Hysingla Er 80 Mg Works But Severe Body Cramps!

Surviving Pain Says:

Has anyone experience body cramps from taking Hysingla ER and have you found any ways to suggest to prevent or relieve the cramping? See "my story" below:

I started on Hysingla ER 20 mg and am now up to Hysingla ER 80mg(due to insurance not approving a therapeutic dose to begin with). I normally do not share and am a very private person but because of Hysingla ER being so new I decided maybe my experiences would help someone else. I was in picture perfect health! I worked as an Emergency RN for over 25 years and VERY against narcotics. I was in an auto wreck that left me with severe spinal injuries (cervical and lumbar). I started with tramadol (did nothing) then lower doses of Norco. As time passed the pain worsened and the Norco doses and frequency increased. My life was getting up in the morning hoping I could make it to the kitchen to get a breakfast bar, drink and my meds and sit in a recliner waiting for the Norco to kick in. Once it worked I had a window of about 1 1/2 hours to do something very minimal. (showering was too much exertion-very minimal such as dressing) Then it was back to the chair, rolling in pain, waiting for the next Norco dose. I refused to take the med early-I took it exactly as prescribed. During my "window" sometimes I tried to get out and visit friends with my husband. I spent my time constantly moving, holding myself up by leaning on chairs, picnic tables, etc. I have gone through every dosage of Hysingla ER up to my present dose of 80 mg. It is a strange medication. The lower doses I could estimate the peak times, the higher the dose the peak time was all over the place. With the lower doses I was still taking Norco for the breakthrough pain up to four times a day. It seems the 60 mg was the most erratic. I could not get the timing right and would take Norco for breakthrough pain and was falling asleep on and off and never knowing when. I could be talking to my husband and just fall asleep. (needless to say, I did not go anywhere! or do anything!) I was still taking breakthrough meds 3 times a day. I was hesitant but willing to try the 80 mg because I should have been started at a dose of 40-60 mg. (I was taking Norco 10 every 4 hours prior to Hysingla ER) I have been on Hysingla 80 mg for 3 weeks now. WOW!! What a difference! I have found the best timing for me is to take it at night approximately 9-10pm. I wake up and feel "normal". I can shower, do my hair, put on makeup, dress, fix breakfast, straighten the house a little, drive short distances, visit with family and friends! It is the best I have felt in 4 years. I still find that I take one Norco for breakthrough between 3:00-8:00pm. There are downfalls. I am fortunate most of the narcotic side effects I do not get. I do not get sleepy with this dosage. Occasional mild nausea. But a couple side effects I have experienced with all doses is decrease urine amounts (I compensate by drinking alot of liquids) and muscle cramps. The muscle cramps with the 80 mg have been twice, once mild and last night severe. These are not normal muscle cramps-it is like every muscle in your body cramps from your neck to your toes. You cannot sit still. It is miserable. I tried muscle relaxers with only 1-2 hour relief. As wonderful as I have felt, the cramps were so bad it would make me quit taking Hysingla. The cramps are not like a "charlie horse". The only way I know to describe it is like a constant nagging cramp all over your body with a feeling like restless leg syndrome. Nothing helps, you cannot sit still and feel like you are going to go crazy! I told my husband nausea and vomiting for 2 solid hours would have been much more pleasant. I hope this passes as I am thrilled to have part of my life back. The other major draw back is the price. I am excellent insurance and still pay almost $300/month. We cannot afford it and am working with insurance but so far they have denied paying any more but I can appeal. IF the cramps stop, my husband said we will find a way to pay for it no matter what because the significant difference it has made in my life. As to other narcotics I have not taken them. My insurance suggested oxycodone (percocet), hydromorphone (dilaudid), Morphine and extended Morphine (MS Contin), and even stronger, more addictive narcotics. I really do not want to move up past the hydrocodone family. I feel it is the lesser of all of the narcotics and I still have my own personal issues about not wanting to take narcotics but my doctor asked me would I rather be in pain and have no life? I am very informed about the addictive qualities of narcotics and side effects but then again quality of life is important too. I hope this has helped someone one out there and if anyone has been on Hysingla ER and experienced this horrible cramping, please let me know what you did to alleviate it. This is the best I have felt in years and feel as if I have a life. As to everyone else, good luck and don't give up!

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KAY Says:

Yes, I started on Hysingla 60mg I had allready had Plans to go Christmas Shopping with My Sister in Law before I left I noticed My legs were Killing me so I took 2 extra Strength Tylenol to stop the Pain...I did not want to tell My sister in Law to be so I went Shopping..While in the Store all I could do was PRAY! I ran to the Pain Section and bough Pain Patches, Rub Pain Cream,Excedrin thinking that would be different... I did not know where she was in the Store in Walmart so I rushed outside the door was Locked so I literally seat on the side walk holding back the tears....I felt like I literally was Having a Anxiety attack ...When the Hysingla started to wear off I was having the Worse Sweats I ever Had in my life....DEAR LORD THIS MEDICINE CAUSED ME MORE PAIN!!

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Kelly Says:

Wow! I so know what you mean about the all over body cramping! I have periodic limb movement disorder already and I had finally got it under control when I started hysingla. Now after a week of starting it I am miserable with the tingly, electric feelings throughout my body... I was worried that I was crazy to connect it to hysingla but, sadly, I see others have noticed this side effect as well. It is enough for me to stop this med; it helps with chronic pain but these side effects, although they may sound minuscule, are maddening! I hope things work out for you!

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me Says:

Wal-Mart sells hylands leg cramp medicine for day and night. The nighttime formula has proven best for me.

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Darla Says:

Just found this site. To help everyone with paying, there is a discount card u can get on HySingla website. Sign up for it, it's free! Your copy will not be over 25.-125. First one 0. For one year! Pray u r better. Note: Be careful if on Crestor. Can cause bad cramping too. Sometimes MEDs outweighs side effects, but cramps sound rough. Have u tried Quinine daily yet? It's in Tonic soda/water. My sister has bad hips and cramps, she says it really works. Look it up. I had Levaquin antibiotic once, caused severe knee pain. On some people it can cause shoulder/joint to rupture. Will never take it again. Make sure U R not having a bad reaction to Any meds. With some side effects MEDs should be stopped. Wishing u to be pain free.

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Ruth Says:

I just started Hysingla 40mg ER about 3 months ago, my doctor also has me on Percocet 7.5 mg those 2 together have made such a difference in my pain, I have sever back, hip,and neck and shoulder pain, I still can't do the things I use to do, but I'm doing more than what I could before the doctor put me on these medicine's, at least now I can play with my Grandbaby, and we actually have fun now!!!! These have made a great difference in my life!!!!

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Elam Says:

Glad to hear your positive feedback on the Hysingla, I just started 20 mg today, replacing the MS contin 15 mg x2. I'm really hoping that this med will be effective. It's refreshing to read a positive comment rather than all the negatives

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Diane Says:

Re: Elam (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Hello, I started hysingla 80 mg close to 3wks ago. I started getting cramps in both my upper legs,but it would always go away a get an he or 2. But last night I started cramping in both legs upper @ bottoms,feet,both arms & hands. Hands and feet tingle real bad. I've got mixed connective tissue disease & waiting on getting a spine implant stimulates. Any one how long do these severe cramps hurt? Mine started at 8: 30 last night and now it's 1:00 the next afternoon and I feel like I'm absolutely going nuts because of hurting so bad. I've been to the ER got shots & didn't face me. Been waiting 2 + hrs for my pain Dr. to call. Cant stand to have clothes on ,sweating plus freezing. Need some advise on how to get it to stop.

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Elam Says:

Kay, Kelly & Diane,

Wow! I'm so sorry to hear about the leg cramps/pain! That's terrible! I just went up to 30 mg last week, but after reading about the misery ya'll are experiencing I don't know if I should go any higher on the dose. I was on 15 mg morphine x2 a day, and my doc switched me to the Hysingla to see if that would help. I take 15 mg of Oxycodone for breakthrough as needed, and I'm ok with that. I hope ya'll have found some relief!

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Smoker Says:

Yes I have and I'm on Hysingla 60mg + Norco 10/325 4xs a day. And I'm still in massive pain. All I can say that helps me is consuming marijuana at night. Until they find something that will help with those bad cramps...

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Kaydollasign Says:

Re: KAY (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Same here. I was on 10 mg. of Methadone a day plus 3 to 4 Hydrocodone 10/325 a day. I told my doctor the methadone did nothing for my pain and for several years would not switch. Now suddenly they don't want any patients on methadone which was fine by me. I was switched to this 20 mg. Hysingla and it does nothing for my pain it actually makes my legs ache so bad I can't stand it!!! Also I have urinate a LOT and sometimes hardly any comes out. I do not trust this medication at all. The only time my legs ache is when I take this crap! I stopped taking it but then had to start again because I don't have anymore Hydro 10's. I am an older person with Spondlolthesis, stenosis, arthritis, scoliosis and a fracture in my back and of course this light dose hardly touches my pain but we're all suffering thanks to the abusers and addicts.

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