I Take 100mg Morphine 2 Aday 3 Gabapentin 600mg 4 Dilaudid 4mg 1 Ambian And 1 Elavil 50 Mg Is This To Much Aday Every Day

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Is 100Mg morphine sulf er, 600 Mg gabapentin 3 aday, 4 dilaudid 4Mg, 1 ambian 10Mg,and 1 elival 50 Mg, aday to much? EVERY DAY ,THANK YOU!

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Verwon Says:

There is really nothing unusual about these dosages and dosage frequencies for someone who is obviously being treated for chronic pain.

The only time it would really be considered too much is if you had suddenly jumped to these dosages, without ever having used them before.

Really, the operative questions is, have these all been prescribed by the same doctor, so your usage and dosages are monitored?

Morphine ER this is a generic for MS Contin, a time released tablet.

Common side effects can include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.


Gabapentin, the active ingredient in Neurontin is an anticonvulsant also used to treat nerve pain.

Common side effects can include: nausea, dizziness, headache and dry mouth.


Dialudid contains the active ingredient Hydromorphone, this is a narcotic pain reliever.

Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation.


Ambien contains the active ingredient Zolpidem and is used to treat insomnia.

Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, hallucinations and euphoria.


Elavil contains the active ingredient Amitriptyline, this is an antidepressant.

Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and dry mouth.


DO you have any other questions?

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Harold Meurisse Says:

I kind of know how you feel right now I take 100 mg morphine sulfate er 3 times a day,300 mg gabapentin 3 times a day and for break through pain I take 30 mg morphine ir usually 3 times a day and 2 celexa for depression and finally 10 mg of warfin 1 a day I just recently lost my insurance and now pay everything cash the only med I can't find help for is my morphine it suxs by the way I'm not a drug addict lol I recovered from colorectal cancer and everything seem to go great till 6 months later I couldn't walk and the pain was unbearable apparently during radiation treatment I was radiated to much on my back and I now have necrosis of the spine which basically means dead bone disease damage to my nerves no reparable I walk very little and when I do it's with a walker so to much don't think they would prescribe more than you can Handel so hang in there it's not over till you let it be over if you feel like talking e-mail me keep your chin up


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tekla Says:

my mom used hydromorphone hcl for over 2 years now her doctor wants to slowly stop it so he lessen the doses,from 3mg to 2ml and prescribe her co-gabapantin,is there any adverse side effect?


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just tina Says:

All combined are way to much esp. The gabapantin. My brother is on half as much and he halves the gabapantin. He use to be a druggie about 8 yrs. Ago. ...so he really knows.

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RYAN Says:

No, I am on 100mg ER 3xD and 15mg IR 15xD, But try and get that from a new P.M. place and you will be S.O.L. I am still in pain and it took 15 years to get to this level.

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darryl Says:


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jg Says:


I just moved to Dania beach from up north.I had a few accidents in the past .(horse,motorcycle,gymnastics…) my MRI's back then shows herniated/deteriorating discs lower backs,mid shoulders & in neck,tear right shoulder… .I am now 56 and have woken up in pain daily since the horse kicked me while I was 13(by luck my brother screamed and I turned slightly so the kick was approx. 1 in. from spine).Otherwise...

i was bruised everywhere (for months)but luckily only suffered 1 broken rib and 1 hairline fracture on another NOT paralyzed .My torso area was bandaged up and the broken rib fused to the next (it's not noticeable unless i show you or when i am extremely thin,then very visible...it bothers me occasionally still...) In the back country,i was brought to an old"shaman" who laid me down to realigned my spine since months later i still had so many difficulties,like sitting too long,writing a paper for school,walking and doing regular house chores for foster mom...i abandoned many physical activities.then i got hired for a hotel as a hostess (at 16 w/fake ID),so for 20 some yrs i worked standing on 4 in heels,then it varied for the next 20 but still nights shifts,and heels...to me my daily life of pain was normal..so i was a grouch at wake up time.until i had my coffee and Tylenol...

i tried it all...acupuncture,massages,physical therapy,personal trainer... to the point where one wrong move put me in bed for wks..i was totally panicked with chiropractor,phobia they would palarize me forever,so they failed to help...thus began my life of medications.in my mid 20's it was only during a bed ridden crisis...as life and stress went on and i got older it got worst.i still did my exercises and missed work more often,but not going to work i had no money.so the medications cycle started.at first it was only a few wks of pain meds,then it was more often,Just vacuing my small apartment would send me to bed rest for a day or 2 ,washing the floor almost a week...waking up in pain having to roll over since i could not get up like normal people do...then cortisone inj's. and muscle relaxers were added,back 25 yrs ago surgery was A big deal with very little garantie...so i decided ...no way.i never met anyone that had a great result....one bad fall while walking on an icy patched during winter was the last bedridden i would allowed.

That weekend I decided hell if I have to damage my liver I would pay the price later but I could not continue just surviving,I want to be able as much as anyone to be productive.If a diabetic must take insulin daily to have some quality of life why wouldn't a doctor help me find the right combo so I would have a quality of life.

At that time i had already giving up alcohol and drugs (don’t like to get buzz & not in control) = yrs ago.so i know about addiction and all the risks involved.of course i knew my body would get used to dosage and dosages would have to increase,but i also worked on getting my core stronger.so it started slow

I also educated myself on which combinations worked best and I haven't been in bed for days or weeks in the past 20 yrs! meds and shots kept me mobile.

I also learned that if you take heavy pain meds and you have no pain then it goes straight to your brain and you feel high, but if you have pain it goes right there and the pain goes away. i only found out 25 yrs ago that not everyone wakes up in pain!!!I thought everyone woke up in terrible pain as the alarm went off...

my boyfriends and roomies knew my routine; i took my pain /muscle relaxer as the alarm goes off,then i put ice on my neck,lower back,shoulder blades & now adding to my right arm(my current crisis 3 shots in the last 6 months,shoulder neck area and on the arm spot itself) unfortunately this only help me a couple wks this time...my doctor up north that treated me with monthly rx of Norco,Flexaril for the past 13 yrs saw all my mri then and he too believed for chronic pain it is often better to treat pre emp.
I know if i am out or i forgot to carry my daily dose with me and the pain starts it gets to a point where not even double dosing will help Way best to treat at onset,IMO.I got my life back. then i was able to work,had my own business too but i was over doing it...when the economy crashed making a living became toff,stress was not helping...and the job i held for 10 yrs went south,and physically could not continue at that level,more shots and adding oxy were the results of the last 3 yrs.

My only recourse was to move.I had an opportunity down south to have a promising job possibly a co-ownership !!! so had to move which made me realized what will i do meds wise.i had been on Flexaril 1omg 3xd,Norco10/325 3to4xd and Oxy 30mg 2xd ( i was able to cut down on those from3to4 to 2 after quitting my insane work schedule).

So here i am and a lot of people told me meds were easy to obtain down here if you truly needed them.well apparently its not the case.According to my 1 st interaction with a pain doctor NO ONE in SO FL will prescribe Oxy.The doc explained to me what had happened down here(police raided many rings of those meds being sold in lieu of H etc..i could not believe it!!!i So any one who truly kneed them cannot get them???its too bad???Thats insane!Please tell me it is not true?.

Walgreens do not carry Oxy up north they have restricted Norco to "no refill”status.so now i had to go monthly to my doctor, spent more money,pee in a cup and promised to use only the same pharmacy for all my meds(never mind i could save money shopping around case in point).there was only 1 place near my doctor that would refill the Oxy,so i would go there for them but for the Norco Walgreens had the best prices and was convenient and as far as the Flexaril a small drugstore privately owned next door to my place only charged me $19.95 for my monthly dose of 90 while the others charged 3 to 4 times that... It saved me so much$!

So now here i am in Hollywood Fla,I only have a few oxy(4) and norco(6) left...of course i just moved so there is boxes i have to unpack and all the stress that went along with it….driving alone in a van with my pets now i am really stressed & in pain,.the job felt thru,the only friend i had from 30 yrs ago is gone ...what i am going to do...i go see this doc that specialized in sport injuries,back,neck etc specialist but entered the wrong zip code and instead of being in my area he is almost 30 min away.i get lost so by the time i get there i am his last patient,(2 hrs late.) He was a nice doctor.we got thru my whole medical history,we reached my doctor in NY so they can talk,then the doc oked the norco for 1 month with a few xtra,&,a course of 5 days of Prednison asked me to Get an mri to see if the tear from last MRI has healed up(which he think it may not have).&He does give me a shot in a different area since at that time i could no longer lift my right arm and i leave (no ins yet) so it cost me.!!! a lot

Of course i am very upset.i know the withdralw i will be going thru. in the middle of this mess of moving ????..I left his office in tears.i see a walmart gave my rx for Norco & Prednisone & they are out of Norco for another couple days!! Now really am freaking out ...upset at that time,while paying for the prednison I forget my phone (but don't realized it till am back home!!!!
By then its late night so the next days i go back and asked to every department if anyone turned in a phone?( it was new got it at xmas eve when my old iphone 4 broke+i have no back up because my brother told me not to do any back up on my 10 yrs old .PC because its no longer safe(XP)... I go to cancel my acc.so they put a hold on it.that day my cell had died on the way there so no one will see the message on my display. there is a reward for it and calling it is no use…the cell is off.

I then drive another 1/2 hr home to look for a way old other phone i have to connect in case i do get my phone back since a new phone would cost me quite a bit and if my phone was return there would be a re stocking fee +usage…so many boxes,i can lift them much by the time i find my old droid Sprint is closed and it kept going down from there....but it was a very bad time to happened to me.,only 3 Oxy left +4 Norco(ok on Flexaril) and lucky for me i had a full,only had use 2 or 3 of them the yr prior but i didn't take them because they made drowsy and gave me nightmares but now that i am off work that rx of xanax should help with sleep and stress?

So i cannot reach anyone i need too,not even my new landlord her # was on my phone and since we knew of eachother 20 yrs ago she told me i could just sign the lease when i get with her over the weekend but we never met since i have no phone to reach her…then the person who found my cell had a friend charge it(galaxy) but it cannot meet be because he is leaving .I replied by email i will come over now np(2;30 am.i stayed up sent emails please tell me when we can meet.i have reward $.i stay up all day /nite then i get an email he is out of town for the week end and we can meet monday night since he works 10 min from that waltmart.i wanted to scream but afraid he would damage the phone so i said ok.what else could i do.

Of course it had to get worse.the ac broke the next day and my thyroid meds & menopause cream were late 2 days(because of memorial day wk!!! it was hell.then the toilet also stop working and 2 days later the they cut the water(my landlord assumed i had got the bill and paid it!!!) so i really suffered from those that detox. It would have been cheaper to fly to my doc up north.Not sure if he would do the rx for me now but since its been 3 wks maybe i am better off w/out them? keep norco and just up the #?still leaving in a house with my boxes,the furniture i had picked were damaged and discontinued.its been a rough ride...

I know 120 Norco a month is not enough,i will not do surgery (only 1 in 5 i know was really a success)what should i get instead of oxy?any suggestions? Can anyone recommend a doctor who does prescribe them in Hollywood FL or the doc was right and no one will in S.Fl ? my follow up appointment is tomoro unless this doc up the norco to at least 200/from 150 (no oxy) for me to functioned,meaning; i can vacuum and not have to be in bed for 2 days,hold on a job if i can find one,but right now i need to clean the new place and unpack and with my dose cut in 1/2 as it is...the shot already has worn off and the 5 days prednisone he had me take was an horrible reaction.I can never take those again.

i also need a doctor for thyroid and menopose meds.as well.preferably in hollywood fl ,near zip code 33020 if anyone can recommend?(ps did get the phone back after 1 week in xchange for the promised $ reward(should have call the cops on them if only they left it at pharmacy (that is what i would have done!!! )it just made my whole week end horrible and the detox harder with no ac since they could not reach me without my phone…,could not reach anyone,had no ac,no toilet and then lost water for a day all that and more while in OXY withdrawl !!!!!

sorry for this long message.i was going to explode if i didn’t get it out ,regular people(my family&friends would not understand)…my brother is 55 and refused to take aspirin for headache…so glad i found this forum read a lot of good stuff i did not know.
tnx to all that post and those who answer.

regards,wishing everyone better health and access to what you need to enjoy your life the best way possible!

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Cindy Says:

Just read about your whole life its been over a year wondering how you doing?have things gotten better?

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Laddy Says:

I switched from Norco to an extended released medicine, MS Contin. I combine that with Gabapentin and Aleeve (Naproxen). At one time I was taking 180 Norco per month (10/325). Your body cannot handle this. At some point stuff starts happening. In my case I was in pain ALL the time. I had to find a solution that was not going to kill my body. I also use Lidocaine patches and Voltaren Gel. And, always take stool softener regularly. I also do daily stretching and walking.

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Nick Says:

I'm surprised that you are capable of writing with that combination of drugs. While I am a nurse and not a physician, I can't imagine that any doctor would approve that drug cocktail. Seeking info online rather than talking to an actual doctor is not wise.

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ICE Says:

Take either the Dilauded OR the Morphine. NOT BOTH!!

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ISE Says:

Another thing, Ambien... I would look into getting something else.after years of no problems of using it. I woke up in the middle of the night on the kitchen floor. I am on 4 mg Dilaudid 4 times a day only If I was on the Morphine too perhaps that would keep me from SLEEPWALKING , however- I fell IN my sleep if I was awake the damage would've been worse. Ambien is a nasty drug , however, Without that fall [it was a blessing- I found out I have Sleep Apnea

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