I Was Prescribed To Take Levipil 500mg Thrice In A Day After Breakfast Lunch Dinner Have Been Taking This Tablet From Sep2010 And Told It For Next 2 Y

Naseer Says:

I was prescribed to take Levipil 500Mg thrice in a day (after breakfast, lunch & dinner). I have been taking this tablet from Sep’2010 and was told to take it for next 2 years (i.e. till Sep’2012). Recently two weeks back I felt faint twice (Seizure/Absence) and went to doctor. He checked all my reports and increased the dosage from Levipil 500 Mg to Levipil 1G (1000 Mg) along with Meaxon Plus (Multi Nutrients tab) & Frisium®10 (Sleeping Pill)

Levipil 1G (1000 Mg) – twice a day (after breakfast & dinner)
Meaxon Plus (Multi Nutrients tab) – one tablet in a day
Frisium®10 (Sleeping Pill) – should be taken before sleeping

I am little worried about the dosage prescribed. The doctor suggested me to continue the above routine of tablets till Sep’2012. Please advice.
I am already facing the side effects (nausea, dizziness, headache, hair loss and anxiety)

Seizure/Absence - when a person faints, but does not have the jerking motions associated with a tonic-clonic seizure. Other people may not know that the person is having a seizure at all. The person may simply freeze in place and pick up where they left off when the seizure is over. The person having the seizure usually does not remember it afterward. This kind of seizure only lasts up to 10 seconds.

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Deepa Says:

i am on Levipil 500 + lamitor 200 in the morning and lepil 750 + lamitor 200 in the evening.
Today at noon i felt a little light headed and tried to recall if i had my pills in the morning.. but wasn't able to remember... so just to be on the safer side i took the morning dose immediately. I would like to know if it would cause any problem if i've already had my pills in the morning?? will it result in drug overdose?

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Haseeb Mohammed Says:

Dear Sir,

i was used below medicine for TEMPORAL LOBE EPILEPSY

1.) Tegrital CR400 - morning, Night
2.) Tegrital 200 ------ afternoon
3.) Levipil 500 ------ morning, Night
4.) Lobazam 10 ------ Night

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Puneet S Saxena Says:

My sister met with Road Traffic Accident on 05.02.2012 leading to DAI, SDH of 3mm which resolved on 06.04.2012. She was GCS-E4M6V4 at time of discharge (01.06.2012). Though tracheostomy was (done on 18.02.2012) removed on May 22 but still the pitch & tone of her voice is Heavy & slurring. Sometimes there are mood-disorders. Writing & eating is with jerky movements & not with precision, it seems she applies lot of force. She is however able to stand & balance for few minutes, Clap; narrate old stories & able to recall pertinent events. She is undergoing physiotherapy regularly & taking 'LEVIPIL' in medication. She is now recovering slowly.

How long do you expect will it it take for her to recover & join services?
Her tears doesn't come when she tries to weep, so shall ophthalmologist be consulted?
What else should be given for speech, balance & writing -skills improvement?
Shall we continue Levipill?
Any other suggestion are also invited?

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gujju Says:

After I met with accident they operated me on head and suggested me to take some pills and got cured
After 1 year one day I lifted heavy items in night I was sleeping my family member noticed me lookin strange and went to doctor shop I was sleeping biting my tounge doctor suggested me levipil 500 at first after few days of check up I went to consult doctor who did operation then that doctor suggested me levipil 1g mor and night and lobazam 10 at night .I'm taking only levipil 500 mor and night is it ok

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vishvesh Says:

what is redusing dose of levipil 500 1pillnight 2pills morning

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