I Get 90 10mg Oxycodone From My Doctor Each Month - I Want To Know What Minimum He Can Give Me Per Month

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I want to know why my dr. will only prescribe me 90 pills of 10mg oxycodone for a month yet know people that get up towards 120 a month. Because by the end of my month I have to live in pain for a week and a half before I can drive to his office wait in the waiting room and finally be see, just to get the same 90, which aren't enough.

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Verwon Says:

Actually, your doctor is not obligated to give you any of them, ever.

90 pills a month would be 3 a day and that is the normal dosing for pain. How many does your prescription tell you to use?

Have you told the doctor that this dosage is not handling your pain?

Have you considered a different doctor or perhaps pain management?

Oxycodone is a very potent narcotic analgesic.

Side effects can include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation.

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rover Says:

that did'nt answer my question at all, but thanx anyway.

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Verwon Says:

I am sorry, but yes, it did. Your doctor does not have to give you any, this means there is no minimum or maximum amount, at all.

As to why he doesn't want to prescribe more, he is probably worried about addiction, abuse or diversion. He can be held accountable if this happens and he has to account for every prescription he writes, for controlled substances, to the government.

If your doctor is not providing proper pain control and is not listening to you that you need more or a higher dosage, your only recourse is to find a different doctor. They cannot be forced to give you more medications or higher dosages of them!

I am very sorry if this upsets you, but it is the truth!

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Jan Says:

Rover, Verwon is right. I am a chronic pain patient of 21 years. Unfortunately I'm on a very high dosage of narcotic for Fibro/CHFBack pain. The Patient Bill of Rights states that a doctor CAN refuse to treat your pain, but he/she MUST refer you to another doctor or pain management specialist to be treated. However, if you've not talked with your doctor about the dosage not being enough, he /she wouldn't know. I recently started with a new (Internal Medicine) doctor just knowing I wouldn't have any problem. I assumed, incorrectly, that he'd just go along with what med I was already using. NOT! At the first visit he explained he didn't feel comfortable giving me this high dosage, and would ONLY write me an Rx as per the PDR recommendations. My former doctor had been prescribing me 9 tabs of this narcotic every 24 hours. The new doctor would only prescribe me only 6 tabs per 24 hours! So, I was put in the position of having to titrate down when I really wasn't mentally prepared to do so. And he offered me no instructions on HOW to come down without going into withdrawal. I understand there are new meds to help one thro those withdrawal stages. I actually DO want to get down or off this narcotic, but I wasn't prepared to do it ASAP!. I have an appointment with a pain management specialist in 2 weeks. I'm anxious to try to get off this narcotic and, if needed, on a safer non-narcotic type med, since I am facing major oral surgery...total extract of all my teeth, and yesterday my ortho doctor said I MUST have back surgery ASAP, or I could lose my ability to walk. But, neither the oral surgeon or the ortho doc felt comfortable giving me anything other than the routine narcotic I'm now using for the pain afterward !!!! So, you see, I now have no choice , and must do something quickly.. The thought of going thro either of these surgeries without additional pain med for aftercare, petrifies me. So, altho I will put off the surgeries till after I see the specialist, at least I'm sure he'll get me started of a new med plan, so if I do need extra pain med after the surgeries, I'll have it. But to not have anything other than the usual med for aftercare pain is something even this strong willed person would no doubt be unable to handle. Please set a time to speak with your doctor, and tell him about the med situation. If he/she doesn't feel 'good' about handling your pain levels, and you are not referred to another doctor....ask him/her to refer you to one. Jan

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Verwon Says:

Thank you, Jan!

Tons of great info in your post. I am also very sorry to hear what you are going through.

Although it was due to being misdiagnosed, I spent many years on pain management myself.

I stopped cold turkey, when I realized it was just too much and had completely taken over my life and the withdrawals were miserable. Even though I wasn't abusing them and only used the medications as prescribed, I still went through a month of misery.

While there is that little patients bill of rights thing, that is also not something that is a law that must be followed.

If a doctor does not feel comfortable treating someone or prescribing them pain medications, they do not actually have to do so. That is why pain management doctors and clinics can get away with dismissing people that they think are abusing or diverting their medications. They do not actually have to suggest another doctor or anything.

The patients bill of rights is just a courtesy thing and nothing in the world forces them to actually follow it.

If they don't. there is nothing you can do. The only time you have any recourse is if you can prove your doctor was neglectful or committed malpractice.

Rover, as Jan said, and I mentioned in my first post, your only option is to try to speak with your doctor about the current medication and dosage not properly handling your pain.

Being prescribed 3 pills a day, 90 for a month, is a completely normal dosage.

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legalhelp Says:

Question for anybody? i had some neck surgery 10 years ago and every since have had chronic pain problems. my regular doc was giving me pain meds for all those years and more and more each year. in the end i was taking 12-15 pills a day. then they released me from there practice. do i have any legal recourse on the dr. for giving me such high doses for years ?

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Danny Says:

Yes you can... You will catch fevers and have this very odd feeling and ask for Endocets. They work the best!

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Matthew Says:

I have been under a doctor's care for the past five years. (Workers Comp) I've had ankle surgery, as well lower back surgery. Started off with Hydrocodone 10mg. Then another doctor, which I have to date, switch me to Oxycodone 90 count, 10mg three times a day. Then to Oxycodone 120 count, 15mg, four times a day. Then to Oxycodone 180 count, 15mg, six times a day. Then to Oxycodone 210 count, 15mg seven times a day. I don't know if what I'm feeling, going thru is related from Oxycodone? I have lost my sex drive as of today. Doctor has given me Viagra 100mg back about two years ago to help me get my sex drive back. It help at first, now two years later, No sex drive at all. My wife thinks I'm not happy with her anymore, because of my sex drive. We fight a lot of times because of this. I have lost some of my teeth from the past year or so. I have no energy what so ever, unless I take another Oxycodone 15mg. I have anxiety every day. When the night falls I lay in bed scared out of my wits. I have alot of fear. Thinking something or someone is breaking into our house. Alot of times, I lay in bed feeling my chest getting very tight, breathing feels very hard to do. Pains shooting up and down my leg and arm. Advise the doctor of this, Doctor gives me Buproion, advising me it comes from anxiety. I have ask the doctors many times about testing my organs for anything that be caused from Oxycodone. Have pains in my lower stomach area and cheat area. Doctor advise me to get with my family doctor because of what I'm feeling as of pains in my chest, lower stomach. I'm to the point of I don't care. I don't care to go anywhere, About to lose my family. I feel deep down inside, that my body is in need of extra care and I could die from anything, all because of taking all the medication over the past five years.

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AlwaysInPain Says:

It is people like the ones responding (surely self righteous plutocrats) that have not bothered to see what the creators of these meds found in years of testing. "Duration of action 6 hours....." Do your own research and confront the pious around you that know not the pain you are in. Three a day equals every eight hours. You do the math. Or better yet, go to the Watson website and see the clinical data for yourself. Just because YOU decided to ABUSE your treatment doesn't mean we all do. They will never answer the question possed. just longwind you into feeling helpless. Print off the data from the manufacturers website and ask your doctor to explain how it is suppose to have a longer duration in your case when it does not, and will never, in ANY trial.

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ana Says:

Question.... I am on workers comp and have 2 bulging disc and sciatica in my left leg, I was prescribed in the past a cocktail of strong meds and ended up in hospital havingto swallow charcol. This is why i refuse now to take any meds at all, I am still in a lot of pain. Instead of meds for treatment can I request an orthipedic bed so I can just rest?

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Hannah Says:
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Oh my goodness. It sounds like you have way too much on your plate my friend. PLEASE talk to someone you trust and get some help with this as soon as possible.

I am a physician with a lot of experience treating pain, and all I can say to you is that I am so very sorry that another physician(s) has allowed you to get to this point. I have also had my own experiences with chronic opiate use for medical reasons, so I can speak from experience on many different levels. Opiates are very quickly tolerated with chronic use - requiring the patient to need higher and higher dosages over time in order to have any effect. The dose you are currently on is enormous - and could even kill some people. BUT this is in no way your fault my dear friend.

You need to find some help with this, and you need to find it now. These symptoms you are describing - the lost libido, loss of energy, overall we-being, paranoia and generalized fear of just about everything, etc. all of these things are very common with chronic opiate use. Some may be due to generalized anxiety. I'm not sure if you had issues with anxiety before or any underlying anxiety disorders before you began using the opiates. It's relatively common for persons with no anxiety issues to develop them while taking high opiate dosage chronically. However, opiates will exacerbate any pre-existing anxiety in a huge way.

Please please please realize that EVERYTHING you are experiencing is treatable and that you have done nothing wrong. You are in the same position that unfortunately a lot of people are in with chronic opiate use, and as miserable, scared and alone as you may be feeling right now, just realize that there are resources out there to help you - and you don't necessarily need to be wealthy- and you are definitely not alone.

I am so sorry you are in this place right now and can only imagine how difficult every day must be for you to get through. There ARE alternatives. Please talk to your doctor or to someone else that you trust and get the help that you need. And deserve.

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Me123 Says:
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This medication can cause your heart to race and it can also stop your breathing. If you take sedatives along with it for anxiety there is a higher risk of stopping breathing in your sleep. If your chest tightens that's a sign you need to go to dr ASAP and tell them your symptoms and maybe they can switch your medication. Have you ever woke up in middle if sleeping and start choking, coughing, gasping for air? if you have thats a very scary sign that your body was shutting down. It's also a very hard drug to come off of, I have a friend who has been off of this medication for almost a year and she still doesn't feel right. Good luck and I hope you can get things figured out.

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Barry Says:

oxycodone is probably one of the more addictive prescription drugs out there, I Had similar experiences like the terror at night for no apparent reason and libido problems. Plus it always seemed to wear off really quick and I found myself constantly wanting my next dose. You could try Suboxone. One half of an 8mg pill will relieve all of your oxy withdrawal symptoms and youll have your libido back. one 8mg will hold any opiate user out of withdrawals and help you get your life back.

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Cane0716 Says:
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I also was on excessive opioids for about ten year's.I started out on 80mg oxytocin 4Tid +30mg roxiecodone 30 mg 4 Tid + 2 mg xanax 4Tid and finally 4Somas a day.As of this year the doc's are on strict limits on what they should prescribe.You must go to pain managment once a month now and their even cutting back.I was lucky and had a morphine pump implant which controls leftleg sciatica.Not much for lower back though.It's extremely hard to drop your dose so quickly but can be done.I now take 15 mg oxycodone 3 Tid.I'm still in pain but its tolerable. Believe me if I did it anyone can lower their dose.We don't like it but that's what the law is doing not your doc.Good luck and God bless.

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Sassy Says:

I see where some comments say you are taking a lot now. That's not really accurate. The people I know who go to Pain Management get 120 30 mg roxicodone's a month and 3 80mg Oxycotin's monthly, so just tell your Dr. that you need more, heck your in pain.

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Anjjell Says:

Anyone know a doctor in the Greenville area of SC who will prescribe Oxycodone 30 mg.? I am moving to this area. I have been taking this medication for almost 3 years. It works well for my knees. I can provide my medical records.
I have called numerous doctors and been told I would need to wait 6 months after becoming a patient to be given this medication, even though I have valide medical records.

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jesse Says:
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My pain doctor gives me 5mg of oxycodone three times a day its not helping anymore how can I ask him to up the dosage I have arthritis in my lower back

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matt Says:

I am new to this site.. and have a couple questions.. i Injured my left knee about 4 months ago, had an MRI with all clear results (showing nothing wrong), so I was reffered to physical therapy, and luckily (because I am still experiencing a lot of pain in my knee 3-4 times a week) the therapist told my doc that she believes I have a meniscus tear despite negative MRI Results.

So with that said, my question is I am prescribed 60 10mg OXYCODONE HCL tabs prescribed twice a day..for the past two months. However, they work but only for a couple hours when i need them, and i dont feel they are accurately treating my pain. And I dont want to seem like a junkie or whatever as I am 25y/o and know that these are addictive, so I am not sure how to approach my doctor about this. Im not sure if i should ask for higher dose (such as 15mg), or more pills a month, etc...?

any info would be great.. Thank you!

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FED up Says:
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Great! The FDA should be disbanded. A mythology/agenda.. You, other docs and medical experts have either been sheepled into or scared into. People in real pain are absolutely displaying "drug seeking behavior". Why? Because they are in pain. But oh my the docs are scared (rightfully and shamefully so) by the FDA's enforcer- DEA and DEA # on script. It's our body! Hello- Roe vs Wade. It's not the government's place to be the compassionate enforcer of medical decisions. It sickens me. Crazy thing- schedule drugs became scheduled about 100 years ago (mostly moral and religious). The irony of course is the incredible rise of abuse since the Scheduling Act. I won't even bother with pot.. Crap, the least addictive "illegal" drug is a schedule 1.

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