I Have Been Taking Xanax For 3 Weeks Straight And Now Want To Stop But Am Afraid Of The Seizures What Do

Essy Says:

I am afraid to just stop taking Xanax I have been taking a bar a day for 3 weeks n now I want to stop what do I do? I am afraid of having seizures!!!

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Verwon Says:

Well, to be safe these types of medications are usually tapered slowly to prevent the withdrawal effects and lower the risk of seizures.

Learn more Xanax details here.

What is the dosage of the ones you've been taking?

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drugfeind Says:

I find that sleep is a good indicator that you are not physically addicted so if u can sleep without it you are generally good. Try lifting weights as that helps too. I was a xanax addict taking 40 mgs a day for 2+ years. I was clean for 2 years now i take .5 mg maybe 3 times a week just at night for sleep.

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Suzie Says:

@ drugfeind. Why were you taking 40mg a day(is that really Forty mg)? Did you have an actual problem like Anxiety or Panic Attacks in the beginning or did you just take it to get the High? It is because of "recreational users" and abusers that people who really need these meds have difficulty getting them. I am now having difficulty finding a dr in my area that will prescribe Xanax to me. I took 2mg (that's Two mg) for Anxiety attacks for 5 years without increasing my dose. I weaned myself off & took different herbal supplements as well as using self help books. Now, 2 years later I am having Anxiety attacks that I can no longer control And I can't get a doctor to prescribe Xanax, It's very frustrating to say the least. Because of Abusers doctors think Benzo's are addictive..for me they are not..I take them for a real problem Not to get High.

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MsTweetie Says:

I agree with you Suzie.. 40mgs/day for two plus years is an astronomical amount! And I'd like to know @drugfiend who in the hell was giving it to you? More than one doc? Or illegally. I have been on Valium for about 12 years, now 10mgs three times a day if needed. I take it for anxiety and lower back spasms. I want to switch to Xanax but can't find anyone to prescribe it either. I have a pain mgmt. specialist who gives me meds for pain but he won't give me Xanax. Instead go to psychiatrist, which I have done but will not under any circumstances take ANY antidepressant! I have been on Xanax before, maximum dose 1mg x 4 per day and THAT was a lot! But I did develop a high tolerance and when I decided to come off and detox 23 years ago I was up to nine, 1mg tab per day. Haven't taken any since. Today, however, the 'services' aren't available for a lot of people who need help.

It's because of all the abusers out there who take pain and anti-anxiety meds to get high (or sell to support habit) that docs and FDA are coming down hard affecting those of us who have to live with excruciating pain, anxiety, and all that goes with it, hence not allowing us to have the quality of life I believe EVERYONE should be entitled to.

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Eddy Says:

"i find that sleep is a good indicator that you are not physically addicted so if u can sleep without it you are generally good"

This advice from 'DrugFeind' who claims to have taken 40 mg of Xanax per day for 2 years. 10 times the daily maximum?

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Suzie Says:

@ Essy: 1st and most importantly talk with your doctor. What are you taking the Xanax for and what is the bar dosage. It is very possible to taper down from this med easily without any side affects, contrary to what other ppl have said. I have went on and off of it a few times without any problems. But the med must be tapered slowly.

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Hecthillbill Says:

Take valium 10 mg for a few days and a mild opiate pain killer low doze mind. Then cut yourself down a pill a day then 5 mg for few days 2mg few days then stop that should sort seizures out.

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SusieMyrt Says:

Re: Suzie (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

You are so right. I have taken some form of antianxiety medications for over 40 years. In 2012, I tried to wean myself off.
Then in 2014/15, my symptoms came back, and because of the abusers, I can not get a Rx.

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Eric Says:

Re: Suzie (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Xanax is an extremely addictive drug recreational or for medicinal purposes you may not be the type to take 20 mg in 2 days like i do if I have enough too butbhave you tried a psychiatrist??

Basically that’s the only way your gonna end up on anything more than about 2-3 mgs a day.

Just tell them nothing else has worked for you except Xanax including other benzos.

Xanax and all other benzos or highly addictive and you become dependent on them within a month if not sooner especially if your taking 3+ mgs a day.

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