I Take Percocet 10/325 3 Times A Day And Opana 10mg Twice But Am Not Getting Relief Needed

Tigers 01 Says:

I take the perc 10 and opana 10ER..along with steroid injections every few months and I am not getting the relief I hoped for. My pain doc has been great so far and has adjusted my meds several times. I want to ask for stronger meds.. I work 10 hr days and I'm starting to struggle more and more. I want to ask for higher dosages, but I don't want him to get a bad impression of me. What is the best way to ask this?... Thanks

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Verwon Says:

Actually, the best way to go about it would be to bring up the subject of your pain levels, how you're getting less relief than you expected and let him suggest any changes to your medications.

If he doesn't follow your train of thought, then it may be necessary to ask, but if he's a pain specialist he should be thinking on the right track.

While the Percocet does really help some people, the 10mgs of Oxycodone in it is actually a fairly low dose, so you may do better with a higher dose of it, by itself, such as Oxycontin which is a time released formulation, or the regular release Roxicodone.

You can learn more Oxycodone details here.

Does anyone else have any suggestions to add?

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Kevin Says:

Thanks! I'll give it a shot.my Doc let me understand that I will become physically dependent, but at this point that is a trade off I'm willing to accept.

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Kevin Says:

I had my appointment the other day and I saw a nurse practitioner instead of my normal pain doc. She stated to me that she wouldn't make any changes to my meds because she doesn't want me to become dependent on them. To be honest, I wa kind of pissed.
After my med check, I was scheduled to have another steroid injection at the other side of the building and my doc would be doing the procedure. When I was waiting for him I broached the subject. I explained to him what was happening with the current meds. He asked if his new CPN changed my meds, when I said no, he seemed puzzled. He told me he would change my script.. But he wanted me to call him Thursday to do it. It seemed as if he didn't want to disrespect his new help immediately making the appropriate changes.
He said he would increase my opana to 20 or 30 mg .. He said making a small change wouldn't really be effective. And he made a similiar comment regarding the perocet 10/325 I take as well.
It is nice to have a compassionate doc. He knows where I work.. He knows I work 50-60 hours a week..
On to another subject. I'm still undecided as to the opana's effectiveness. Is that because of the low dose or is it because of the new formula. I never had the previous stuff.
Any comment regarding that would be appreciated.

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nana32205 Says:

How effective is opana10? I was on morphine 30 mg ir 4 times a day then they gave me the opana 10 -5times daily,i am also on the dilaud pump.. I am still in so much pain pain what can I ask the doctor to do?

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Momma Says:

ι α 10 g σf σχycodone IR without tylenol 3 xs a day, and oxymorphone (opana) 10 mg ER 2 xs a day
And my PA just bumped me up to 20mg Oxymorphone ER for 2xs a day
I asked her the difference between Percocet and opana and she told me that my opanas
Were equal to a 60mg percocet.
I did not know that..
Any one with the same regimen as me? Amd any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

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Momma Says:

I have not taken morphine but, i know others they have and they said it did nothing and the same with dilauded.
Unless it's high enough dose!! I take 20mg of oxymorphone er starting tomorrow. I. Taking10 mg of it now, she raised the dosage because of pain increase
She and my primary are thinking i have rheumatoid arthritis on top of all the othrr issues
My phamacy didn't have dosage
He said because of the potency not allot of Drs prescribe it so he had to order
So the answer is it wont hurt to try and find out if it helps you

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