Hydroxyzine False Positive Drug Test Methadone

oliveoyl Says:

Since being prescribed hydroxyzine I falsely tested positive at my pain clinic for methadone. I also orally take oxycodone, lamictal, xanax, cymbalta, diphenhydramine, zantac, tums, and have an internal pain pump supplying me with dilaudid. Any clue?

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kari Says:

Update....I went back a week later as required and took the same test. Meanwhile th first "positive test" was sent to a lab for further testing. After taking the second test I was in the exam room waiting for the doctor and when he came in it was as if nothing happened. He wrote my script for a month and off I went. I am covinced they are simply bad tests that they recently started using but as a precaution I stopped taking the hydroxyzine.I don't know what kind of tests they are but if this happens to you stand up for yourself. Thanks for reading.

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Jala09 Says:

I know this post is old, but just so you know Zantac/ranitidine can cause a false positive for methamphetamine.

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Nick Says:

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I am taking vistril and I took a drug test and came back clean ..so it vistril will not show up in urine

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his wife Says:

My husband tested positive for methadone and has never touched it before he only had taken tremadol, randitidine, hydroxyzine, and bactram

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