I Moved To Bergen County,nj, Glen Rock To Be Exact After Being On Oxycontin For A Year. I Had Back Surgery And Can't Find Anyone To Prescribe This. An

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I moved from chicago after 2 major back surgeries to bergen county,nj. I cannot find ANY DOCTOR who prescribes this and terrified of going cold turkey!

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Bill Says:

New oxycontin got stuck in the back of my throat. I drank water many times and hot milk. Still stuck. What do I do?

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kc Says:

I need a good pain management doctor in new jersey or new york who is not afraid to prescribe narcotics. I just moved here after a botched back surgery and have been taking narcotics for the past year. I would travel to new york, at this point im just afraid of ending up cold turkey.

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deelarry Says:

When I was visiting my sister in New Jersey, I threw out my back and panicked because I didn't know what to do! Then she told me about pain management new jersey and I was saved. If it wasn’t for them I would've had a terrible time at my sisters. I couldn’t recommend them more!

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Darryl Says:

Oxycontin if its stuck in your throat. How about trying to take it the right way. Im not being a smart ass but if you swallow the pill whole and it gets stuck its the same as an aspirin getting stuck. If the new Oxycontin (OP) is getting stuck you must be chewing these which turn to little gel balls.

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GuCCi Says:

Try Dr Tikoo in North bergen nj 201-869-2707 I think or Dr Nagendra in Clifton or Dr Sanjiv Parikh in Rutherford and Clifton..Dr Monica Mehta in jersey city they're all guaranteed drs who'll actually help u..

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JAM Says:

I have been on MS-Contin for over 10 years because of severe advance DDD and spinal canal and foraminal stenosis at L1 - L5 levels. I just moved to Minneapolis MN and looking for a doctor who will help.

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Robert Says:

Wow, reading these posts I'm just going to count my blessings. My doctor is not a Dr. Feelgood, so don't get that impression. I have legitimate back pain, slipped disks, curvature of the spine, and while I'd like to ask for Oxy, I'm pretty okay knowing I get my Vicodin 10's every month.

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sharonleeOG Says:

try some biotene oral rinse. it is not expensive. it moisturizes you mouth and possibly your throat if you gargle that far back. the biotene moisturizes your mouth, gums, throat so that you can swallow easier

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Kevin Says:

Do you know of any other cash visit docs in the area?
I just lost my benefits with my union and now I need a pain mangement doc who takes cash :( I called two of those you mentioned and it said no new patients.

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