Infants And Chloral Hydrate

mom2 Says:

A friend of mine is giving chloral hydrate to her 8 month old child because of insomnia and apparant night terrors. It is my understanding that this is a very dangerous sedative and should not be given to children without RN supervision. Is this true??

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Verwon Says:

Well the monograph does list a certain dose as safe for use in children, however, it is virtually impossible to say that an 8 month is having night terrors and you should NEVER give any prescription drug to a child without doctor's approval and monitoring.

This is a very dangerous drug and giving it to a child that young, who is still developing could cause disastrous effects. Not to mention the fact that if this was prescribed for her, or someone else and not the child, then what she is doing is illegal and could be considered child abuse and endangerment.

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mom2 Says:

It was prescribed to the child BY the Pediatrician....sorry if I didn't make that clear. I just can't imagine a Ped. prescribing that drug because a child is getting up at night. My Ped. would have told me to suck it up and deal with it. Yes, the child endangerment thing has crossed my mind. I haven't approached my friend yet about my thoughts...wanted to get more information first. This drug was found both in Anna Nicole's and Marilyn Monroe's system at the time of death, so obviously, it's dangerous.

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Verwon Says:

Yes, it is very dangerous, however, if the doctor prescribed it and she is using it as prescribed, there really isn't much anyone can do about it except worry.

It is a very potent drug that relaxes the central nervous system, that is part of how it helps to induce relaxation and sleep. It can also cause respiratory depression which is why I can't imagine anyone prescribing it to a child that young, there is no way when the child is under a year and can't even explain yet why they are awake and crying, to accurately diagnose something like night terrors.

My son went through bouts where he didn't sleep much and just as you said, I dealt with it, it is a normal part of having a baby and being a mother. Kids do that and it is part of their normal growing process.

Meds like this are not tested and approved by the FDA for use in children that young, mainly because there are no long-term studies that can tell us what effect it could have on their development and health in the long run, it might not have any or it might have some very bad ones and cause serious damage.

If a doctor had even suggested I give it to my son, I would have walked out of their office and never went back. It is legal for a doctor to prescribe offlabel, but you are definitely correct to be concerned about this one.

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Jules Says:

Please Google the drug and show her all of the information you can find on this....Jules LPN

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mom2 Says:

I did - I asked her if she knew anything about the drug and she admitted that she didn't. I told her everything I read on it. She said they stopped giving it to him because he kept choking on it whenever they gave it to him (!!). They are now giving him a prescription pain killer that they had got him for an ear infection awhile ago. That doesn't make me any happier. She says they are going to try to ween him off the script. stuff soon. Dear God. I don't know what I can do if her Ped. keeps giving them scripts for this stuff.

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Jules Says:

In disagree with everything this Dr. is doing. I do not know any Dr.'s in this day that give babies PAIN KILLERS for an ear infection. They give the numbing drops instead. Have they tried other things to get the baby to sleep? There is not a way that they can diagnose Night Terrors at 8 Mo. You are in a very hard position here. If you keep asking questions and telling her that what she is doing is wrong she may stop telling you what is going on, yet if you stop asking who knows what this Dr. will do next. She needs to do some reading and some studying on any other reason that could be keeping the baby up at night. It could be something as simple as needing a nightlight to something more complex like a physical ailment. So many other things to consider before drugging an 8 month old child...

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Verwon Says:

I have to agree with Jules here, this doctor's actions and prescribing practices for infants are very questionable.

The strongest pain killer and infant is ever given for ear infections is Acetaminophen of Ibuprofen in over the counter childrens dosages, the numbing drops Jules mentioned and sometimes a decongestant to help relieve the pressure.

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may yang Says:

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Jenny Says:

I know this is reviving a dead topic, but this has to be mentioned. If your Dr. prescribed something for your child that you don't feel comfortable with, then by all means, see another Dr. to get a second opinion. NEVER reuse old or left over meds on a child for a different ailment (unless specifically told to do so by the Dr.). At best nothing will happen, at worst your child may have horrible side effects that put them in a medically compromised situation.

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Rcbldtrm Says:

My daughter has chloral hydrate she is eight months old and is disabled since she started having it she has started to sleep since birth it has only ever been 2 20 min naps in the day and 1 hr 45 mins at night because of the lack of sleep she hasn't grown or gained a lot of weight but is now doing both at a good rate should I stop her on this medication which I would like to add was the last resort from her pead she is already on 7 meds every 4 hours or do I carry on ?

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AliciaEr Says:

Going to agree with you. If your ped gives you the thumb up for chloral hydrate, go for it. Yes its tricky giving them the syrup, you must be attentive after giving it to babies. But without it my life would've not been bearable. My little girl of 3 moths has had severe colic since 4weeks old. Changing certain factors to accomodate the problems did not work at all. Per example silent reflux- nexium etc, gas- all pediatric drops and change of certain milks did not help. She screamed for 7 to 8 hours at a time??. Do you know how it feels like to stand for 8 hours not able to sit, sleep, turn or even think because your baby is screaming the roof off the house, no not crying they scream in high pitch pain. To see your baby suffer like that and you as the parent as well not able to cope with it all, this syrup has only been good to me with no side effects what so ever. You do your baby more harm by distressing them while leaving them to pain that much. I still use the syrup every second day or so when she really gets difficult. She is a different baby now getting her to sleep through the worst makes her wake up all smiles and it has been easier to deal with her unhappiness as it is not so much intense. I can leave her with grandmother to do something quick without anyone calling me freaking out because my baby only screams the whole time. Reading about anything on google gives you the worst side effects therefor people jump to conclusions and without knowing accuse some mother who is only struggling and looking for relieve of being a bad mother.

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Mel Says:

Re: Jules (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I feel people should kind their own business. Unless you are there or understand what this Mum is going through or there at the Paed appointment, then no one has the right to judge.

Suggesting child endangerment is so serious. Better have all your facts straight before going down that path.

Support this Mum rather than criticising her.

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