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What are the benefits and side effects of Coq Forte? In which main indicaion it is prescribed. Please help me.

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bishnu Says:

I hve done my semen analysis and the motility of my semen was 51% according to report given to me. Now im planning to take coq forte in order to increase it up. Is it the right decision or not...Please help me by answering.

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Sachin Says:

Thnks Verwon, as i had the simile question.
Yes, for me Dr. suggested it.
I consult Dr. for Low Sperm Count.
Dr. told me to continue this tablet for 3 months, this will increase my Sperm Count & health of sperms.
Can you pls suggest me Alternative for this tablet with low costing !!!
As it costing big for me...

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ankush mohan Says:

ankush mohan garg

age 40

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Verwon Says:

COQ Forte, is a nutritional supplement, it contains Coenzyme Q10, Lycopene, Selenium, Eicosapentaenoic acid and Docasahexaenoic acid.

It is generally given in addition to traditional medications to help conditions such as congestive heart failure and nutritional deficiencies.

Learn more dietary supplement details here.

As such, however, it has not been tested for side effects, as is done for actual prescription drugs.

Has your doctor advised you to use it?

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Ranjit Says:

It is just a dietary supplement...Only a few cases of low sperm count arise out of dietary insufficiencies...It is supportive. But not a panacea.....There are good homeopathic remedies which take care of sperm count....Some cases are endocrinological.....some are caused by vericocoele which can be remedied surgically.....Go to a Homeopathic research based organisation having BHMS personal.....they can suggest good remedies

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zeba Says:

My husband has been advised CoQ forte. However he is currently taking Himalya Geriforte daily 1 tablet. So is it required to take CoQ forte also?Is there any other substitute for CoQ with low cost?

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