If U Are Prescribed Methadone Pills And You Move To A Different State Area That Does Not Have Clinics Can Still Fill Ur Script At The Local Drug Store

Moses Says:

If u are prescribed methadone pills in SOuth Carolina and then move to Grand Rapids, MN where there is no dosing methadone clinic anywhere/ can u still get the pill form at any Hospitol and pharmacy in the area? Or is it treated just like liquid dose? Can u get methadone pills at any Hospitol or pharmacy?

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Verwon Says:

Regular doctors cannot prescribe it for addiction treatment, they can only prescribe it for pain. If you were in severe withdrawal and went to an ER, they'd have to treat you to stabilize you, but they are only required to do so, until you are out of danger and they don't have to prescribe Methadone.

Learn more Methadone details here.

However, there are 2 Methadone treatment clinics listed in Grand Rapids:

Proaction Behavioral Health Alliance 616-776-0891 etx. 401

Eastern Clinic 616-243-6262.

Have you tried contacting either one of them yet?

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Lola Says:

Please tell me. How did u get prescribed methadone if not for pain. I have been on my own methadone maintenance program. As I feel like te clinics overdose u..., I HAVE tk find a private dr that will prescribe them for me so j can b legal for jobs and such. This has been ongoing for 6 yrs. why is it impossible tk get a doc to prescribe u methadone pills for replacement recovery or replacement treatment. Suboxone does not work for me and is too dangerous as I have liver disease tho dormant it is still there. Please any input at all will help thx

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Luna Says:

There are doctors that willprescribe methadone and send you home with it unlike the methadone clinics and they are addiction treatment doctors you can look them up.I was first prescribed it for pain but once I move to a different state I had huge problems trying to find a doctor to take me finally I got into a pain clinic after over a month and a half and being so desperate i tried going to a methadone clinic which I haven't been to in years, and they actually turned me away saying I wasn't an addict I was a pain patient who was addicted to it.even though I had been a methadone clinic before. So after being so sick for weeks i got my records sent from California and got new MRIs done after 10 years(been on methadone for 10 years for degenerative disc disease) turns out i now have 2 herniated discs and one that just broke off.. its pinching my nerves and thats why my left leg is numb on my thigh..anyway.... it is so hard when u move to find another doctor..even if you have records of using it for 10 years. So messed up.. now they see why im in so much pain and it hasn't been a problem. ..

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Fight Like a Girl Says:

That's just plain BULL!!! I am a stage III Breast Cancer SURVIVOR and I have CHRONIC/INTRACTABLE Pain in every Joint in my body...and this is still from 2012 AFTER SURGERIES, CHEMOTHERAPY, RADIATION AND CANCER DRIG TAMOXIFEN (which I have to take for 5 years, I am 2 years in and it is HORRIBLE but it could save my life) my Tumor was ER+ (Esrtogen receptor + / basically that means my tumor grew from the Estogen ur body naturally produces. Tamoxifen stops producing Estrogen hence changing the 87% chance of GETTING breast cancer just by having this gene mutation to about apapproximately .07%. I have been thru hell and back and I've lost my job of 15+ years, my health insurance, I have been fighting tooth and nail to have my disability continued and I am at a brick wall because I have already fought and won my (1) appeal but it took 6 months and during that time I had NO INCOME. I lost my job, COBRA aka health ininsurance ALL because I got sick and it was ALL out of my control. I am so fed up with all of this, I have NOT been cleared to go back to work so if my disability is denied this llays review, what dif I do then??????

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HuLa Says:

Your situation sounds like what I am going thru.. being a spouse of military and finally we retired,when I couldn't get a dr in time of a script to be due I went to a mainteniece program NOW I think I am "labeled" as a drug addict that is in search of rehabilitation or just drug seeking .. hey I have been called worse ...so please know I mean no disrespect!! BUT yea I don't know what to do... anyway GOOD LUCK!!! XOXOXOOXOXXO Oh and my dr in other state gave me 2 months supply via written scripts ... it took forever to get filled in another state.... it really is up to the pharmacist... so yea basically he has you by the .... well you know lol xoxoxooxoxo

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Dirt Says:

I loath these pharmacist that also think they're doctors and make the final decision on whether you need the medication that "your" Dr. prescribed for you. Your Dr. prescribes medication that, in his/her professional diagnosis, you need and the pharmacist fills the Dr.'s order/prescription. Are there some things in a pharmacists job description that I'm missing that allows him/her to make decisions on what medication you should or shouldn't take?

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Ozwell Says:

Have you tried a mail order pharmacy?

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Boo Says:

i am currently moving from way up north to florida and have been in a maintenance program for 4 yrs. i am curious about the comment on mail-order pharmacies, do they dispense methadone?

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tracygirl Says:

yes as long as it date is under 90 days

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Joanne Says:

I was on methadone for 4 years. Pain clinics won't see me unless I got off methadone. We'll I did and it's been 4 months but I still pee methadone, due to liver and kidney failure which is now fine. But the Methadone is in my fat tissues. Anyway my pain Doctor said I had a dirty u/a, was using, discharged me cold turkey, no one will see me now cause of methadone in my urine. Anyone know of a pain Doctor in South Carolina who will help? I'd like my methadone back but oxycodone worked for me too.

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silverleaf Says:

...uh what are you even talking about? we are discussing methadone, not breast cancer. you must be in the wrong thread clearly. And OP, you are clearly lazy or have ulterior motives because just about every single state has a methadone program.

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Joanne Says:

Need Doc in Anderson SC that priscribes methadone. Moved rom another state was on it for pain. In SC if u go to a clinic its almost 300 a month,and i was also told i wasnt an addict

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Painandrecovery Says:


Unfortunately if you are not being treated for opiate addiction, Methadone Clinics established for that purpose are not permitted by law to treat a primary pain condition. The caviot being a dual clinical diagnosis. Most clinics I'm familiar with shy away from treatment for pain even when a clients primary dx of an opioid replacement protocol has been established Brain chemistry in the addict differs substantially making long term pain control, complicated at best. Most clinics are not equipped to meet the diverse needs of the opioid addicted chronic pain patient. This is why standards for Dispensing, Administration and possession of this federally controlled dangerous substance is so tightly regulated. Most uninformed cannot understand why treatment for pain and addiction cannot be a "One stop shopping" fix for both conditions. I can assure you, for those unstable, access to large quantities of methadone IS A RECIPE FOR DISASTER. At least until the appropriate Phased and Step procedure has been adequately Adhered to (aka TAKE-HOME DOSES).

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Patrice Says:

Re: Lola (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I don’t understand. What do you mean you have your own methadone Maintenance program?? You must be getting methadone from somewhere. As for your statement that clinics overdose. People all I can say is wherever your getting your information it’s not true. A methadone clinic doesn’t tell a patient how much they need and since methadone doesn’t have the euphoria that other opiates have you don’t see patients abuse it..If your doctor was giving you methadone for addiction that’s against the law.. Maybe Im not understanding you. Can you write another pot

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Jenn Says:

Re: Lola (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

The Federal government requires that methadone from a clinic for use as a replacement for other drugs has to be in the oral form. If you can find a doctor that has drug addiction training can write a prescription for methadone pills, but most pharmacies don't stock it. You will need to locate a pharmacy that can carry it. Most ER's can't give you methadone unless your clinic can talk to the pharmacy at the hospital to make sure the concentrations match so you get the correct dose and usually you need to be admitted also. They provide little to no help if you happen to be taking methadone, no matter what the reason. It's a dangerous drug and it seems like getting any help while on it is almost impossible!!! Good luck to all in the methadone battle!

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Patrice Says:

Moses.. There are at least three Methadone Clinics in Grand Rapids.The largest is Cherry Health Center and not only do they have a Methadone Clinic in Grand Rapids they have 20 all over the state

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Patrice Says:

Re: Boo (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

The only way your getting Methadone is to go to a clinic. No doctor can give you methadone for anything other than chronic pain. It’s not legal any longer to get class 2 Narcotics through the mail

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bss217 Says:

I didn't have time to read all the replies but ones I did read were different from experience with methadone & surgery. I had a terrible experience after surgery with pain. I given 4 different pain meds & none worked. Seems methadone cancels out every pain medication, not sure why but I'm not the only one that has said this. I'll never take methadone again due to this. I take Percocet now so if I ever need surgery again there will be something stronger they can give me. To me, methadone should only be given to cancer patients or something along those lines. It's so strong that it's hard to find something stronger when needed, like post surgery. Just my opinion

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ArtemisMoon Says:

Re: Dirt (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

You are 100 percent correct about pharmacists! My pharmacy changed drastically when the owned passed away and even after getting all my scripts there for thirty plus years, I still had a horrible time getting my pain meds from the new pharmacists. I think if they don't like the looks of you, you're not treated fairly or with respect! What gives them the right to deny what your Dr has prescribed?

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Jh Says:

Re: bss217 (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

I’ll agree with you 1000 %. I finally changed pharmacy and problems were resolved.

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