I Am Trying To Get Off Opiates.

ann Says:

I have been on lortabs for about 10 years,i am going to try an just get off them cold turkey but i have been priscribed 10mg.of methadone to take 1 at night,my question is why cant i stop the lortab an then like day 2 of withdraw take a methadone an then maybe 1 or 2 more times during that week.I havent taken the methadone yet and i dont want to take it ,only a couple times to try an help with the tab withdraws,CAN THIS WORK?

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Verwon Says:

I understand your concern, because the Methadone itself can be highly addictive, so you don't want to just end up trading one medication for another.

However, your doctors concern about stopping cold turkey is due to the fact that you may go into severe withdrawals, which may be very dangerous, even life threatening, in some cases.

Learn more Lortab details here.

Learn more Methadone details here.

And yes, it may work, but I am not an addiction specialist. Your doctor is really the best able to advise you in this case.

I quit Morphine and Oxycodone cold turkey and, while it was miserable for about a month, I did quite well with it, but everyone is different.

Have you talked to your doctor about not wanting to rely on the Methadone?

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tammy Says:

You could have seziers or go in to a comma or even die not trying to scare you but it could happen if you go cold Turkey if i was you i would go to a methadone clinic its not easy but you have to go to the clinic every day to get your dose but its with doctors who know what they are doing and they slowly get you off everything and it works without causing any withdraws or harm to your body

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recon marine 2 Says:

I was on Norco 10s for 5yrs. ex vet. I could not quit. My Dr put me on zubsolv 5.7. The withdraws will kill u. The zubsolv worked great. No withdraws. You can sleep, u can get out of bed and do s***. You have to tell your Dr the truth. You have a problem. I know he will understand. Good luck. semperfi.

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