I Was Prescribed Sulfamethoxazole Tmp Ds For A Sinus Infection Week And Half Ago Suppsed To Take It 14 Days On My 9th Day At 6am Wok

jo Says:

I was prescribed sulfamethoxazole tmp ds for a sinus infection and was to take it for 14 days. On my 9th day I woke up at 6 am having terrible muscle soreness and pain for no explainable reason. I couldn't lift my right arm without my bicep and forearm being in awful pain. As the day went on I still experienced pain but it seemed to diminish some. The next morning I woke at the same time and in worse pain. It was excruciating just to move. I tried reaching my doctor but decided to just stop taking the antibiotics. I only had 3 more days. The following day the pain was dull and almost non-exsistant. I had never had such a reaction in my life but I guess it's safe to say I'm allergic to this medication and will never forget it.

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Verwon Says:

That's actually not an allergic reaction, but it can be a possible side effect, though it isn't a very common one.

Have you talked to your doctor, yet?

It would probably be advisable for you to avoid this medication in the future. There are quite a few other posts about people that experienced some of its odder side effects.

Learn more about Bactrim Details

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Christine Says:

This is another known permanent reaction to Cipro & other antibiotics! Happened to me as well, but TG it went away!!!

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Mac411 Says:

Okay so my son was told to take Aleve for muscle pain in his arms and chest area then was prescribed tmp for a infection on his toe now today he has used the bathroom and there was blood in his stool could this possibility be a side affect from both being taken together

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