 32nd day from the previous period (my cycle is 28-32 days usually). The pill was taken on the 20th day something.Now my 2nd periods are not starting. Its 37th day today. We had made out once this month too but he didn't not enter me. Is there any chance of pregnancy? Or is it the effect of ipill? Should I consult a doctor immediately or should I wait for my periods to start naturally?

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Verwon Says:

It could be the effect of the pill you took, pregnancy or something entirely different. Without knowing your medical history and being able to do tests, it is hard to say.

Yes, you should see a doctor, just to be certain what is causing the problem.

You should also talk to them about using some form of birth control, rather than going through this all the time, because even if you aren't pregnant now, sooner or later, you will be if you continue having unprotected sex.


Are there any questions or comments?

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Anand Says:

Had sex my girl friend. Unfortunately the condom broken. that's on their 10th day after periods. she had 3 tablets of cerazzet together. is it useful? it happened on 14th night? can she have ipill now? plesae advice...

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Deepthi Says:

well there's no point in taking an ipill now... ipill is supposed to be taken within 72 hours after intercourse. It wasn't necessary for her to take 3 cerazzats. take her to a doctor if she doesn't not get her periods

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Pennytickler Says:

Take a pregnancy test because the more you worry about the period not coming the less likely it is to come. It is probably just down to the effect of the pills that your body is acting differently.
If you are going to be having risky sex with your partner it is probably best to start taking the pill. If you have ever been prescribed the pill then you can get it online. I get mine from The Online Clinic and it's so convenient there is no excuse not to always have a supply!

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Pennytickler Says:

If you are going to continue to have risky sex then you should perhaps consider going on the contraceptive pill. I am often busy and at one point stopped taking it because I had to go to the doctor every 3 months or something. This was inconvenient to say the least as I live in a remote seaside village. I get them online now. There are loads of services like The Online Clinic. Once you've been prescribed a particular pill before, you can renew your prescription each time you need a pack. Just make sure whatever service you use that they are a regulated site so you know your pill is genuine and direct from the manufacturers. Anyway, this way you can protect yourself from pregnancy and not have to worry again.

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Mayur desai Says:

I and my gf had sex...within 24 hrs she had taken pill..but today is 10day n still she not got period...is she pregnent...what should we do...

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mary Says:

Please advise, is it safe to consume an I-pill which has expired 2 or 3 months back?

For how many months (or how long) is it safe to consume an I-pill after its expiration?

Also, will it still be effective?

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Kashish Says:

I had my last period on august 27th and it ended on sept. 1st. I had intercourse on sept. 2nd, then I took the i-pill but my periods are not coming as of the 2nd month. So I did a pregnancy test and the result came back negative. What are the chances that I could still be pregnant?

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Janavi Says:

I had sex with my husband a few days before my periods started, then the very next day i took ipill around 7:30pm, and two or three days later i did a pregnancy test which came out negative. We are not planning for babies at this time and i am not having my periods yet either... Could anyone help me figure out whether i am pregnant or not?

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I had unprotected intercourse on the 23rd and 24th of February and i took ipill on the evening of the 24th. Then after 8-9 days of taking ipill, cramps started around the 6th of March and lasted till the 10th of March. After that I have not been experiencing any cramps. Is this normal?

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Re: SILKY (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Thanks for posting but my periods started

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Billy Says:

Between white and red pill which one can I use as an emergency contraceptive pill? I'm not on any form of birth control and had unprotected intercourse.

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