Hydroxyzine Hcl Substitute

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Hydroxyzine hcl 25 mg tablets - a substitute for Atarax 25mg. What is this medicine used for and what are the possible side effects?

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Stacie Says:

interested in what this medicine is used for

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JoAnn Says:

It is used to treat, itching, sleeplessness, anxiety & nausea.

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Verwon Says:

This is not a substitute for Atarax, it is the generic version of it, so it is the same thing and is used to treat the same things.

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ally sidle Says:

I have been itching myself for the past week and a half. I started taking hydroxyz today (25MG). It has not yet worked for me. I took it about four hours ago, and no relief from the itching! It's kinda driving me crazy. What should I do? Give it more time? Or wait and see how/if it works after I take another?

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beenthere Says:

My experience is that this is the doctors' go-to prescription because 1) it's notoriously difficult to figure out the CAUSE of general hives / itching, and 2) it often WILL take care of the problem. Suggest you give it no more than a day or so before contacting the doctor's office to report that it's NOT working for you. Be sure to think back to the few days or so before the itching began; these symptoms often begin immediately upon your coming into contact with something, so your history may provide a clue to the cause, which then can be treated. Good Luck.

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andrew Says:

is the pill a cure for the reaction or is it just to stop the it effects for a period of time?

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prettygirl Says:

I received hcl by my dermatologist a while back for rosacia on my face. However, now I have shingles or a rash on my back and it is going away with calamine but still itches. My hcl exp. 7/12/09, will they still work for my back?

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al Says:

i itch in groin area usal at end of day skin appears to be raw

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danielle Says:

i have been taking this pill for anxity i was wondering if this medicine is like a zanex in the benzo family??

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dottie dee Says:

I started itching back in aug of 2012 the doctors said i had scabbie . then they said no i did not have scabbies i had dry skin after four and a half months i change doctors . he said it was my nerves. so he gave me these pills called hydroxyzine hcl . so i got them today 1/3/13. i read another person said theres started itching late in the afternoon. thats when my would strat itching and thats the way scabbies does they wake up at night this is what the enter net said. so be ware we still may have the scabbies

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Sherri Says:

Just wondering what it was used for and side effects?

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jerry Says:

Will Hydroxyzine come up positive for methamphetamine in a U/A? I need to know because my parole officer is not buying it.. please let me know. I take 150mg a day.

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MagdaLena Says:

I cannot remember a time in my life when I did not need hydroxyzine hcl tablets, 25 mg taken q8. Several years ago, it was added to my pain regimen to help with chronic pain. The Rx is written for generic Attarax, which normally is filled with little white tablets. It has happened, however, that for some strange reason, the pharmacist fills that script with small terracotta colored tablets. These, according to my research, are not Attarax, but rather Vistaril. The generic Attarax gives me no negative side effects and works well to boost my pain relief but the generic Vistaril gives me horrible dry mouth and throat and puts me to sleep regardless of the time of day.

My problem now --- my regular drugstore went out of business and another large national chain bought their patient files. I went into the store and spoke directly with the Head Pharmacist on duty and explained that I needed Attarax, and the side effects I get from Vistaril. He walked away from me shaking his head and muttering.

Yes, you may have already guessed. My Rx was filled with Vistaril and I have been in bed with a severe case of Aussie Flu. I have not been out of my house since 3 days before Christmas. It makes me worse, not better.

Now, oh, joy, I get to fight with my health insurance provider to try to get them to fill this correctly. Yuck. And humbug, too.

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Joebop Says:

I took hydroxyzine 10mg and now I am having problems urinating. How long do the effects of hydroxyzine last and how long will it take for my normal urination to return?

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