Hydromorphone 8mg Round Scored On One Side With 54 Over 425 On The Other

sunny Says:

I have an alleged 8mg hydromorphone tablet that has 54 on one side with 425 under that and scored on the other side.

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Absorbaloff Says:

Indeed, what you have there is a relatively expensive 8mg instant release hydromorphone hydrochloride, made in US, forgive me but I have forgotten the maker. Not Abbott Dilaudid brand, which are sorta rounded triangular shape with Abbott logo obverse and large '8' reverse. As are the most excellent ones by Covidien, under their Mallinckrodt label, only difference being the logo, a capital M in a square. Have not tried your 54 425 pills but they are reputedly of highest quality. Palladone 2.6mg capsules are the strongest instant hydromorph available where I live and are not often prescribed, Palladone SR 12-hour formulation being preferred, though for some reason that brand (by Purdue/Napp/Mundipharma, who sell more opioids than every other company put together) was banned in the US several years ago, hence they have higher instant strength tablets (rather than caps) than other countries. I must take four capsules per dose to equal my four times daily oxycodone, 16 daily to replace the same analgesia as 4 x Oxynorm caps daily. Both are excellent and highly effective analgesics. I only wish that those 8mg (& 2 and 4mg) instants were available here. Enjoy, one of those is equianalgesic to around 15mg oxycodone or 30mg morphine sulphate, but faster to act. Bioavailability orally is much higher than morphine, only a little lower than oxycodone. You WERE looking for confirmation that those tablets are in fact 8mg HM? I can tell you that yes, they are.

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Verwon Says:

This is an 8mg Hydeomorphone tablet manufactured by Roxane, but it is a regular release formulation, not an instant release.

Learn more Hydromorphone details here.

Are there any other questions or comments?

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Absorbaloff Says:

Hello my old friend Verwon! You are in a better position than I to know these are Roxane products, but my internet source did use the word 'regular'. I would have thought that, were they like the brandname Palladone SR 8mg, it may, or SHOULD have made it plain that these are MODIFIED, SUSTAINED, OR SLOW release. Since none of these descriptions appeared, nor the accepted abbreviations m/r, ER, or SR, or the universal name 'continus' then it makes sense to assume that they are instant release.
Since I am talkimg with you, a bit of an authority on US meds, as my experience is mainly with UK & EU, and also non-EU European meds, perhaps you can explain why the most popularly used hydromorphone, the branded PALLADONE SR, by Napp/Mundipharma, whose licences mirror those held in the USA by Purdue, was BANNED several years ago in the States (which is why you get instants of as high strength as 4 & 8mg?
As you are aware, with the exception of Janssen's 24 hour JURNISTA formulation (sorry, lost track of that sentence!)
Elsewhere, instant release hydromorphone HCl capsules are limited in strength to 2.6mg.
I have been searching for a way of accessing 4/8mg instant HM for several years, since to provide me with equianalgesic dosage to my oxycodone prescription means 4 x 2.6mg caps per dose. Likewise Diconalâ„¢ 10mg dipipanone, prob my favourite prescription pain med, and Palfiumâ„¢ dextromoramide which I THINK is now made only in 10mg and requires 30mg/dose...
Tolerance means that my oxycodone now is nowhere close to being able to render me pain-free, but my cow of a doc will not prescribe anything else, nor will she listen to me and raise my dose even by 10mg! It is about time I complained to whoever (no idea who deals with it but am told they invariably take the doc's side in such disputes, esp with Controlled Drugs the subject of the complaint.
Are there any US online pharmacies (despite the HUGE cost of US meds, with rare exceptions, the top quality ones being by Actavis and the superb Covidien goods sold under their MALLINCKRODT label. Or even any ideas? I had a friend in Ca (RIP) who used to send me 2mg Greenstone alprazolam and some Mallinckrodt products in exchange for some UK meds he found more effective than their US counterparts or nearest alternatives. It bugs me that a doctor can think they know better than the patient how bad their pain is, or how much of which medication is effective for an individual. That is what I must put up with, so no wonder I access some things from abroad. Since carisoprodol was banned almost everywhere it is a nightmare for me, as it is the ONLY SMR that ever helped my lumbar problem; still prescribed in the US yet can I find ANYWHERE to get any? No. I do not wish to suffer any longer.
Sorry for going a little off-topic but pain is a huge issue affecting my daily life.

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Lisa RN Says:

I found a blue and white capsule. A few people told me they are Dilaudid SR. Does any one know what they are?

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Mary Says:

I have was is believed to be a generic hydromorphone hydrochloride tablet. It is white and round on one side with a line in the middle of the tablet, and on the other side I believe the last 2 numbers are 45 or 46, but I can't see the first number. Just 3 numbers. Can I see some pictures of generic 8mg hydromorphone hydrochloride tablets?

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