I Used The Orange Oblong Tablets
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Bobbierae Says:

I used Sinutab for years it was the only sinus tablets that worked for my family and and myself. They seemed to disappear of the store shelves. Could you please let me know where I can buy them. Thak you

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Gilbert Says:

Orange oblong pills with CS on one side and >>> on the other side

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Sandy Says:

I understand your pain. Sinutab is the only decongestant that works for my sinus headaches and it's no longer sold in the US. I believe you can still get it in the Philippines. I read something on the internet that it caused strokes in people between the ages of 18 to 49. Perhaps you could get something from your doctor that will work just as well if you can't find anything that works OTC.

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Verwon Says:

You can't, due to a marketing decision made by the company, this product has been discontinued.

I'm not sure which specific ones you're talking about, but your pharmacist may be able to help you find an equivalent product.

Learn more antihistamine details here.

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