I Live In Florida And Take Dilaudid - The Pharmacies Say They Are On Backorder - Is That True

Colleen Says:

I used to take oxycodone and oxycontin but they are impossible to fine. I switched to methadone and diladid and am now having trouble finding dilaudid 8 mg. Is there something I can substitute four them. I have severe pain and have been on pain meds for 20 yrs. I do not take more than prescribed or sell my meds. Can you help me please

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Verwon Says:

I really wish I had some idea to help you, but this has been going on all over Florida recently and there has been no definitive answers given as to why, but regardless of what narcotic medication it is, everyone is having problems getting their prescriptions filled.

Learn more Methadone details here.

Learn more Dilaudid details here.

I am so sorry that you are suffering.

The only other suggestion I can really make is to see if maybe your insurance company has a mail order service. Some of them offer one from a preferred pharmacy and several people have used them to get their medications.

I also haven't seen any comments about people having trouble getting the Fentanyl patches, at least not yet, so that may also be an idea to discuss with your doctor. It's a very potent narcotic in a time release skin patch.

Learn more Fentanyl details here.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

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Lynne Says:

This may be silly because I too take Dilaudid and where I am at have had to get 4 mg tablets, they don't like it because it's a large number but there's not much choice. Maybe that would possible be of help? My doctor also suggested, if necessary, prescribing the suppositories until these med shortages are sorted out. Good luck.

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Olive in pain Says:

There is NO shortage of pain medication. What is happening is that the D.E.A. has put a limit on the amount of "Control Substance Medications" a pharmacy can dispense each month. This is WRONG !!! This problem will NOT go away. We have to stand up for our self and stop this. We have to let them know that "We are legitimate Chronic Pain Patients. We are suffering. "The D.E.A. needs to stop putting the limit on the Pain Medications. Write today. To: Cariny Nunez FDA Public Affair Specialist, 8600 N.W. 36th Street, Miami, FL 33166.
Pass this information on. The more letters the better. If you are in a different state. Look up your FDA address at fda.gov

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Thicknpeachy Says:

Possible get your doctor to write for 4mg and take 2

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Nyx Says:

My husband said the only place he could get them filled was mom & pop pharmacies. That they wouldn't accept insurance and charged over $1000 for 90...

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Chris Says:

Get locked up. Easiest way to quit

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Chris Says:

Oh by the way I live in south Fla. There are no adderall, do to, recall.

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Peg Says:

I live outside of Tampa, FL in Manatee County. I was on Dilaudid for 3 years, 30 day supply at a time, and never had a problem filling the script. I use a mom and pop pharmacy that takes my insurance. I'm now on Morphine ER, 30 mg twice a day and Oxymorphone 5mg 3 x a day, and still no problems filling a script. Hope all of you are finding your way through the "system". Easiest thing to do is establish a relationship with a small independent pharmacy that gets to know you. Don't just take your pain pills to them but take all your scripts there. They can order anything for you and pretty much have it the next day if it's not in stock.

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Fed up with Walgreens Says:

Re: Olive in pain (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Yes this is exactly what Walgreens told me. And my response was: So there’s that many ppl taking adderall in this town? If so Walgreens should refuse any new prescription coming in. If they cannot fill their old customers prescriptions due to a limit then why accept more. Take care of the customers u have!?? Didn’t get my adderall in October at all and 5 days late for nov. 5 days late for December. I currently have 3 Rx sitting at Walgreens they are so far behind! Every month it’s a new excuse! Dec. Rx should have been filled on 11th, but oh sorry it will be ready tomorrow, on 12, give Us a hour, 4 hours later, got the insurance lie( refused too soon) Called the insurance and it was never ran. Back to store, oh we will have it ready in morning, on 13th I call and oh sorry it’s on back order .??????? Since when yesterday!! Tf. didn’t get it til 16th this is bs someone is playing with our life!!

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