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myasthenia gravis & imuran

My father has been a patient of myasthenia gravis for years & is also diabetic. Is imuran safe for him? He has been taking 2 tablets daily for the past 1.5 years. In the past he had gone through plasma franious treatment once for almost 5 to six days. He also had high blood pressure. ## I'm a patient of Mysathenica Gravis. In mid Sept. 2015 my Right Eye Lid had gone down about 75% gradualy in 15-days, then I consulted a Neurologist who advise me first to start taking AMYGRA Tablet, 1/2 each morning/night, and also advised for some Tests, like, MRI, U/S of Chest etc.

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Round pill gg/?z.

Is this a new imuran ## Hello, Sr! How are you? The GG logo is actually used on many medications, so while there is a generic Imuran with the GG logo, that doesn't mean that all tablets with that logo are Azathioprine. It should have GG 210 on it, separated by a score line, it's a beige yellow color and is oval. Does that match the tablet in question?

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