Internal Side Effects Of Pause Mf

sona Chaurasia Says:

I am 27yrs old and married in last june..since marriage i am facing problem of heavy bleeding during periods for 6 days..Doctor has recommended Pause MF reduces my bleeding but last month my period started with a slight bleeding of brown colour for 3 days then 4th day it was heavy bleeding ..i took Pause MF and bleeding totally stopped on 6th day..but as on 7th day i had sex.. again i bleeded the same there any internal side effect of Pause MF as i am trying for conceiving.Is the dosage recommended for long duration

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Verwon Says:

Pause-MF contains the active ingredients Tranexamic Acid and Mefenemic Acid, it is used to help treat or prevent bleeding.

Have you talked to your doctor about your concerns?

It can cause side effects, such as: nausea, headaches, nervousness and diarrhea.

It shouldn't cause any problems to your getting pregnant, but it can involve some risks if you continue to use it, once you are pregnant, so you if you do get pregnant, you will want to discuss it with your doctor.



Are there any other questions?

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Amy Says:

Im 37 years old, married for 15 years and I have two kids.Im suffering from irregular periods for the past two to three years. I'm advised to take Pause MF when the bleeding is more. My question is Pause MF does not stop creation of the fluid in the utreous, instead it tightens the utreous so that it doesn't bleed. I took it continuously for 3-4 months for excess bleeding then the endometrium thickness became 20mm. So I had to end up in D & C. I'm taking Deviry from the 15th day of my periods till 25th day. two tablet in a day. after the D & C the first period was also excessive and i had to take Pause MF to stop it. My question is because of this will again my endometrium will become thick??

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Verwon Says:

Amy, have they had you taking anything else?

Rather than just using this, when the bleeding is excessive and risking the complications it can cause, they usually put a woman on some time of oral contraceptive to help regulate their menstrual cycle.

There are many on the market and several of them can also help prevent your having very heavy periods. It is often much easier on a woman and her body to just use prevention, rather than waiting until it happens and then treating the problem.


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ratz Says:

i am 18 yrs old,i am facing problem of heavy bleeding ,am bleeding since a prescribed me to use regestrone & stypto vit. whem i was under medication bleeding stopped. but once i stopped using it bleeding started doctor changed the medicine to pause mf & m2 question is because of change in these many tablets will it have an ill effect on my health?

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Ais Says:

i am in my second day of periods. i need to stop my periods within few hours for few days. bleedin is not heavy. doctor prescribed pause mf twice daily(morning and night). i took the first tablet 4 hours ago. before purchasing that tablet i was taking apple cider vinegar in water until this afternoon. i had taken the first one las night and until now it has been four doses of it. now i took this pause mf about four hours back. my question is will this stop the bleeding in few hours and for how long will this stop. do i need to take apple cidervinegar even now to stop it immediately or is there anything else i can do about it.

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Ramani Says:

i am 41 years, on NOv 20th i got my period. Before this i use to get only 3 days bleeding & then 4th little then stop. But this time continuously it is bleeding on Nov 28th i consulted a Doctor she advice me to take a scan, the scan report says that i had a cyst in my left ovary by the size 26x26. She gave some tablet xainic MF 10 tablets & for the cyst she gave Damaryole 100mg (this tabs for 3months). After taking Xainic MF for 3 days bleeding stoped but it is only for 4 days again the bleeding is started I went to other doctor & showed all my scan report & prescription. She told me to stop all the tablets & she prescribed me to take Pause MF for 3 days now & everytime when i will get my periods ( after 5 th day of my period) for 3 days. She told me not to worry about the cyst it will disappear like that & no need to take any tablet. Please advice me what to do & i am very much worried about that cyst. I heard about some cyst will turn into cancer? is it true?

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Meenal Pawar Says:

I am 48 years old, I am having bleeding since 15- 20 days, doctor suggested d & c, after undergoing it, its the fifth day, i am still bleeding. Doctor had prescribed Pause MF before D&C, now that its still bleeding, how much time would it take to stop it.

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alex Says:

hi im 24 years old,i have cyst of 2.5mm before from that time im facing very severe pain while periods so i consulted doctor she asked me for scan now my cyst got reduce to 1mm.she said not to worry ,im planing for kids so she gave me progestrone tablets im using it.after periods also when i have sex im facing bleeding problem.when periods im having bleeding for more then ten days and when ever it bleeds it paining alot she asked me to use mefal fort and pause using many tablets im facing prob with bleeding prob because of this i can paln properly...please suggest me wat to do?if i face this poblems wil i get concive...

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suni Says:

any side effects of pause mf tablet

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poornima Says:

I m 29 year old..i wanted to stop my bleeding within 3 days.doc suggested me pause mf tab 3 times daily for 3 days.. i wanted to know whether bleeding will stop continously for a month??i mean next cycle will be???

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Ridzy Says:

I am 18 and a half years old. I have heavy bleeding and excrutiating pain during periods. I have been prescribed by the doctor Pause-MF 3 to 4 years back. I have been taking that medicine since then during my periods. I have benefitted from it. But recently I heard from a friend that this medicine causes problems in pregnancy at a later stage. Is it true ?

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Pinky Says:

I am suffering from UTI Ecoli growth found my gynaecologist had given me pause when i told that iam getting blood in urine but on next day i got my period very early i was not known that pause is to stop bleeding when i came to know i stop pause tablet but my period is also stop. what ll happen now do i get my normal period again because it was only 3 days not bleeded completely and my period stopped. i discontinue the pause tab. can u give advice on this

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Veena Sharma Says:

Iam having Pause MF is it going to effect my little baby (40 days)?

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Bits Says:

I am suffering from continuous bleeding since past 1 month Doctor had asked to take pause MF for 3 days, however the bleeding is less but it didn't stopped and today is my 3rd day, so my question is that will it stop tomorrow or do i need to take hormones tablet as prescribed by the Doctor.

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hasini Says:

iam 23 old , am getting married in 6months back . i have confirm to pregenet bt we are able to rum this movement cause of my financial problems doctor suggests mifrrostone tablets i hve take that bt one month completed i have suffered heavy bleeeding its like peice of curd i did not know how to solve this . somebody chooses use the pause mf tablets . how many tablets are uses and how many days to stop tthe bleeding pleasse tell me i canot consult doctor

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Rohini Says:

I am 47. i have had my periods in May, July, october, Nov and from 12th Dec for 4 days and again with a gap of 3 days again bleeding till date not heavy flow but i feel very uneasy. last time my doctor had suggeted Pause MF i have taken about 6 tablets.Please suggest.
I need your comments. If i have to visit a doctor or will this stop by any home remedies?

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Anna Says:

I am 51 years old and my periods lat for 6 days then stop and 3 4 days later get again. My doctor put me on Novelon for 3 months this periods were regularized. I stopped this month and had the same issue. My doctor suggested I take Pause MF 1 tab night and 1 tab morning.

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rac Says:

Hi, I am 37 years married for the last 14 years and are having two kids. After my second delivery in 2007, I am having very heavy bleeding during periods. But I was managing somehow, avoiding medicines but since September I was regularly taking pause MF twice a day on 2nd and 3rd day of my periods as during this time the bleeding is very heavy. I was taking this medicine as prescribed by the doctor. I want to know about the side effects of this medicine as I was taking this since long. Should I continue taking or again see my doctor.please advise.

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megha Says:

am 22 years old and am getting my periods 15 days once and it will start bleeding so doctor consulted me to take a pause tablet so will it work

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