I Know Fentanyl Is Supposed To Be Stronger Than Morphine However It Does Not Control My Severe Back Pain As Well

Sis Says:

I know Fentanyl is supposed to be stronger than Morphine however it does not help me nearly as much! I wish so bad that I could go back to MS Contin TR 100 mg three times a day with Morphine Instant 30 my PRN for break through pain. That worked so much better than Dilaudid or Fentanyl to me but I had to change doctors and now I can't get what works best! This leaves me in bed 90 % of the time! This SUCKS!!! This is not what I became a RN to do!!!

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Sis! How are you? I'm very sorry that you're in pain.

Not every medications works well for everyone that tries it, regardless of how strong they are and your doctor should be aware of that. According to the NIH, it's normal to sometimes have someone that has to try several, before finding one that works best or having to switch back to a prior one that worked better.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

The only thing you can really do is inform your doctor of the problem and, if they won't listen, you might have to switch doctors, again.

Why were you taken off the Morphine, if it was working?

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PainSux Says:

Sorry u r in pain...and it's worse when u were on a system that seemed to work for u..just wondering y u were switched? And if now that u have had time on these meds and they don't work as well. Can u explain that to your new Doc? I am wondering y they changed u..and y they wouldn't wrk with u for better results for you? Well best of luck I hope u can explain this issue to them. If u have had a change let us kno...thx

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jay Says:

Dear RN...I'm an LPN. Fentanyl is NOT stronger than Morphine. It is more POTENT that means a smaller dose of Fentanyl 25mcg is =to (about) 300mg's of MS in a 24 hour period. You'r on a lot of pain medicine. I f Fentanyl does not help there's not much more out there. Have you tried a pump????

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PainSux Says:

Fentanyl kinda has a weird effect on me...maybe it does same to you..with me it doesn't feel like it's working while I'm on It...I'm on 150mcgs and Oxy 30s for breakthru..but it's when I go past my time on the fent patches where it's outa my body where I can really tell not having it there is definitely where I'm in more pain without it. So it works for me it just slowly works to where at the levels we r at u just don't notice maybe? Unless it just isn't for u and maybe u could go back to what was working? Best of luck to ya..update if u can..I know it's really hard when all u feel is pain..nothing is worse to hurt ALL the time..People don't understand what it does to u to constantly be in and struggle with pain..being on a good regimen that wrks a good as possible is the best best for me anyways..or else it's just miserable..we all need to be able to live a little..and even not ever at 100% but at least be able to have some kind of life where we can do what we need to do..Best of luck..Take care..

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jay Says:

I've been on 100MCGof Fentanyl for 6 years to treat back pain. Ask your Dr. if you can change the patch every two days instead of three.

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Caligirl Says:

I have been on fentanyl 100mcg every 48 hours for 15 years. It has been a miracle relief for me. I take 20mgs oxycodone 3 times a day for breakthrough pain. I switched to oxy's a couple of years ago. I was on Msir for 13 years and it didnt work for breakthrough pain at all ! Just lost my pain clinic dr after 13 years.... Not anything I did just trouble with clinic and DEA in Atlanta! People like me... 68 years old.. Need this medication...

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Lilbit Says:

TY for your post. I have neuropathy and sciatica along with CRPS and Fibromyalgia. I used to get fentora for breakthrough pain as I take dilaudid 8mg 4x daily. It lessens the pain, but doesn't work as well or as long. My insurance will not cover the extended release oxy's. So my quality of life sucks. I also get cortisone shots and epidurals in my back at my sciatica. Now if I change doc's I am screwed, because the new CDC recommendation is for doctors to first prescribe OTC's. Obviously, that is what I started with and couldn't get off the couch or out of bed.

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cucupuffs Says:

Currently Sufentanil, (approximately 500 times the efficacy of morphine per weight) is the maximum strength fentanyl analog for use in humans.

Source: Sufentanil Details

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wade Says:

I agree, people that use opiates just for feeling high dont realize even though morphine is weaker than hydrocodone per pill it has a much much longer effect on pain so you really dont need near as much as synthetic narcotics like percs hydros and so on. I truelly believe the goverment makes so much off pharmasutical companies they would rather make our pain killers in labs, cause growing fields of poppy plants is more costly, time consuming and in their eyes pointless. Everyone needs to know synthetc pain killers are more addictive, cause you gotta take more as your tolerance rises. Morphine and most non sythetic pain killers metabolize slower in your body, therefore it controls pain longer and you dont need 10 a day. I'm no doctor but i battled opiate addiction since i was 21. I'm 38. I use to take 20 perc 10s a day. I could take 60 mill of morphine in the morning and the whole day i was fine and i swallowed them, never abused any. For 5 years ive been clean. I hurt everyday in my back but it's better then living in a prison with bars of pills instead of steel. But i know alot of folks cant live without them cause the pain. In my eyes you should be able to get what you want as long as it's reasonable, but they would rather you go to a methadone clinic cause its ok for our goverment to crack down on doctors so they have to cutt people off what they need and put a methodone clinic on every city corner. The goverment has made one of the most lethal narcotics avaliable to anyone, I've never reserched it but i bet methadone has killed more people in the past 15 years than any other illegal narcotic. In the end it's all a money racket and we're just here getting by the best we can.

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Jo Says:

Ms continue is a better medicine an doesn't get absorbed through the skin, also through the day you can take msir which is morphine sulfate immediate relief, where it only takes 30 min until the meds take effect . Those you only take as needed usually every 6 hours. The idea of pain meds is never wait until the pain is too bad before taking or it won't work, when you begin to feel uncomfortable then you should take it. Hopefully you can get off the patches.

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lu Says:

I go to pain clinic i went 2 weeks ago and dr told me i had 50 mg if fentenyl in my uruin and. Wants me back in 2 weeks how ling dies it taje fir it ti be oht if your system

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Harley Says:

First off its great to find people in the same position as me. I've been suffering from chronic back pain for 11 years now and have been on so many different things to find something that will if not get rid the pain for awhile at least dull it down. I'm 28 now and being in chronic pain these last 11 years is driving me crazy and affecting everything in my life from work to my kids to my wife. They have me on 20 mgs of suboxone a day which does nothing but stop the withdrawals; before that it was 100mgs of morphine which helped a little at the very start then nothing. Then zopiclone for sleep and quitiapien for anxiety. AND as I've had trouble with drugs and alcohol in the past (clean two years and even take blood work fortnightly to show them) they won't up my doses. And are saying there's not much more they can do unless I want to go on methadone for pain relief. It turns out I have L4/5 adjacent segment disease, I have a right paracentral disc bulge at L2/3. Severe foraminal stenosis at L5 and S1 and moderate right foraminal stenosis at L4/5. Last but not least disc disease at L3/4 and L4/5. I'm in horrible pain constantly, I'm fit and active I look after my core, do my stretches and it still seems to be getting worse. And on top of it all wicked insomnia.

Is there anyone out there with a similar condition or going through what I am or something like it that can give me some advice to alleviate the pain, the doctors in New Zealand are useless, and I'm really getting to my wits end, it's just driving me crazy. Sorry for the long rant I just haven't been able to get in to see the orthopedic doc for last 6 months and its gunna be at least another 5 before I can get an appt. with northland orthopedic. So please just any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read. Peace, love and happiness.

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Allan C Says:

Fentanyl is an anesthetic not a pain reliever it's dangerous and all you want is more and more morphine works much better I was on proxy Fentanyl and everything else I settled on 30 mg morphine 5 day sometimes 4 I also take 800 mg Gabapentin four times a day works great I'm missing 9 vertebrae and all the nerves and squashed

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Well. First hydrocodone like all opium once taken, metabolizes into very different things. Hydro turns into norhydrocodone, hydromorphone, and a few other things. A lot of other meds metabolize into morphine. As for fentanyl being strong it is not. Like the other poster said. Yes mg to mg but that's not how it works. Fentanyl as good as it is, has a large sedative factor as well. Why do you think it's the go to bed post op treatment, so as to also sedate the patient. Now if you get into su or reme
Fentanyl or one of the dozen plus derivatives, that's a different beast. But so is dilaudid...

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TIM Says:

Now, the recommended highest morphine dosing is 100mg Morphine equivalent per day. You were taking 3 times that with your extended release and more with your breakthrough. It is unlikely any physician will accept the risk and put you back on such a high dose. You need to learn strategies to manage your pain instead of massive doses of opioids.

Dr. Tim Sams

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