I Need Suboxone To Show Up On My Drug Screen..

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Caro Says:
I have been taking blue Xanax for the past couple of days and my Suboxone Dr, who I am scheduled to see on Friday, does regular drug screens to make sure that only Suboxone is in my system. I've gotten one of my friend's urine to use on Friday. Only problem is, they don't take Suboxone! Can I sprinkle some crushed up Suboxone in their clean urine to show up that I'm clean besides Suboxone? If I just use the clean urine, he will know that it's a hoax because I've been testing clean but with Suboxone and there's no way I can go without taking it. But I can't just pee my own pee, because I was made to sign a form when I started treatment with him that states that an individual who tests dirty for Benzodiazepines SPECIFICALLY will be booted out of his clinic and cancelled as a patient. So, can't I just crush up a little Suboxone and put it in the clean urine or will that not work? Help!

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randy lahey Says:
Why dont you just tell the truth. If your serious about staying on suboxone your chances are better if you just tell the truth. Docs knw that addicts relapse. They don't appreciate liars and fakes though.

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Verwon Says:
I have to agree and YES, they are going to be able to tell the difference, because what you're talking about doing it putting the raw drug into the urine and they WILL be able to tell.

The chemical properties are not the same after it has been processed through your body.

If you're taking other medications when you aren't supposed to be, then it sounds like you still have a problem and need your doctor's help more than ever.

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Kate Says:
See, you don't want to be clean. Save the drugs for someone who really wants to get their life together.

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ruthann Says:
If you aren't willing to do the program right, meaning NO benzos or other opiates and you aren't willing to fess up to what you have done, then you obviously aren't really ready for recovery and you are just wasting time and money. Not to mention giving all of those who actually ARE trying to use suboxone and other forms of Opiate Replacement Therapy methods a bad name. It is actions like this that have other ppl badmouthing the ones who are legit and trying to do the programs right so PLEASE, for your own sake and other recovering addicts, either do the program right or get off!

Also, they will not only be looking for the presence of suboxone in your urine but they will also be looking for the metabolites showing your body processed the suboxone. Therefore putting some of the drug in the urine isn't going to take care of it and they will know you faked it anyhow. It would be much better if you just fess up and be up front with the doc.

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kimmie Says:
I think you need to be honest with yourself . Do you really want to be clean ? I started Suboxone 5 days ago. I am required to attend 2 group and 1 individual session per week. I see many patients who want to join the program but the Drs are allowed to prescribe only to a limited number of people , so people who want to fake a ua really need to step aside and let someone who wants to be clean take their place.

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Bailey Says:
Yes, you can sprinkle suboxon in your pee if no one watches you....

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candy Says:
i was just woundering myself the same thing, i have been trying to find the right answer,i am in the same situation as you are. Don't listen to these fool's on here, they don't know nothing, so they need to go preach else where. It just makes me very angry when people talk that way. They should have tried to help you & tried to encourage you to get help not talk junk. So please people if you can't say nothing nice then shut your mouth! Let me know if you find any answers to the problem thanks

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JackieD28 Says:
yes you can do that and they wont know the difference... i have done it a couple times already.. all these people who are saying they are going to know are dead wrong... obviously they know nothing about the drug and how it shows up in your system. all you need to put in it is a small amount.. a few crumbs

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k Says:
there is no drug test for suboxone they cant monitor if u really took it because they have no test that shows it its a opiate blocker its not a narcotic i went to court had a urine taken and they test for everything i did not want the suboxone to show my doctor told me it wont becuase no such test exists

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brad l Says:
The doctor that you go to for your suboxone treatment DOES test for suboxone. I am rather close with the lady who does the drug screens and i watched her do mine. they use the typical 4 to 9 panel test, then take a drop of your urine and use it for a seperate test strip that is detects suboxone.

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Verwon Says:
For anyone that is still debating this issue, you can read the monograph on the drug yourself here:


And you will clearly see that IT IS an opiate/narcotic.

It is a synthetic one, but nonethless, it is still in that drug class.

That means, that it can, indeed, be tested for and will show up on those tests!

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honeydew Says:
I'm in the same situation and the answers on here are unclear, I have been being honest with my doctor, I'm taking the benzos because he is lowering my dose after me saying I'm not ready and I'm a hard worker that cannot be running to the rest room every ten minutes because of withdrawl symtoms.... so I have to know wheter or not I can put powdered suboxone into the clean urine I have?

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Verwon Says:
Honeydew, no, it will not work!

There is a difference between the actual Suboxone and what it is metabolized into, after it processes through your body. They would be able to tell that you had not actually taken it, but had tried to fake it.

Changes are made to substances as they pass through our digestive tracks and through out bodies, then into our urine or blood streams, they do not retain the exact same properties as the beginning substance.

I hope I have made this easy to understand.


Are there any other questions?

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dottie Says:
does benzos showup in a drug scren for suboxone? for the last year it has and i havn't take zanax, bt it still shows up benzos why?

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Undertheradar Says:
Hey, Bailey and Jackie, you said you could sprinkle suboxone crumbs into clean urine and it would show up positve for suboxone on the test.... which I need it to. So in other words, are you sure the suboxone doesn't have to be ingested, metabolized and then peed out to come across positive on the screen? Have you done it, and does it work for sure? Thanks

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Undertheradar Says:
Again, can anybody tell me wether or not some suboxone powder can be added directly to pee and work in coming out positive on the urine screen? Who has done this? Who can tell me 100% that they have done this and it works?

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Pat Says:
Hi to the OP..I have been in your shoes B4 so I know what you are going through. Mostly what I have read are people who are judging you and that is wrong. You asked a question that deserves to be answered as best anyone who isn't a doctor can. So let me try. I don't know what State you live in, but where I live a doctor can't tell you that you will be kicked out of the program for taking benzos, however, if you don't have a prescription, the doctor may give you several warnings because mixing suboxone and xanax can be dangerous. If you have a prescription, just have your doctor call the program doctor telling him that you have a legitimate need, and there is nothing he can do. As for putting some suboxone in your urine, it won't work. Whatever you do, don't be hard on yourself for not being clean,it took me many years to finally do what I had to do to get off of heroin and every other opiate. I tried Suboxone when it was still a study in 2000 and unfortunatly my body couldn't handle it. I started using at age 14 and after numerous rehabs, detoxes 12 step meetings, I realized abstinance doesn't work for me. I have been on methadone maintenace since Jan 2001 and free from heroin since July 2002.. What works for others may not work for you. I would try and advise you to try everything to get clean B4 you get on methadone maintenance because it isn't a medication to be taken lightly. I was on numerous methadone detoxes, but my first and only maintenance was not until I was 46 years old. I wish you luck friend...Opiate addiction is another monster all in its own. I suffered from PAWS for years because I thought all I had was depression..PAWS Post acute Withdrawls, usually pass for most people after a few months, for me they lasted years and I tried to end my life because my doctors wouldn't treat me or take me seriously.I almost had to die to get the help I needed. and I never want anyone to have to suffer from that, and that is why I tell my story...To the people who are judging the OP, if you are an addict, try to remember what it was like for you, and if you are just being nasty because you think addiction is a choice, educate yourselves..Addiction is a fatal but treatable diease and there is no right or wrong program..Whatever works.....


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Paul Says:
Most of you people are not too smart. Yes there is a difference between crushed up suboxone in urine and suboxone that has been metabolized by your body. But the suboxone tests do not test for these differences; just the + for suboxone. But i do not reccomend faking a u.a., lying to ur dr, or taking xanax that isn't prescribed to you. But I also know how life is and how addiction works, so I wish you the best of luck. The best thing to do is to be honest

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Sarah Says:
Hi, my name is Sarah. I want to reply to several of the comments above. For those of you who said there is no test for suboxone, you are wrong. The reason I say this is because I worked for a pain clinic and I was the lab tech in which performed the urine drug screens and one of the tests on our lab reqs was for suboxone. As for the comments of the pill having to be processed and metabolized, well, yes and no. Most clinics that perform drug tests do your typical tests which basically just come back with a positive or negative, while some, but few, do a more detailed test. If your clinic performs a drug test and your results are given to you within the same day or during your visit then they are doing a simple negative or positive type drug test. For those of you that go to clinics in which you have to wait more than 24 hours to be given your results then odds are, yes, they are doing a detailed test in which can provide alot of detailed information. These type of tests can tell the exact medications in your system, the amount of each medication, and if the medication was taken or crumbled into your urine. What I mean by the exact medication is, lets say you test positive for opiates, well they can go further into detail and find out if the opiate is lortab, percocet, oxycodone, endocet, or any other type of drug that falls under the opiate classification. Once again, I know these things for a fact because I worked for a lab in which performed these detailed drug tests. So basically, if you go to your clinic and recieve your results during your visit then they are performing a simple negative and positive drug test. The same type of test you can purchase at your local pharmacy. As for you judgemental, no good, snobby, and close minded a**holes, you can kiss Caro's a**. I myself am currently suffering from addiction and take suboxone. Unless you have ever experienced addiction then you have no right to judge anyone going through this struggle. Not only is addiction withdrawals a mental issue but they are also physical. Furthermore, you should be ashamed for even speaking to someone in such a disgusting and hateful manner who is reaching out for help. If what they say bothers you, then take that little thing to the right of your computer called a mouse, move it to the top of your webpage, and go to another website. Its pretty easy. I promise. To the rest of you, I wish you well in your journey to a better and sober life. I know what your going through. God Bless and good luck to all. Oh yeah, about the xanax, a suboxone clinic can discharge you if you test positive for benzos. Some will discharge you after the first time while others give their patients more than one chance. Its basically based on their policy and whatever is in the contract in which you sign with your clinic of choice. One of the main reasons is because mixing xanax with suboxone can be very dangerous and even lead to death. I have not completely researched the mixture, but I am 100% sure that mixing the two can be very dangerous, which is why they do not tolerate positive results for benzodiazepines. I myself am guilty of mixing the two together. I do not do it to get high. I am just a very high strung and stressed individual and xanax is the only thing that relaxes me, but I am very careful with how I take them when taking suboxone. You can not judge someone for something you have never experienced and if you have experienced this and it was easy for you to stop, then fantastic, but just remember, even though it was easy for you, you were still once an addict, therefore leaving you no room to judge.

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