I Take 1 Mg Of Klonopin Per Day Why Does It Not Show Up In My Urine Test?

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wareagle Says:
I take 1.0 mg of klonopin a day and as prescribed and it is not showing up in my urine test. The Doctor that prescribes my medication thinks that I am not taking it. Has anyone ever heard of this and if so what could be the reason for it not showing up in my urine test? The Doctor accused me of not taking my medication he prescribed. Yet offers no reason why it does not show in my urine.

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Brandon Says:
This is COMMON read online and ask your doctor to look also. It OFTEN fails to show in urine tests. You can prove this by buying a cheap over the counter Benzo drug test...go to your doctor's office...take the pill and come back in 2 hours with the kit. Let them watch you pee and run the test themselves. It WILL be negative. You have to specifically test for this particular benzo for it to show up.

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Verwon Says:
We've actually had a lot of similar posts from people with the same types of issues.

Klonopin contains Clonazepam, it is a Benzodiazepine and should, theoretically, show up on any test that is supposed to detect them.

However, the quality of the test, as well as other factors can affect this, such as your activity levels, your fluid intake and etc.

Have you tried asking your doctor for another test?

Or, perhaps as Brandon said, ask them to witness you taking the pill and then do another test in several hours.


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nina Says:
i am having the same problem i dont know wh but both m probation officer and m pschiatrist are getting annoed and think i am selling them, but i take them..sometimes more than i should so it makes absolutely NO sense. im confused. the have done swabs, urines, dips, and a 200 dollar GCMS test...all negative.

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Methabenzocet Says:
same s*** is happening to me, i take 3mgs of klonopin a day and i take ativan also....and I get urine tested every monday at my methadone clinic....and benzos only show up once in a while....but mostly NEVER EVER show up ever...so like u my counseler is wondering why , and if i am taking my medication ....OF COARSE i TAKE MY MEDS LOL im a recovering addict i take whatever im sopossed to take lol... aanyway im struggeling to find a somewhat scientific answer to this , someone on another fourm told me that Klonopin - is a Nitro-benzodiazepine if any1 knows more about this nitro benzo thing please e mail me

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misty ann Says:
yes, I was told by my doctor and counselor that if u r taking a "therapeutic" amount, it will not show up in a regular drug screening. Please tell me how much u had been taking on a regular basis. I am kind of in s similar situation and would like to hear back from u before I call my doctor. I need to hear the amount uv been taking on a daily basis. so that I know what I'm working with. I would seriously appreciate ur help, thanks so much

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JOE Says:

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ashley Says:
im having the same prob. my doctor just called and said i have no conazpam in my system. i take 0.5 2 times daily, i have ptsd and im afriad they think im not taking them. what should i tell my doctor .help anyone, whats the real reason this happens?

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JOE Says:
Hi misty i has not shown up on urine tests when i took 2mb twice per day which is what i take now ,, and i got tested 3 times a week when probation mandated me to take 6 months outpatient group meetings ,, also it did not show up at intake at rikers island in 09 when i had to do a stint , and i does not show up at the done clinic , then these places told me it shows up sometimes ,the clinic right away things im selling them which is false all they have to do is look out the window and see who from the clinic sell pills and im not one of them i got get my daily dose and leave , honestly the place disgusts me i got a late start with opiates at 35 im now 42 and regret everyday takin a hit of that dam H its the dirtyest buisness out there full off cooks trying to scam you punks who tell u give me 10 bucks and i'll get u 2 dimes others take of with your cash expected when your dealing with low level brainless project dealers , there so dumb they stay in the projects and sell if they had brains they would do like all the successfull coke dealers and drive and ansew phone calls but these kids are to lazy they make 25 bucks off a bundle run and buy some weed and snacks and play play station instead of gettin there reup , another reason i quit that crap and got on methadose thats what the clinic gives its a generic methadone so but im told its not as good as the cherry done thats something i would like to know if true or false someone told me 90 mg of cherry done is like the equivlant to 120 mg of methadose this i gotta find out my clinic has the diskets that disolve in the water and ya have to watch some of the employees one b**** shows u the tablets then under the counter she flicks one out of her hand its obvious when by 1 pm your feeling s***ty , she screwed me 3 times and now i dont go to her window i'll telll the person behind me to jump ahead of me till i get the nurses i trust and remember if your having a problem or are getting the run around call oasis complaint board im gonna soon myself thanks , and i guess the klons are not lasting as long as xanax we all know xanax you feel klons i dont feel a thing either if i take 1 / 2 /or 4 . good luck people .

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Methabenzocet Says:
via mobile
Any form of methadone is completely completely te same it's all in our heads... I've been on all of them at different times. Only difference is if ur clinic isn't callabrating the dosing machine n it's dispensing Extra methadone or In some cases with liquid coming out of that tube droplets get stuck inside from the past dose n fall in it cup is common. But mg for mg. exactly the same As biscuits I'm on them now I waz on liquid for years b4 n its all the same

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EricL Says:
i get kolonipin prescribed to me for anxiety and i take them like told 4 0.5mg 4 times a day and i go in for a urine test 1st time they told me it was negitive and i had meijuana in my system so i quit i only smoked it tht one time wit friends then i havnt smoked any at all and the 2nd time they told me my urine wasnt warm enuff and negitive for kolonipin and negitive for marijuana??? wtf is up wit that i take my meds n i pissed in the cup???? so now i think there gonna take me off and i dont kno why bc i take them as suppose to???

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ned Says:
I take 1mg three times a day of xanax, went a took a urine drug test and my dr. sent me a letter, saying that I was not taking it. I have been on xanax for over 10 years. I take alot of other kinds of meds. I was in a really bad car acc.over 15 years ago. Please if anyone know why or what would cause my xanax not to show up, please let me know! thanks

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1only1 Says:
Same problem here, but not really a problem because I don't have to go through the trouble showing a script and all that stuff. I take 1mg usually everyday and sometimes more if I need too. Took 3 drug test already and negative everytime.

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lucifer Says:
I have been on Methadone for 12 years. I have taken 190 mgs. per day and now I take 170 mgs. per day. I find diskets were longer lasting than liquid and I found out the cherry is stronger than methadose.

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Mary Says:
you are kidding i hope

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Kay Says:
I've been on clonazapam 1mg per day for two years. I also am testing negative. My so called doctor done a pop surprise drug test on me and I tested negative. I am also prescribed percocet for my periods. When I was drug tested I tested negative for both drugs.My doctor refused to refill my prescriptions stating that they were really buckling down on doctors who prescribe narcotics and since I (failed by being clean) thats why she was refusing to refill them. I simply said well I am not on my period so why would you find percocet in my system since it is not used for dailey use but for pain only. I told her I have rarely ever missed a dose and i can not explain why it is not showing up. Next I talked to the office manager and they were totally on the doctors side. I said please I have been a patient here for many years and I have never given any one any problems . I ask to see another doctor at the same practice and they said they will not see another patient who has failed their drug test and I said your not listening to me, I took my medicine at bed time last night like I always do but I cant explain but I am willing to come be tested again but I refuse to see this particular doctor because she has a really bad attitute, she is like fifty five and rolls her eyes at you like she is sixteen years old, I want to see someone who is an M.D. and has more knowledge than a P.A. The office manager said no I am sorry and I need to answer this other line. I said ok I will request a medical release form and I will leave this practice and find a real doctor that knows what they are doing. Today I went to Walmart and paid thirty five bucks and tested myself and sure enough it was negative but why wasn't my doctor intelligent enough to google this like I did and find out what a very common problem this is among many people? Wish me luck with my new doctor on monday. This old doctor just was a smart a_ _and just belittled me and made me wonder about my own sanity as she rolled those beady little eyes at me like I was a liar!!!!! Their loss and loss of business. What d a"s. Thanks for letting me vent

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Kevin S Says:
i am on 1mg 2 times a day for anxiety. i have a script for this. i have a drug screen for a job tomorrow. in this job i will be a welder working around heavy equiptment. can they deny me the job if i test positive? the drug is called clonazepam. do i have anything to worry about?

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John Says:
Possibly you might have something to worry about. Not that what your taking is illegal because you have a script but just for the fact that they might deny you because of the nature of the job. Its a liability for them if your taking something that might impair your judgement.

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Kevin S Says:
It doesnt affect me accept when i go to bed because thats when i take it, but of course tell them that. it looks like it doesnt show up on tests most of the time. maybe i shouldnt even say anything unless it does show up.

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lynda Says:
I have heard from a profesional that klonopin is considered a peak aboo drug not like the other benzos, it only shows up in a drug swab if you take it the A./m. of the test.

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Roger Says:
I've been on Methadone for 6 yrs and clonazepam for 10 yrs
When I first stated the Methadone program It was fine, They didnt care That I took 5 0.5 of benzo's a day along with 110mg of methadone now after all this time that want me off the Benzo's or off the program... This is Bull and I can't stop My Clonazepam . I feel this is wrong. I have a Phycologist that precribes the Benzo's to me also knowing the other med I'm on! Now the program is making me see one of there phycologist to out way my other DR.. I'm very confused. Help any way you can...sorry for my spelling . I'm very upset. Also the drug test that don't show the small amout of clonipine Are they just the cheap test strip ones or sent into Lab? Mine are set to lab. Thank you
Is there something I can do. Grandfatherd in or somthing ...I will not stp taking my

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