Insomnia While Taking Gabapentin

Fe Heckenliable Says:

Have been taking gabapentin for a week and am having trouble sleeping anyone having the same problem.

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blk Says:

can't get a good nights sleep two days in a row. surgury pain from lung absess dosen't seem to get any better.

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Bubblesuk Says:

Yes me too I have been on 100MG for a week.....BUT that is too higher dose so will be coming down to 50MG today......i am not impressed with this drug and as I need my sleep, if i am not happy with 50MG i will stop it..I prefer to have the MS problems than not been able to sleep!! xx

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Tuesday101464 Says:

I am taking 100 MG 3x's a day and have noticed (on about day 5 of this drug) strange dreams when I CAN sleep and trouble getting to sleep in the first place. Anyone else?

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Jeannie Says:

I take 400mg 3 times a day, I will sleep one day and then up for the next two nights and then sleep one night and so on. I also get vivid dreams and have become depressed while taking Gabapentin.

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JNLive Says:

That is an unacceptable side effect which could lead to hallucinations and paranoia due to restlessness. Sleep is healthy. They need to try others. But it costs money every time you go back in, pay for another prescription and throw it away. Try Soma or Flexeril or klonopin. You'll see why. They are cheap, doc's are pretty good about giving them and if one works stick with it.

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P hicks Says:

I can get to sleep because I'm so tired from waking up at 4or 5am and can't go back to sleep so I Star Coffee which burns me out later anybody else have that problem I'm so tired all the time I take 400 milligrams at night

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Becky Says:

I just started taking Ganapentin 100 mg a day. Insomnia. Will this pass? I can't go on without sleep forever:/

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Carla Says:

I just started 300mg at night. I'm taking it for periodic limb movement disorder (which is related to restless legs) to GET a deeper, better sleep. Yesterday I slept about 8 hours and woke to horrid anxiety and felt like someone beat me up. Took it last night about 10:30 and now I'm fully awake at 5:30, but now I'm getting sleepy again as I took a Clonopin.

This thread is interesting as you are all speaking of insomnia. This med is supposed to make you sleepy. I seem to have opposite effects from meds and have to stop them. Maybe I just need to give it more time.

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Linda Says:

Same problem. Was on it for problems with sciatica. I'm a night owl, so it took me almost a week to realize this was a problem. During the second week, I was wide awake until 3 and 4 am every night even after taking an OTC sleep aid. Went to my doctor than and stopped taking it.

The good news, though, was it TOTALLY got rid of my hot flashes and night sweats. So when I did fall asleep, I wasn't dealing with that for a change.

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Lou Says:

I recently started 100mg of gabapentin. I cannot fall asleep. I'm WIDE awake and it's 330 AM. I have to be up at 7 AM. I have been awake 48 hours now. It's like I drank massive amounts of coffee. Ugh! I'm going off of it. This is insane!!! Unfortunately I'm not the only one experiencing insomnia on this RX.
Thank you for all your interesting posts...

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Lou Says:

Yes, I've been up 48 hours now :( Wide AWAKE! UGH! 100mg a day. The doctor is going to say insomnia is not a side effect of gabapentin. ..but it IS with me and all of you as well. Thank you for sharing your gabapentin insomnia stories. Since I'm wide AWAKE guess I'll play Words With Friends- that'll be better been tossing and turning and getting agitated. Ugh again!

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Lola Says:

You are not alone. It's 210, I'm wide awake, but exhausted. Haven't slept well, since I started taking Gabapentin for a neck injury.

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shy Says:

Same here. I took 200 mg for pain and awake 48 hours. horrible feeling. going to stop

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Sherish Says:

Holy man no kidding! I think I have been awake 5 days straight . Also get very moody and angry! Tried stopping it! Wow bad affects! Headaches. You feel like you have the flu times 10 and man does it make your legs hurt! I'm getting off of this . When I see my doctor tomorrow

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Rachel Says:

Yes, I've been on it for three days and it has been horrible trying to go to sleep.

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Lou Says:

I took myself off of gaba cuz the agitated insomnia was fn unbearable..of course the psych said oh no insomnia is not a side in my brain psych and stay up for days on gaba...

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Lulu Says:

Yes 2 notes and wide awake My pyschitrist is taking me off Seraquel

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Becky Says:

Take 800 mg 3 times a day. Awake at nite 6 out of 7 nights. Nerve pain is bad but hurts severly without. Bad back snd Sacstia. Also tske cymbalta. Just would rather not accomplish much don't feel like working.

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Amy Says:

My dr took me off seroquel 3 days ago and stared me on gabapentin! How did it work out for you? I can't sleep!

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Amy Says:

Just got put on gabapentin 100mg 2x day for bipolar. I can NOT SLEEP! Glad to know I'm not alone. Anyone had this side effect go away?

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