I See So Many Bad Effects, Who Has Experienced Good?

Any good experiences Says:

I've been on LYRICA for almost a month, it was kind of a last resort for me. I have had chronic back/nerve pain (unknown cause) for 20 months now. Neurosurgeon and Orthopedic both say surgery is not an option. They recommended a spinal cord stumulator but im weary of it. LYRICA has given me energy and I sleep better. I cook and clean and laundry gets done...that hasn't happened since before pain started. I feel more positive but my moods change quickly. Has anyone else had these effects?

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Verwon Says:

There are plenty of people that have had good experiences with it, it's just that they aren't the ones that usually go hunting up a website for information. :-)

It's a simple fact that most people don't share their good experiences with something, they only hunt up a site like this, when they want to rant and rave. Almost any company in existence would tell you that they receive far more complaints about their products, then they do compliments.

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And everyone is different, so what you really have to go by is how it works for you and whether or not it causes you any problems.

Just as an example, there are many people that take the beta blocker Metoprolol for high blood pressure and never have a problem, but when I tried it, it made me completely miserable. It's just the nature of medications and the human body, that's why there are usually several choices available in any given therapeutic category.

I tried Lyrica once years ago, it didn't cause me any problems, nor did it help my pain, for me it was basically neutral.

The mood swings are caused by its effects on brains chemicals, since it's actually an anticonvulsant. It has actually been shown to be helpful to some people with mood disorders.

Are there any other concerns?

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Optimistic Says:

Not at all. Lyrica made me feel like I was the walking dead. I tried it because Gabapentin was giving me crushing daytime fatigue and I was told the Lyrica has less side effects. I don’t know who told the MDs that, but that was not my experience. I couldn’t wake up. For days after I took it.
Plus, after Gabapentin withdrawals I wasn’t excited about doing that again, so I was ok with it not working for me.
Cannabis has helped my nerve problems enough that I don’t need this stuff.
I am happy to hear it works for someone, though I suspect you’re a drug rep and not s patient.

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Dulcinea Says:

I have been taking 50 mg 3 x a day for about 8 years for idiopathic Peripheral neuropathy and have positive results. It lessens the burning in my legs. My body lets me know when I missed a dose. Also, Pfizer gives me my Lyrica for free. Great company

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