I Took Half Of A Suboxone Pill Three Days Ago Still Feel Breally Sick Dont Take These Pilss On Regular And Havent Been Addicted To Any Opiates

kindra Says:

How long will the nausea last. I took half a pill of suboxone and rabout an hour later, I threw up and wazs dizzy as hell. I still feel sick and I don't kknow what to do. I don't normally take this kinda pill and bhave never been addicted to opiates

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Verwon Says:

Well Suboxone actually contains 2 active ingredients, Buprenorphine and Suboxone.

That means that there are several possible reasons that this may have happened. One is due to the fact that the Buprenorphine is a very potent narcotic and it can cause the types of things you've described as a side effect, especially if you aren't used to taking it.

Another reason could be due to the Naloxone, it is in this medication to neutralize other opiates and prevent their abuse, while someone is being treated with it, thus if you had any other opiates in your system, when you took it, it can cause withdrawal symptoms.


Have you consulted your doctor?

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mush Says:

Why would you take this med if you know nothing about it? OK enough scolding you, it was either too strong for you to take cause you are not an opoate user or the med had a bad effect on you. If the person gave it to you telling of a high that was wrong to do.

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Terry Says:

You are exhibiting s/s of allergic reaction. I suggest you not take any more and inform MDs of this allergy. Your body is trying to expell toxic substance with the vomiting. i am a RN w/20 years experience

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kindra Says:

@mush -

Well u are right about takin the med without knowledge about it. Really dumb of me. But I was cramping something terrible and my friend didn't have anything else to ease them. So she gave me that. She wouldn't tell me or lead me to take a pill for a high. She said she didn't think I would rect that way cause she normally takes a pill and a half.

And thanks to all of you who answered. I'm so much better. I don't like takin pills never really have. And I def won't take that ever again. Thx

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Heli38 Says:

I took my first opana 20mg recently. I am an opiate addict but i wasn't feeling this really. My stomach hurt so bad and not really feeling good..sick maybe

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Miss Rocket Says:

The reason that you were so sick is because buprenorphine, the medicine in Suboxone is an extremely potent pain medication with a 36 hour half life. This basically means that, for most people, the drug will remain in your system for about 36 hours. Most pain medications, heroin and other opioids have a half life of only a few hours. Because Suboxone is so potent and lasts so long it is mainly used to treat those who are addicted to these types of drug. I was once given two 100 mg Oxy Contin's by a friend who was driving me to the emergency room when I was in extreme pain from a surgery complication. I took one and because I was in pain It worked well without side effects. A week later I decided to take the other one because I had a minor headache and I ended up sick and nauseous for two days so I know how you felt. Hopefully you feel better now but were just sick enough to not want to take drugs drugs that are not prescribed to you ever again. I didn't learn my lesson from my experience and have paid the consequences for not doing so. I would not wish addiction to even my worst enemy! Stck to Advil and Tylenol for pain.

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Heli38 Says:

I have been sober from opiates for 4 months now. I started methadone and it has helped me alot. I was on opiates 7: years. 4 months dont seem like a long time but it is. My body was hurting so bad. With draws is scary and real. I have my life back it feels good not to be chasing the dragon anymore. If i can do it u can too. Stay strong, peace...one love

what i was afraid of. I tried a norco and i got so sick!! U dont want anything after thatsicknes

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Pregabalin Goblin Says:

When a powerful opioid makes you that sick, it is probably putting temporary stress on your liver. Lots of clear fluids and mild foods like saltines and chicken broth should help; plus, you may need an anti-nausea drug such as Zofran (ondansettron), which suppresses vomiting. It's an anti-emetic and is not addictive.

If your sick symptoms continue, please seek help at your local Emergency Department (ED) and be very careful of such drugs in the future.

About your monthly cramps: ask your Gyno for a mild birth-control med because that will help modify your severe cramps and heavy bleeding. I had those, and it turned out I had polycystic ovarian syndrome; I ended up becoming infertile and going into early menopause. Premature ovarian failure, just like my late Mom.

Not to scare you, but you need your Gyno to wake up & pay attention; you need a full exam and meds from your Gyno.

Hormonal treatment can really modify those severe cramps! Then you will not need opioids because the SOURCE of the trouble will be treated! GOOD LUCK, sweetie!

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BlueEyesAL Says:

I'm sorry but if you were an RN you should know something about suboxone, and bupe is the main ingredient in suboxone which is an extremely strong opiate,and for someone who has no tolerance to opiates to take half a suboxone they are clearly sick from way too much opiate for their tolerance. Not to mention, subs have a very long half life and stay on the receptors much longer than other opiates, so if someone takes too much and gets sick,they will stay sick longer than from other opiates. It is NOT an allergic reaction. If you are still practicing nursing then please educate yourself on suboxone because it could save someone's life.

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Casey Says:

Did you just swallow the pill or did you let it dissolve under your tongue AND spit the saliva out

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MAX Says:

Dude if you have any brains you'll leave any opiate or opiate related drug alone. For one it's for opiate dependency and is highly addictive. I've seen people with an opiate habit go threw the same thing your describing. It's no joke and it's not a designer drug, stick to the reefer.

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Seneca Says:

Well if u were never addicted Suboxone will make u really sick and not help u like it does for those who are addicted. Don't take any more and ride it out.

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Jewelz Says:

When you take visteril and just a small piece of sub. Is it ok to eat, I'm feeling really dizzy and nausea or should I lay down?

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