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I have CLL/SLL with 11q deletion, recently I have been having several problems and cannot find the right information on this drug I am on called IMBRUVICA or IMBRUTINIB, my issues are side effects related such as liver issues and skin rashes of which in the past I have only had skin problems in the past but now my skin rashes are getting worse and with just having an MRI of my pelvis they found I have problems with my liver ie; damage suggesting blood backing up without any bleeding of the veins. any help greatly appreciated. ## How long have you been taking it? Cancer medications are notorious for causing side effects, according to the FDA and the NIH, you may also experience nausea, dizziness, and hair loss. Are you on any other medications? ## I am on a myriad of meds ie; back pain f...

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I am going into my fourth month and the side effects of jo my fourth month and the side effects joint and bone pain are now a daily occurrence. I take 3 capsules daily and I am curious if a reduction to 2 a day would alleviate this side effect. Also other side effects are light headiness, skin breakouts, slight bruising and fatigue. I am an 83 yr old male who for most of my life has not or does not take any drugs except Imbruvica for SLL. ## Such side effects are normal with this class of medications, according to the FDA and you should continue taking the amount your doctor has instructed you to take. You may also experience diarrhea, and anemia. Are you on any other medications or treatments? I hope you experience the best outcome possible!

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