I Have Y 21 2 Mg Xanax Bars But Scores Aren't All Matched Up

Anxietyqueen Says:

Okay so I got a bottle of alprazolam 2mg bars they have a Y side and a 2 1 on the back I've never actually went through all my pills and looked at the scoring and put them side-to-side and flip them over to the back however some I had broken in half and needed to match them up when I did this I noticed that when I flip the pillow over some of the pills we're upside down meaning some pills had a y upwards and some had a y downwards is that normal when you're making a pill in a pharmacy for that to happen I had taken one pill today before I realized and now I'm scared

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VanillaGorilla Says:

I got a prescription and I have the same thing. But they are from the pharmacy so I guess they did it in lad for some odd reason.

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EDDY Says:

Gotta love Pill Aurobindo Pharma Limited out of India. There isn't anything they make that says quality inside.

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