I Need The Names Of Doctors In Pensacola, Milton, Pace, Florida That Will Prescribe Methadone

cucupuffs Says:

i need the names and info. of any doctors in northern florida/gulf coast/pensacola,pace,milton,gulf breeze,ft. walton,navarre areas that will prescribe methadone for my right knee that i had up while i was driving and crashed at a high speed into the back of a stopped car and actually broke the steering wheel in half on the car with my knee,i also have back issues and syatica and methadone worked the best for my knee all day so i could actually play with my 2 little boys 6 and 7.people here who do know of and get methadone from some private doctors here in pensacola are so grimey and nasty that they won't tell you the names of the doctors unless you pay them off or give them a piece of the pie from least the first doctor visit..yea real nice people down here..rediculous leaches and parasitical tape worms..sad..my 7 yr old son wants me to play ball,baseball and just lift them up so bad and was so happy when i told him 2 weeks ago i was going to a doctor that was going to help my knee with medication so i can play with him more again.but it didnt happen and he was so disappointed.so if anyone in my area knows of some doctors that will prescribe methadone and can give me the info. i would really appreciate it and be very grateful as well as my 2 lil boys will.thank you.

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anonymous Says:

Cucu puffs I came back here to FL from Co and at least in Co we had a thread to help each other, but we got a few addicts on the thread anyway , it's been rough 're establishing myself down here in tampa. Look up Genesis medical clinic. The law will only allow 2 ers s a day..and methadone is an error, but the most I think he can do is 2 10mg methadone and 4 30 s a day..but each patient is different that was the standard pain management settlement not now it's only what the law allots for these docs to do. Again this is in tampa hope I helped.. also there is a pm clinic I saw on MLK here in Tampa the Dr. Last name is Muhammad or very close to it he doesn't take insurance though. Genesis takes insurance does random u a s and u must have an mri 2 years or newer he wouldn't even accept my out of state mri..

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Jenifer Says:

There are no limits what a doctor can prescribe. I was seeing a family doctor 6 month ago in FL who prescribe MS-Contin 3 x times a day. ( I have been seeing this doctor for 12 years. The main problem I had was going to 10 -15 different pharmacies each month trying to get the prescription filled. You can go to the FL state web site for prescription monitoring site for the new rules. It helps greatly to know this information. Sometime what happens if you go to a clinic that is owned by someone other then the doctor you are seeing is that they will have there own limitations on what can be prescribe and how much.. Prescription drug insurance plans will also have there own limits. My suggestions for anyone who is moving to FL who suffers from chronic pain is to do the following before showing up for your first visit with the new doctor.
1) Store up and cut down your medication as much as possible. Few doctors are going to give large amount of opiate medication right off the bat. It may take months to get to the level you are currently on.
2) Get all your medical records - doctor visit, hospital records. Labs , X-ray and make copies. Bring all of them to your first visit..
3) Keep a daily pain log recording when you took your med and your pain levels. Make it easy to read and bring 3 month worth. Be as detail as possible with flares ups (what caused it) and any issues with medication. Also record other things you do to decrease your pain beside taking pain meds.
4) Be honest with your pain. If you are always saying it's at a 10 level and you are walking into his office he is not going to believe you. Opiate medications is given so you can have a better quality of life. If you are in bed all the time or making little effort to do things for yourself - like going to water exercise classes or visiting grandchildren then the doctor may think the medications are not helping you and therefore stop the medication.
5) Ask you current doctor to write a letter stating that you always followed the requirements of your pain contract along with the medical condition that he is treating you for and why it is important for your to continue your medications. If you doctor could talk to your new doctor also that will be even better.
6) You have the right to be treated for your pain. However it is up to the doctor how it is done. If the doctor denies prescribing pain medication ask why and what will he do instead to treat your pain. Don't leave in a big huff. Screaming at the doctor does not look good in your records. Instead try to figure out why he will not give them to you. Sometimes pain doctors do not prescribe opiate medication to any chronic pain patient. Also, just because he will not give you the pain medication you have been on does not he has nothing to offer.
7) If you do not like the doctor you are seeing you can leave and see someone else (check with your insurance for limits) just do no take any medication from your new doctor unless you planning to stay with him.
8) Right off the bat when you first moved it might be best to see a family doctor first so you will have someone who can follow your more routine medical issue. (Bring all your medical records including any records dealing with your pain) He most likely can help you find a pain doctor who will help with you getting your pain meds.
9) Keep a open mind with trying other ways to treat your pain beside just using opiate medication.
GOOD LUCK You are going to need it in FLORIDA

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chaos fromCo tofl Says:

I actually got meds 1 week late of when i would of had a refill in CO. Ive been veryfortunate to get them filled until i went to walgreens but then went back to my original pharmacy--Yes a dr, can precribe 3 a day, thats was my dose in CO. THIS pm cut it down to 2 and wouldn't even increse the ER!! THE certain pain clininc is only giving 2 ER and 4 breakthroughs, and im not on doses nearly as high as a lot of other patients. I chose not to as i'm not worried about getting the current regimen.

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chaos fromCo tofl Says:

@ Jennifer GREAT info, i lived here before so it madw thinga alot easier. I also have/keep a copy of my mri reports and films and dr's nots..but this is what aperson should do especially coming to FL!!

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Alexis Says:

I can personally say I've been through that experience. I'm sorry you're going through that but a lot of bad people made it hard on good people to be able to get pain medication not only in Florida but Nationwide now. And the doctors in Florida where the blame also because they handed out like candy and they knew better they knew what they were doing. And I know that because I'm from Florida and I've been in that pain management Circle for years that I needed to medication for personal reasons not to feed an addiction and there are some scumbags down there let me tell you and they see you before you even see them coming their way! Try finding a small doctor in a small Clinic and stay in the same zip code make sure your driver's license has the same address and find a mom-and-pop pharmacy to fill it and you should be okay but it is a lot of leg work but you can do it it sounds like. Good luck

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Christy Says:

Sweetie, I'm sorry those people are so rude and stupid. Dope heads is what it sounds more like but I am also on methadone and have been for 8 years for chronic pain, but look call dr sackheim in Pensacola, FL. He's amazing. His number is 850-433-6918. He takes many insurances and also accepts cash pay and he is accepting new patients. He doesn't deal with people just wanting stuff but he's a dr so he knows if ur sincere or not. That's what he gets paid the big bucks for but I absolutely love him and his staff. They are super great. Good luck.

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