I Need A Pain Management Dr In Georgia

Cindy Says:

I need a pain doctor or pain clinic who doesn't require a referral, takes Medicare and Medicaid, who will prescribe my Xanax 2mg, Dilaudid 8mg, Roxy 30, Soma 350mg. I have my paperwork from the hospital state to take these meds. I need someone in Atlanta Ga, or Roswell Ga, Lwrncvil Ga.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Cindy! How are you? I'm sorry that you're in pain.

As to your medications, it is doubtful that you will find one doctor that will prescribe them all. Due to the new regulations that were put in place last year, you need to see a specialist, so for that list, you'll most likely need to see a pain management specialist, as well as a psychiatrist for the Xanax.

These medications carry the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, drowsiness, dry mouth, sedation and constipation.

However, there is no listing of doctors that I can refer to for you according to what they will or will not prescribe, what insurance they accept or whether or not they require a referral.

Can anyone recommend good doctors in that area?

Do you have a caseworker that might be able to refer you to someone?

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EDDY Says:

Doctor Mengela would!

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SurvivorAngel Says:

Hi I am a 56 yrs young female needing help !! I have been seeing a doctor for 10 yrs (pain management in Texas) I have not seen him since March. I am back in Louisiana & am seeing a new dr in my home town (not pain mgmt) I trying to get back on my 1mg blue Xanax 3 to 4 times a day if needed . I was receiving them because I was attacked & almost killed by one of my employees ( I owned my place of business) He was caught & I knew who he was when he spoke. He was in the back of my vehicle waiting for me (behind) my seat & chocked from behind ! But I fought him off bit his arm & pushed myself out of my vehicle landing on the Parking lot & ran !!!i have 3 amazing children that I could not leave them motherless ! Not like that !! I am a strong tough cookie & never scared of anything but of leaving my children. He had broke out of jail about 35 mins from my town but was caught in Texas & arrested again! He gets out in 2 yrs in a min maximum security prison! Anyway sorry to go into such detail but I have panic attacks & other issues & just started seeing a therapist 2 sessions & he hasn't given me anything period ! I have not asked for my Xanax nor anything ! I have had headaches for 40 yrs daily almost ! I don't sleep & haven't for yrs. My new dr gave me Xanax xr 1 mg I had never heard of that! But I get 10 pills. It is like pulling teeth to get them ! I really don't understand ! I would like to live without my stress & anxiety but I need my Xanax ! Can this be ordered online? I used to get soma online in La but for 2 yrs that stopped but now people r able to get them online. But I haven't done it in yrs my dr was giving them to me. I took Loratab 7.5 Xanax & soma !! Now nothing. I have high blood pressure & take clonidine 1mg 4 times daily but new dr is trying to get me off of them. 2 days good then 4 days bad my aniexty is crazy ! Is there anyone with problems like I am having ?? Please give me ur thoughts :) Thanks

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august west Says:

Gotta tell ya, i don't know of many doctors that take to warmly to someone asking for those drugs specifically and on top of that without a referral.

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Michelle Says:

II am living with multiple sclerosis fibromyalgia chronic back pain and juvenile arthritis I get Norco10/325mg 2 a day and it is not enough can someone help me find a doctor who will prescribe me more pills a day due to my chronic pain and considering my history from 2005 being an ex addict is hard to get my pain under control as needed please help in Roanoke Virginia

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Ann Says:

Need help with pain dr in Raleigh Durham NC area that will give me oxy 15 and opana 20 my primary care was giving me, them sent me to pain management, they decrease dose I had been on for over a year that was finally working. I have all my MRI s

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Cynthia Says:

Need to know where i can find a dr to write pain meds without a referral and who takes self pay in the alabama area. Have been to one and all he could give me was 2 loratabs daily. That nowhere helped my pain. Could someone please help me. Can't take much more.

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Eddie Says:

Rehabilitation Physicians of GA in Cumming prescribed me both my soma and dilaudid and continue to do so. They are strictly pain management. I have neuropathy, lumbar and cervical spondylosis and a fusion of C3-C7. They will only prescribe it if you have medical records stating so. Hope this helps. See Dr. Ken.

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Ann Says:

I had a motorcycle accident in 2009. Several surgeries and an ankle fusion. I have developed severe arthritis. The pain is so severe some days I can't stand it. I need help finding a doctor in Gainesville GA that prescribes pain meds.

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Angel Says:

Can you recommend some pain mgmt doctors in Acworth or Kennesaw, GA that prescribe oxycodone for a spine injury? I've been in extreme pain now for 6 months.

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Re: Eddie (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Hey bro... I hope this finds you, coping with your physical issues ok. My name is Christopher... with a fusion akin to yours aforementioned... C-2 thru C-6... From a MVA in 2003... coma and on a ventilator/life-support for 11 days... blood transfusion totaling 4.5 pints with fresh frozen plasma in a final attempt to stop my hemorrhaging, mainly from my lacerated liver... when all of of my ribs were broken and driven into my liver, cutting the femoral artery and my clotting factors were totally off... 7 1/2 hours of plastic surgery on my face. NUMEROUS SURGICAL PROCEDURES... Franks team .THE BEST DAMN TRAUMA TEAM EVER TO GRACE THE HALLWAYS OF MEMORIAL HEALTH UNIVERSITY IN SAVANNAH GEORGIA !!


Ok... plz forgive me if I forgot someone. You know what you mean to me always. Thank you ALL for ALL YOU CONTINUE TO DO DAILY!! I close with my love, respect, admiration, humble curiosity, and gratefulness for saving my life 1/03/2003. FOREVER IN YOUR DEBT ... ALL OF YOU aforementioned.

Sleep well

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